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the chulucanas incident

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posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 01:29 AM

please excuse me if there is already a thread about this (mass) ufo sighting, i haven't found anything via the search

Ok now i'd like to present you the chulucanas incident which happend in peru, its not brand new but still a very good case imho and appearently there is good video material of this event.

Here is the webpage where i found it (there are some pictures too):

Here some quotes:

Luminous red-orange ships of 150 to 200 meters long floating in complete silence for two and half hours on October 13th, 2001 on a famous religious celebration in the city of Chulucanas, north of Peru, forming strange geometric figures and then fusing in a single sphere of light - RECORDED IN VIDEO -

12 days later, on October 25th of 2001 appearance of ships in the same zone, they landed in three different places amid the field, RECORDED IN VIDEO- 20 days later, on November 15th 2001 one of the ships enters to the city getting off the sky and causing panic in the population - RECORDED IN VIDEO - 20 days later, on November 15th 2001 one of the ships enters to the city getting off the sky and causing panic in the population - RECORDED IN VIDEO -

Ok there is more on that page, like encouter with aliens and stuff but for me these mass sightings are more important.

Because i remember that i watched a german news channel (ntv) some years ago and they showed a video of a ufo in peru, which hovered over some old maya pyramid or something, and they said it was there for 2 hours!

That video was filmed in this green nightvision mode, but the strange thing is they showed that video only one time, at the next news nobody said anything about it, never heard of it again. Censorship in action

But i've found a video of it
, unfortunately it seems that there are parts missing (at least at the end), and the video is dated 2003 somehow. I think what i saw on tv was longer ago like 2001 or so, but its chuculanas too, and the object looks like that what i have seen on tv. And the linked article mentions 2003 too...

Heres the video i have found:

Anybody got an idea how we could get the orginal videos? Maybe I should email the address which is written at the end of the linked page? There must be more videos of that event out there i think...

best regards,

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 02:22 AM
So, what is the explanation for the utter lack of video on this mass sighting? Visible to throngs of witnesses for 2 whole hours, but all I see is a clip a few seconds in duration? Where's the movie that should be out there?

— Doc Velocity

posted on Mar, 2 2007 @ 01:36 AM

i find the lack of video evidence very strange too, after what i read i think the peru military has their hands on it...

But I've searched a little harder and found some more details on it

It seems the clip wasn't just aired on "ntv" that day, but on the german news channel "n24" aswell.
And I found the longer version of that clip but the quality is so bad, it is pretty useless, but anyway here it is,
thats the version from "n24":

I believe that this is the source of the video on youtube (same bad quality)

Here is what they say in the clip (hope you understand my translation
) :

The phenomena goes on. For example, Peru - end of February 2003, an amateur video filmer captures a mysterious light in the nightsky, 160 witnesses watched the spectacle over the horizon. The object was beetween 150 and 200 Meters long. It apperead already in fall last year over the mountains. Over and over again there ought to be phenomena like this reported in the south-american country, which leave the population in fear and scare.

The recordings are considered to be genuine and not manipulated.

A colonel of the airforce comes to the conclusion:
"At the whole world there is no vehicle that can execute those flight-maneuvers in the air. If we had to compare it to a normal airplane, it would be hard to understand how it can stand in the air at one and the same spot for over 2 hours."

The questions stay in Peru...

And i've found out more, these are quotes from

The Limean newspapers and radio programs of Peru revealed that the Air Force of Peru (FAP), is analyzing three videos in which a presumed UFO of 200 meters in length was seen in the city of Chulucanas, Piura (which borders Ecuador). A source of the Office of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (Oifaa) stated that the testimony of the witnesses was not based on misidentified natural or known objects.

Antonio Choy, civil employee of the Oifaa, of the Air Force, said they were relying on the testimony of 160 people who saw the phenomenon, that moved towards Pilán hill, considered by the experts of the Oifaa as "the epicenter of mysteries."


"The evidence is seen in the film taken by witnesses and the Air Force of Peru and the Oifaa are continuing to analyze the videos, " indicated Choy.

The Oifaa was created in January of 2002 for the investigation of strange aerial phenomena which might be a threat to national security.

BTW, it seems that this Mr. Choy first presented this case at an ufo conference:

!! EDIT: Sorry i was a little bit fast with this next one, after a closer watch i see no mention of chulucanas, hmm but anyway ...
And i got more hehe, I found an german organisation, which trys to debunk this case as a research balloon (the classic lol):

Yeah very strange everything

I think I will drop this Mr. Choy an email, maybe he still has access to those videos and send me a copy...
I don't think so but it's worth a try


[edit on 2-3-2007 by praise bob]

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