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Experiment for proving psychic phenomena

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posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 11:25 PM
It is said that as children we retain our link to the “other world”, we are at the age of children close to or even experience things of the paranormal, we may even do things that are paranormal. Over time we are shown and told that these things don’t exist, that we must believe in this, the media, lies, and greed rule our lives forcing us away from this.

I have been contemplating an experiment for years, but I really started thinking about it when read “the Montauk superman”, which was supposedly a time line written by Andy Pero himself. He speaks of being subjected to mind control experiments, time travel and alien contact. He said that as a child as young as the age of 2 he was tortured, and went through excruciating pain and horror so that his mind would have bee ripped from his body so that they could reprogram it to do superhuman feats, also with the aid of the Silva mind control method which he started doing at the age of 10 he was able to develop an array of physic skills.

Anyway after reading that I got to thinking about something he said, Andy said that even though he was in this program, he still at a young age was shown that things like special paranormal abilities don’t exist, also he was shown that for example ‘ a person cant fly”, then he went on to say that the government is doing experiments, creating more and more Montauk boys, he said once that if a child was raised so that he was told that people could do anything, even fly then could they do it?

I think that an experiment could help solve or even get closer to the answer to the question if people have psychic abilities. Children should be volunteered, if allowed by their parents to be subjected to various experiments. One is starting them on the Sylva mind control method as young as 2 years old, this way they will have developed the skill of mediation and going to their lvl, next they will have to focus on different tasks, but also be told to believe that they can do this, various tasks from tying to do astral projection to trying to read minds…even tk

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