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posted on Mar, 20 2007 @ 09:22 PM
i never believed that wiccans existed. are you sure that this is not just a mythical race of people


posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by psimorb333
i never believed that wiccans existed. are you sure that this is not just a mythical race of people

A mythical race of people? Why would you think that?

It's just a religion .

posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 03:53 AM
I thk that mythical race of people was a joke. It was pretty funny either way.

OP, I am another fool who has read just enough to think he knows something, quite dangerous: but I have lived some too----so I ask you: whatever it is ----Why dont you just make it happen?????

In my oponion (only) magic is very elaborate smoke and mirrors, ritual designed to convince your mind you are capable of what you set out to accomplish. Training like a marine almost, to whip you into shape to be self empowered, or "magical."

So cut out the middleman, why do you need a teacher, you are capable and free,,, just do it.

Unless it is something that you cannot do, you cannot stop the force of death from taking a loved one. You cannot make it rain or snow and you cannot turn water into wine.

So if it is something only external forces (nature) has control of,,, let go
but you as a human have control over far more than you suspect. Exert it. Fake it until you make it.

Or draw geometrical designs and chant complicated latin. Whatever works for you

posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 06:50 AM

When being busy with the "soul searching" (personal development) you get to know the real you. By doing so you will learn and notice what it means to do stuff according to your true will.

Now if you do something according to that true will you won't feel regret and such since it is the right thing to do for you.

So if someone does an act which another individual judges as "wrong" doesn't mean that YOU are wrong if it is accordance with your true will.

Catch my drift?

A reply to you is in the length of what I mentioned towards w801i.

People are full of barrieres and masks and are capable of fooling their own rational/ego. But deep down they can, and probably will, feel some form of negative emotion about what they did towards another. Even if an individual ignores it won't make that go away no matter how deep they bury it within themselves.

The more they resist it, the deeper they will bury it...the harder it will show up again. Pushing it down requires so much adrenaline and in due time you can't keep it up since it tired you out.

Now this doesn't mean that it was the case, but it might be after all.

Also in my opinion in response of what Count Germails Lovechild mentioned. Magick is far from mere smoke and mirrors if you know what to do and how it works. The occult is a path with a very small thread of balance that each practitioner seemss to try and achieve.

This balance is also important in the context of "feeling"(heart) and "knowing" (mind). New-Agers and Fluffy Bunnies have too much heart while Scientists have too much mind. Occultists try to achieve the best of both worlds.

Within the occult there is no need to be a middle man or a student...then again we're all students of life anyway so there is no escaping of being a student. There are more solitary practitioners then there are people who are a part of a Lodge or Temple.

And yes it is possible to influence nature to make it rain or not. So limiting yourself to only yourself...well if that is what you want be my guest. The only thing to know is that you can't get control over the universe unless you stop wanting to have control to begin with.

posted on Mar, 23 2007 @ 01:56 AM
Is there such a thing as a protection spell?

posted on Mar, 23 2007 @ 01:50 PM

Originally posted by w810i
Is there such a thing as a protection spell?

Yes, but what you buy is not what you get. Or, is it buying you?

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 01:53 AM
I see this topic finally died out. Still amazed at how long it lasted and the conversation it generated. I wanted to thank all those who gave their sage advice to me an others. I still have the book on the spells and have thought about it from time to time but for whatever reason I've never gone thru with it. As I sit here typing this I look into my libary and see in the book shelf where it sits. At the time of this I was heartbroken and desperate to try and do anything to bring her back into my life. As I look back on it I know that it would have been unfair to try and impose my will and wants upon her own. Which cleary where not what mine were. I have been trying to rediscover myself and I am at the point finally where I can think with a clear head and think more about the happyness then the sadness. So thank you once again for the helpful advice that was given in this thread.

One more thing I wanted to post is that last summer I took a vacation to oregon for a while to visit some old friends. This is quite a strange story The last day I was there I had a few hours to kill before my train left I was at a barnes & noble store looking thru the section that contains all the new age medaphysical stuff. Not really paying attention to anything or anyone in particular I heard someone ask "Are you new to this?" I turned around and looked and it was a young girl who was if I had to guess was about my age. I asked her what she meant as I wasnt sure what she was talking about. She must have sensed the confusion as she laughed and she said meant spell casting. I didn't really know what to say to this? So I told her that I was just looking around and had a casual interest in this sort of thing. We chatted for a while about different things. She told me that most people look into spell casting for the wrong reasons and it rarely ever ends how they want it. She brought up the whole 3 fold things as one poster did in this thread. IT was at this point that my cell rang. I took the call and when I hung up she smiled and said "You have to go now." Which was odd considering that the phone call was less then a minute and consisted of me saying "Ok".

We chatted for another minute or two before saying our good byes. I asked her if she had a phone number or an email address as I thought she was a pretty interesting person. Her responce was that she did not have a phone or even a computer. She told me that she lived about an hour outside of portland in the country and rarely ever came into town and her name was rachael. As I thanked her and turned around she told me to remember what she said and then she added that love doesnt always end how we want it too. I got outside the store and had the urge to go back in to talk to her ask her some more questions as I still had some time I got back to where I was and I couldn't find her anywhere.

That meeting stayed with me for the entire trip home. When I got home and related my tail to a family member she is of the belief that I had an encounter with an angel who was sent there because of what I was thinking about doing. So really I have no idea what it was concindence or intervention.

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by w810i

Hi there w810i,

I wasn't around at ATS when you began your thread ... only seen it now because of your last post. I would also have counselled against spellcasting when your mind was in such a place (we don't see clearly or think straight at such times)
You were wise not to follow it through at that time.

'People' often cross our path when they are most needed (synchronicity) ... like the girl in the bookshop.

If ever you need any 'real' advise about the craft in the future, feel free to u2u me ... witchcraft is only dangerous when attempted by those who don't understand it or act rashly.

It made me smile when I read the posts here by a few people who thought witches/wiccans were mythical creatures.
I promise you I'm the real thing.

Bright Blessings. Woody

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