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bin Laden Confession Video Offers Evidence of Criminal Conspiracy

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posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:56 AM

bin Laden Confession Video Offers Evidence of Criminal Conspiracy

Source Link:

Most people will remember the infamous "bin Laden confession video" which was reportedly 'obtained' by US forces in Afghanistan after the fall of Jalalabad in 2001. The video, which has been offered as proof by the Bush administration that Osama bin Laden ordered the September 11, 2001 attacks, was broadcast in media outlets beginning in December 2001. But now, a researcher claims that several kinds of evidence related to the video show that the US military's story of its origin is false.
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:57 AM
While the source has some obvious bias, the research and information in this new piece about the "confession video" we all know is suspect, is rather compelling and beginning to make the rounds of mainstream news.

What do our members think?

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 08:42 AM
Interesting read, although not extremely compelling.

His shocking conclusion is that the video was not 'obtained' by US forces in Jalalabad; rather it was very likely the product of a US-sponsored 'sting operation', possibly conducted with the assistance of Sauid Arabia and Pakistan, in late September, 2001.

Now, if the article claimed that it was not obtained by US forces in Jalalabad, but was rather taped by US forces in the Badlands of South Dakota, then I would agree with you. A "sting operation" still managed to have the US obtain the tape.

"in mid-November, Usama Bin Laden spoke to a room of supporters, possibly in Qandahar, Afghanistan. These comments were video taped with the knowledge of Bin Laden and all present."

This solidifies the official claim that the tape was created in mid-November 2001, and that bin Laden meant for his comments to be taped.

2. Just three days afterward, however, on December 16, 2001, The Observer noted that: "several intelligence sources have suggested to The Observer that the tape, although absolutely genuine, is the result of a sophisticated sting operation run by the CIA through a second intelligence service, possibly Saudi or Pakistani."

I guess I must be missing the point.

4. If Osseiran's account is correct, not only has the US Defense Department lied about the origin of the tape as well as the circumstances of its coming to have custody of it, but it also becomes clear that the US was not interested in capturing or killing bin Laden immediately after the September 2001 attacks, despite having the opportunity. The confession video became useful in December 2001 after international pressure was building on the US to provide hard evidence of bin Laden's guilt. The DoD press release makes reference to this pressure.

Yet if Osseiran is correct, the US had the evidence of bin Laden's guilt (such as it is) in its possession well before the attack on Afghanistan, and could have provided the evidence to the Taliban and averted war. The Taliban, of course, back in September 2001 had offered to turn over bin Laden to the US in return for clear evidence of bin Laden's guilt. But by doing so, the US would have lost its pretext to attack, and the inescapable conclusion is that the Bush administration was bent on war, and not on capturing bin Laden.

Look, I agree that there is a conspiracy regarding 9/11. I've posted many times right here on ATS my views. However with this article, hindsight is 20/20. I have to ask this question. The article states that the Taliban would have turned over Bin Laden with "CLEAR EVIDENCE" of Bin Ladens guilt. The Taliban, yes indeed those ever so trustworthy Talibani. Of course those Talibani believed the evidence.

I can't imagine the Taliban putting a spin on the "clear evidence" provided by their bosom buddies in the USA. Can you tell me that the US did not present "clear evidence" which was rejected by the Taliban?

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