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Milan Derby

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posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 07:27 PM
YAY! ^_^_^_^_^ its Sunday, idk which time, but incase you didn't know its the Rossoneri (AC Milan) vs the Internazionale Nerazzurri (Inter Milan).
Adriano is fighting against the clock to recover from a muscle problem(I hope he doesnt recover before the match
) Inter is like 22-0-4 (hacks). Sadly my Rossoneri will probably lose
. Any of you guys watching? Its only the biggest game in Italy and the EPL (yes i know but still, 2 bitter rivals, its like Man U vs Chels, but in Italy with better teams ^_^ jk

My prediction Milan 5 > Inter 0 but I know it wont happen, maybe El Gordo will pull through


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