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Best Online TV schedule/grid?

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posted on Mar, 3 2007 @ 02:37 PM
I used to use Yahoo's TV schedule and thought it was very good.

But they've gone and 'changed' it and the retards put the TV listings in alphabetical order, unless you pick a provider and get a yahoo account. Sheesh.

Oh, Yahoo also messed it up by the weird way they use _javascript or something to generate the content on screen. Hitting page down, it stalls and has to generate the view. How dumb is that? I want a stable listing. It even sucks on high speed connections. In fact if you view the top section then scroll to the bottom, by the time you come back to the top it has to re-generate those listings! That programmer should be severely tortured then fired. LOL.

So searching around, it seems the next best one is:

Gives a pretty decent range - three hours, and there's a popup feature that shows details about the shows.

The best one I've ever seen was, but it went into being a listings provider for other sites and no longer provides any listings on its own. It actually provided the best possible config and let you put a range of several hours of shows across the screen.

Of course many probably use tvguide, but I believe the range is smaller than aol's listing (which is derived from's listings).

Zap2it is pretty good, but also smaller range and it seems not as elegant as the aol one.

What's your preferred online TV listing site. I wouldn't be too surprised to find that regular in-store TV guide has had a dip in sales because of the ones on TV and being able to jump over to and look at the movie descriptions.


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