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Black eyed kid terrified

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posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 11:32 PM

maybe it was sleep paralysis of some sort maybe something else

Like i said in my post mate...... surely you must know what part of the house u came from before u hit ATS? seeing as it was only 20 minutes ago from your post. I cant figure out why u dont know if it was a dream or not........

Let me help u out with the sleep paralysis thing, because i used to get it, and conquered it, i dont get it anymore.

These are the symptoms of SP

1. Buzzing / humming / electrical / HORRIBLE n sometimes painful sound in your ears, usually just as you are drifting off (especially if u just smoked a joint) seriously, no jokes.

2. You become aware of a PRESENCE in the room..

3. You may have visuals - such as your black eyed girl.. or it may just be blackness.

4. You cannot breathe.. you cannot move.. you are TERRIFIED and u know this being is causing the paralysis..

5. Your surroundings look exactly as they do in reality.. (if u can see! unlike normal dreams which kinda swap things around n arent exactly true?)

6. You may 'wake up'....... and may try and run to tell somebody what you just experienced.......... but your not TRULY awake yet.... and at that point you do actually wake up in reality...... WHITE AS A GHOST.. CRAPPIN YOR PANTS AND REFUSING TO GO BACK TO SLEEP UNTIL U ARE CHILLED OUT...... thats the weirdest bit, waking up twice or even 3 times... but only the last time is truly awake.

So British pound, does any of this relate to you? ever in your life?

Its my belief that people only get SP when they are really deep and into knowledge.. but i havnt done any surveys so i dont know yet.

My last experience is so deep.. i posted it on another old name here. SP enlightened me in the end, then it stopped completely, i presume cause i worked out wat it was trying to tell me...... that i am the one who holds myself down in life.. its all down to me.

That point about you wanting to hurt this being isnt really as nuts as some people may think.. especially if it was SP.

For in my SP experiences i too had the overwhelming urge to DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT.. my exact feeling and thoughts were ANGER.. GET OFF OF ME!! GO AWAY!! I AM STRONGER THAN THIS AND I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!
then it all went lovely and peaceful and i woke up, and then i WOKE UP again! properly.

By the way, depending on what you know determines what kinda beings you see.. for example i used to dwell on 'aliens.. grays'.. and sure enough id see 1 in SP. But in the past people didnt know about 'greys'.. they knew it the 'old hag' on your chest.. or incubus / sucubus/ maybe SP isnt the same for everybody, i dont limit everyones definition to mine i just know what i know and how i stopped it...... your experience doesnt sound like SP.

I just hope something did truly happen to you, dream or SP or watever, and that people here arent wasting their time and heart trying to help you. Id like to say im sure u wouldnt waste yours and others time.. but the sad fact is.. there are those people who have nothing better to do.. as with all the fake photos etc. So forgive my scepticism?

I cannot understand why u dont know if u were dreaming or not.. am i alone with this thought guys? or is it just me who knows the difference between being asleep and awake? lol.

At the end of the day if it was SP you would know it wasnt part of concious awake reality.

edited to say .. funny coincidence theres a google advert for SP at the top right of this page as i wrote this..
mind you, 'syncronicity' is getting stronger and stronger nowadays.

[edit on 6-3-2007 by Black_Sheep_Squadron]

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 05:16 AM
its britishnproud not british pound

and i woke up to answer the door but i cannot remember going back to sleep. im pritty sure after it happened i was a lil freaked out so i went and made a drink then came on to ats to see if anyone new what had happened

im not wasting anyones time, i think that would be a bit excessively sad on my part if i was considering iv speant about 12 hours sice it happened trying to find out what it was through the internet and books and such.

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 09:47 AM
Yeah im sorry i apologise i saw my mistake in your name after but it was really late and i just went to bed. lol.

Dont take offence tho please like i said some people are that sad. I wrote some long ass post for you nonetheless so did any of the sleep paralysis stuff relate to you?
i guess this will just end up as one of those things you will never know

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 01:24 PM
yeah it looks like itl stay a mystery and thanx for posting
i dont think iv ever had sleep paralysis before not from the things youve mentioned.

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