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overpopulation concerns and the lesser of two evils

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posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 03:49 PM
i have come to the conclusion that the elite and those in gov't beleive/have decided that it is very important to limit and curb/reduce population growth and that it would be beneficial to reduce the population all together

it seems this all began in the 1957 after an academic confrence related it's concerns to overpopulation and the dire effects it would have on the ability for society to carry on and especially it's disasterous effects on our enviornmental resources. the illuminati had the jason society review this report and this group (not surprisingly) came to the same conclusions. also a 1972 report prepared by scientist for the club of rome predicted

Around 1970-1971, a group of top scientists were commissioned to do a report on the world environment. The team concluded that in approximately 100 years, the earth would have serious ecological breakdowns that would endanger all species on earth, including our own.

from here it seems there was a few alternatives pondered and then decided and set into motion combining ways to decrease birth rates and increase death rates.

it appers to me that birth control and sterilization were the main contributors to decreasing birth rates with the exception of the stance china has taken since the 1950's when they decided to be a litte more proactive " and pass laws" limiting child birth's to one or in some circumstances two children per couple, and stats show that china population growth has slowed and that the middle and older age groups are becoming a higher percentage of the population, which would mean that a few decades down the line the population could level off and then decrease slightly, if only these measures could be accepted by more people i think there would be less need for the other half of the population solution equation.

now onto increasing death rates it seems when logical people are faced with death they will turn into animalistic behavior and rationale to survive. which is the only thing i can think of that supports evidence that various bio engineered diseases or syndrome's have been made and brought upon the people of this world to further carry out this agenda, which again is supposedly NEEDED for the survival of our species past another 100 years. now besides my beleif that aids was a bio-engineered disease in fort dentrick maryland that was used by the W. H.O to inflict "less desirable's in there minds" thru small pox vaccinations in africa to blacks and vaccinations to predominantly homosexuals in NYC for hepatitis. now i ask u if there are indeed some sick fractions in gov't (like those brought over from NAZI germany) who are willing to carry out these things combined with the unwillingness of the public to accept this could be done would u as a citizen by more open to accepting a law that many think infringe upon a freedom they have to have as many children as they want?

i mean i'm sure the gov't understands it may be easier to be more barbaric in it's way of population control because less people will beleive it and thus there will be less resistance in contrast to telling people they can only have one child (or two in exceptions) and image the amount of uproar even though this could be seen as less barbaric i hope by rationale minds. (the lesser of two evils)

but i would assume that until any kind of system like that in china goes into effect to curb population that the gov't will carryout the more barbaric options of increasing death rates, and i can only help to wonder what else they may have thought of, besides wars and conflicts which can get people to not only give up more rights for "security" and increase death rates( however if the endangering ecosytems is there real reason for reducing population that i don't think the fallout from depleted uranium is worth it in there minds) maybe such things as setting off remote earthquakes, or what creating storms which cause more death and destruction would be something they might hope for.

also maybe the gov't are privvy to some secret info that we will enjoying some crazy cyclical earth changes pretty soon and that many people who aren't prepared may probably die in the ensuing chaos, and based on there logic they would be sure to keep this secret since it would cause so much panic and unrest if word got out. maybe global warming is the front they need to cover the first of the global changes that may or may not occur when the galaxy comes into some pretty rare alignments, although this could possibly have some effects on our consciousness and perceptions as well and maybe we will come out on the other side of these changes as a more loving caring society but also one that is made up of alot less people

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