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Google, the BBC and the circumstantial.

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posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 01:40 PM
Now Google took down the timestamped video

The crowned kings of censorship Google have "pulled" the News 24 "timestamp" video that shows the BBC reporting the collapse of Building 7 26 minutes before it happened.

Jeez, you wonder if it could be that Google has some contacts high up in Gov

Colin Powell Visits Google

First its the first BBC video, now the timestamped one.

Now a hacker found out that there were indeed 'shills' when the story was on Digg

You can see which user did the burying, on what story, and on what basis. By looking at just some of the data, you can get quite conclusive hard evidence that not only does the bury brigade exist, but it is hard at work burying any content that doesn't suit its ideology.


So we have the original story on the BBC, a *PROHPECY* of the Collapse of Building 7 before it happens within 20 minutes of collapse.

Then we have the reporter's feed going dead very close to *ACTUAL* collapse.

Then we have the BBC do a hit piece on 9/11 last week.

Then we have someone find the latest gem of the BBC *PROPEHCY*.

We also have Video's where Emergency People are clearly saying..."DO YOU SEE THAT BUILDING" "ITS ABOUT TO BLOW UP".

Then we also have a Video where the sound of a bomb is clearly heard near building 7,

Then we have the New York Police officer and other Emergency people saying things that cast doubt on the Official story surrounding building 7,

Then we have Google Censoring the initial BBC video.

Then we have Google Censoring the next BBC video.

Now with Digg.

Then of course we have the collapse (FIRST TIME IN HISTORY) that a modern STEEL STRUCTURE FALL's due to damage and fire, First time except of course for the other two buildings that did this, the WTC towers.

What more does anyone need to AT LEAST say.....There should be a new invesitigation??


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