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Must Read !_! My 1990 Concious OBE !_! Must Read

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posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 07:31 PM
I was back then 22 years old, still in College and I was studying Electro Dynamics.

I was just back from a small party at a friend`s house.

I had a major term exam the morning after (10 AM) on three phase transformers and vectors.

It was like 11 PM when I got back home and plunged inside my books and exercises.

At around 1 AM my brain was not capable anymore of any input of math and formulas so I closed all my books and decided to go to bed.

Laying in bed, on my back, with hundreds of formulas and stress for my exam the next morning, I recalled a passage I had read, in a book, from Robert Monroe. He stated that in order to get a conscious OBE, one must first be in a moderate sleep state and focus on a point, or dot, around 1 foot above the forehead (if laying on your back) and focus on it, go to it.

Well my "dream" was like this, even if it sounds weird, it`s the truth.

--->As far as I can remember, in my dream (still alert tho, not totally asleep), I was with one of my friends, with my step dad`s Volks Rabbit, and we were picking up garbage bags of Ozzy Osbourne T-shirts leftovers from fans after one of his shows.....

Then quickly, my mind deviated to another scenario where I was alone this time, looking through a fence... It was autumn and there were plenty of colored leaves. This was a place familiar to me since I played Ice Hockey there often...

Through the fence, as I was looking at the leaves I noticed a shiny white dot.
As I focused on the dot, I could tell it was a ping-pong ball.

"He stated that in order to get a conscious OBE, one must first be in a moderate sleep state and focus on a point, or dot, around 1 foot above the forehead (if laying on your back) and focus on it, go to it."-->Robert Monroe`s paragraph.

As soon as I saw that ping-pong ball well I focused on it and thought immediately to levitate to a point or dot, 12 inches from my forehead.

I was in the hypnagogic state...

I felt such strong vibrations inside my body...From head to toes and back up to the head again...Such a strong energy inside my head, such an awesome feeling of being in another state of mind, so real and so REAL !

As these vibrations were part of me, I followed the instructions and levitated slowly, passing through the tile ceiling, the heating ducts and the wooden floor...

To tell you how it felt ---> It felt like if I was walking through a wall, gravity didn`t matter, nose first, then my whole body, passing through the ceiling tiles, duct and floor...

My whole "astral" body could see...Like a 360 degrees panoramic view, my whole astral body "saw"...Didn`t need eyes...

I suddenly got scared of the experience, being SO TRUE THAT THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH, that I was in another "invisible dimension", that I may see entities or ghosts well I counciously got back in my physical body, woke up, smiled and smoked a cigarette...

The morning after, at my exam, I scored 86% , the best note in class on transformers, vectors, 3 phase and maths !

I just felt so alive and from that point, I now KNOW, that we are all Immortal.

The whole "concious astral decorporation" lasted like maybe 20- 30 seconds. I was concious and aware of the whole experience. It was not a dream. It was SO REAL.

***I lost my dad when I was 2 1/2 years old. He died from bone cancer.

I can`t recall his presence around me since I was so young.

I "studied" death for a while and well I found my answer...

Maybe he left me no money (except a left handed custom made Gibson 1964 semi-acoustic Guitar that I sold for 600 $ in 1986 to buy my first Tama Double bass drumset ) but he left me with a different view on the world and I know that my Soul Is ME and that REINCARNATION is TRUE***

That`s the end of my story.

Checkout my website if you like...

My dad played guitar and I play drums

Chow all immortals, talk to you all soon...

posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 08:42 PM
We are not immortal. Don't assume anything. That is not proof.

posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 09:03 PM

Must Read !_! My 1990 Concious OBE !_! Must Read

Very subtle way to say you are starving for attention, eh?

It sounds like a dream, or at least it started that way.

and smoked a cigarette...

Is that really the first thing you wanted to do after experiencing what we may experience after death, to do something that will get you there faster?

How though, necessarily, does astral projection provide proof of life after death? It could inevitably be a phenomena completely non-ethereal..

posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 09:29 PM
Well yours was different than the ones I had. Whenever I have an OOBE I still have trouble passing through walls or the ceiling. I astral body just bounces on it.

MrAndy: Dreams can be turned into OOBE's once you're conscious (lucid) in them.

With more training and control (and especially concentration) you should be able to go to other places where it is impossible for you to know what's going on at the moment and see what's going on. For example, you can visit a friend in a different country, and see exactly what he/she is wearing and what they're doing. Then call them up and verify.

Anyway... Although our physical body is not immortal, our consciousness is. Consciousness is not created by the brain, and there is enough strong scientific evidence for that.

posted on Mar, 2 2007 @ 12:48 PM

Anyway... Although our physical body is not immortal, our consciousness is. Consciousness is not created by the brain, and there is enough strong scientific evidence for that.

our physical body is just an illusion, and is just as immortal as consciousness. illusion, illusion, illusion

from a purely biological inside the box point of view. the body is programmed to die, and not regenerate itself, and have to rely on food and water to survive, ect...., it doesnt have to be like that. nothing more then a pre-programmed genetic code. i wonder who did that

posted on Mar, 2 2007 @ 01:28 PM
About OBEs, say I'm about to wake up, from a dream, and I look at the clock in my dream and it says 2:00AM. Then I actually wake up and see it say 2:00AM, is that OBE or just coincidence. It happens a lot. Is it my body's natural clock saying "You have to pee, and it's 2:00AM!"??

posted on Mar, 13 2007 @ 06:15 PM
Here a a few easy techniques you all may want to try for yourselves:

Sylvan Muldoon's Method :

1. Develop yourself so that you are enabled to hold consciousness up to the very moment of "rising to sleep." The best way to do this is to hold some member of the physical body in such a position that it will not be at rest, but will be inclined to fall as you enter sleep.

2. Construct a dream which will have the action of Self predominant. The dream must be of the aviation type, in which you move upward and outward, corresponding to the action of the astral body while projecting. It must be a dream of something which you enjoy doing.

3. Hold the dream clearly in mind; visualize it as you are rising to sleep; project yourself right into it and go on dreaming.

Through the use of properly applied suggestion, prior to the dream, you will be able to remember yourself in your dream and bring your dream body-or astral body-to full waking consciousness. This technique may require months of gentle persistence.

Robert Monroe's Method:

These are 2 great methods for you leaving your physical body consciously.

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