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"Aliens" or "Entities"?

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posted on Nov, 20 2002 @ 07:45 PM
I've done a little reading on aliens in my lifetime, and I've been noticing that some people describe things that seem..well, not possible. Some people describe things that seem more like "entities" rather than beings of any kind. I remember reading someone saying how they think "aliens" are actually evil forces, spirits you could say. Some people say they are demons, perhaps torturing people. At first it seems a little rediculous, but when you start reading more, it becomes apparent that some of the things that supposedly take place don't make any sense when you try to put the pieces together. But could we say that these aliens are as intelligent as to "pretend", in some way, to be evil spirits or demons to strike fear into the hearts of men? What better way to approach a different race, or species for that matter, than pretending to be something indestuctable, unbeatable, and all powerful?

What do you guys think? Are they all powerful or just master magicians?

posted on Nov, 21 2002 @ 12:15 AM
I think it's simple...

In the past here, I've been ranting how alien beings could be not only physical, but also non-physical. Science has indicated that there at least ten dimension. They could be living in dimension higher than ours. Ex. They could be native to the Astral dimension etc... And so they would appear as entities to us if or whenever we see them...

posted on Nov, 24 2002 @ 06:48 AM
anyone know what that is? its a little box with photopaper in it. you make a little (pin)hole in the box and leave the camera standing on one place for an hour. by the time the hour in over yiou can a little picture.

imagin a guy in an hotelroom. he takes a huge piece of paper and sticks it to the wall. closes the curtains and kaes a little hole in one of the shielded windows. thats the (pin)hole. he leaves the room for a few hours. when he comes back the he developes the paper and there is the whole city on the paper. even the towerclock is on it. the funny thing is, becouse the amound of light coming in trough the hole is so little, the people that walked by are not shown even though the street could be crowded. on the picture the street is empty and the towerclock has no fingers..

what if our eyes worked the same way as that pinhole? what if the enteties are just beings like us but going so fast, having a high frequency so fast our eyes cant take it in the overal picture and all we see are blank streets in or picture while in truth the streets are crowded with beings all around us?


posted on Nov, 25 2002 @ 03:29 PM
If they're moving fast and we're moving slow, would they be able to see us and interact with us without us knowing? If so, wouldn't we be able to see some that are moving slower than us?

posted on Nov, 29 2002 @ 06:52 PM
Well sure there are both..we have to believe in entities for thats what angels are and that what the undeed are...spirits.. so what do we call aliens??

Well ET means extra terrestrial intelligence.. i would not regard "entities as extraterrestrial intelligence in any way.

So the question should you believe in extraterrestrial intelligence?

And do you believe in the possibilites of entities?
Do you believe that they are related in any way??
Can entities be Mistaked for entities??...sure ..i mean some people do not believe in ghosts and such..demons which lurk in our nightmares...they might wake up to call it abduction!

BUt is that all the time tho??

I think not, it is impossible to say all the cases have been linked as entities and not ET's

It is ludricous to think that their is no other beings than on Earth..why there could be other humans living elsewhere in the universe adapted to the environment they live in!!


posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 12:18 PM
my theory is this: God said in Genesis 6 that angels where having sexual relations with the daughters of men and because of this there were giants in the land, he sent the flood. God obviously did not approve. I believe that now demons are crossing into our dimension and taking who they will and doing what they want and using technology against us. This would also explain the rise in technology in the past hundred years. what do you think. I know alot of you are very smart about things I dont understand Physics and time travel and such, but I love God and try to understand His word and He tells us so much about this if we look for it in the Bible.

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 12:29 PM
You should take into consideration that the stories in Genesis could be myth...

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 01:45 PM
I don't know guys, even if the stories in Genesis are myth or facts, the interesting thing is what the words are saying. In the "King James Bible" there are many discriptions of things that we today would call UFO's. What I find interesting, is that they are there in the bible of all books in the first place. To me true or false is a personal isue, what I find interesting is that something might have been going on even back in them days. And the stories of Genesis are mild compaired to other stories in the bible. It is interesting to say the least.

[Edited on 29-11-2002 by Skeptical Believer]

posted on Dec, 7 2002 @ 10:47 AM
HP Lovecraft has a short story that uses an idea similar to what u were saying Spot.

In the world there is demons and entites all around us that we cant see - bcos they are all exra-dimensional to us.

I kno its fiction - buts its a good read if u like that sorta thing. I cant remember the name of the book tho.........

posted on Dec, 11 2002 @ 11:08 AM
I agree with you Skeptical Believer, I read the first 9 chapters of Ezekiel yesterday. What he describes there I believe would be mistaken for a spaceship in todays society.

posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 12:50 AM
I think that they are physical beings like us. I believe that they are experts in the understanding of nature and technology. The UFO's, a portion of them, are probably controlled by the alien species.

I don't really believe that they are magicians, but just very advanced in technology and in their ability to adapt to their environments, i.e. achieving high speeds with their crafts.

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