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Reincarnation - A search for old Soldiers.

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posted on Mar, 19 2007 @ 09:43 AM
Man, I'd be hella confused if I were you Seekper PI. Especially after thinking I'm Catholic and then finding out I'm of the Jewish faith. And finding out that "we killed Jesus".

I'm Catholic myself though, and as far as I know it, we don't have any Judaism in our roots. My ex girlfriend however was Jewish. Her father didn't like it one bit that we dated. I mean a Catholic and a Jew. Sounds like a name of a comedy! But it worked until her father completely lost control. We had to break up after that. Oy Veh!

But this topic is really interesting. I hope many more will share their experiences!


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posted on Mar, 20 2007 @ 12:32 AM

Originally posted by Frontkjemper
Man, I'd be hella confused if I were you Seekper PI. Especially after thinking I'm Catholic and then finding out I'm of the Jewish faith. And finding out that "we killed Jesus".

I'm Catholic myself though, and as far as I know it, we don't have any Judaism in our roots. My ex girlfriend however was Jewish. Her father didn't like it one bit that we dated. I mean a Catholic and a Jew. Sounds like a name of a comedy! But it worked until her father completely lost control. We had to break up after that. Oy Veh!

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Confused......Absobloominlutely! Lifes funny like that.

"I mean a Catholic and a Jew. Sounds like a name of a comedy!"

Thats funny, there was a TV comedy series in England in the seventies called " Cohen and Kelly" A story about two taylors, one Irish one Jewish.

It was beautiful, irreverant and funny. Alas it would not even be let on the air now. Such is the price of Political Correctness.

Oy Veh indeed.

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 03:32 PM
Never mind, I have decided not to post my another past life experiences here, because it is focused on WWII past life, respectfully.

Chaoic out...

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posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 04:04 PM

Please fell free to post.

I'am not limiting the responses to a specific time period.

WWII was just the jump off point for the thread.

I would be really interested in what you have to say. I have enjoyed reading your previous posts, and would love to hear about anything else you may recall.

All the best.
Seeker PI.

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posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 04:13 PM
For some time, I've thought that in one of my past lives I was an officer on a sailing ship. It was some kind of military ship but it wasn't a really large one.

In the memory I can see myself on an upper deck with the wheel behind me. There is a poorly dressed man stationed at the wheel. The weather is somewhat rough but not anything outragous. I'm wearing a dark blue coat and white pants, no hat. When I give orders, the men snap to immediately.

(When I've tried that in this life with my family it hasn't worked so well)

I can look up and see some of the sails filled and men in the rigging.

I've also have some rather boring memories of the same person.

I think that I died at sea. As a child I was afraid of large bodies of water. Lately, I've taked up swimming and have no reason for fear of large bodies of water.

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 05:54 PM
Hi Wildbob.

Thanks for posting.

I'am not sure if you've had time to read through some of the other posts, it's getting quite lengthy now, so if i start repeating myself, please forgive me.

I'am really interested in the detail you have in that memory. The obvious place to start is its location in time, I would guess that the two tiered deck, rigging, and ships Wheel would place it as a Napoleonic era vessel. Maybe 1700 -1820 ish. The Blue coat and white pants suggest naval uniform for that time, possibly English or French. The fact that you remember specifically that your not wearing a hat also suggests that it may not have been a military vessel as the officers would all have been obliged to wear them on deck. Do you remember any detail on the coat. Braiding etc ?

Most of those who have shared their stories on this thread, seem to have fragmentary recall, a bit like a series of polaroids. These images appear to be from a period of time shortly before death, so your fear of opens seas I think is inline with what we are seeing. I too have an irrational fear of being in open water.

You say you have some " Boring" memories of the same person. How detailed are those memories?

Again thanks for shareing and spending some time on the thread.

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 06:16 PM
The other memories are much less detailed. On a little rowboat with maybe 4 guys rowing. I'm not rowing.

On shore in a foreign port. I'm one of the first people ashore from my boat and I've got business to attend to before the rest of the crew can come ashore.

I don't know how important the not having a hat is. We were in a somewhat stressful situation, but nothing that was too far out of the ordinary. I'm thinking that the crew was taking the sails down.

Perhaps the hat was lost in the rough weather and I just hadn't put it back on yet. By reading the other posts, it seems that many of the memories occur shortly before death. Perhaps that is my memory right before my death.

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 06:40 PM
I agree with you, the hat detail could be completely irrelavant.

Have you any idea of the location ? And do you have any inclination as to what nationality you may have been ?

Your the first Old Soldier to report in from the Napoleonic Era so I'am just curious to know who's side you where on. Bonnapart or Wellington ?


posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 08:26 PM
I wish to share my another past life memories that I have discovered a long time ago... A past life that I had, before my life in World War II, and it was a very long journey for me where I got to find many pieces of my past life memories, unlike my WWII past life where I yet have to find more of my WWII past life memories.

However, I wish to tell you about a story of my past life as a viking warrior/leader. You see, I once was a leader of viking army where I led them into many wars. I will start telling you story, the way I remembered of what I have done and experienced in my past life, and it was the most intense experiences I ever had, when having flashbacks and remembering the old feeling, pictures, smells, and another senses when looking into my Viking past life.

But keep in mind, I dont remember my full name nor I know what year it was, but all I can remember is my experiences and the doing I have done in that life. And my english grammar is not so great, so please bear with it.

What I can truly remember is, the world was in chaos. During my childhood, back there in viking land, it was land is filled with brutals, violents, and I have to become very strong, in order, to survive. I used to have to fight for food, getting beated up, having to learn how to fight and adopt the fighting skills, growing tough against anything and that includes becoming hunger often. But when I was a boy, I was a horse trainer and that is when I become a very good friend with a horse. This horse, I truly wished I could remember his name, but for now, I can describe this horse. This horse were all black, strong breed horse. This horse have a little while circle around eye. I grew up with this horse, and as the world was in chaos.

It was a diffcult life for me back there. I had no room for such of compassion except for my sister who I once loved. I grew through violent, brutal, and hatred. I grew up as warrior of pure dark, chaotic. I once 'sold my soul to pure darkness' because of that. When the time came... Where many warriors failed to do so, is becoming a leader. I can brefly remember myself being superior, a very powerful viking warriors whom looked at the land of Europe. I somewhere almost could feel like I remembered what I were wearing when facing battles. I had dark color clohtes, prehap black clothes with chainmail all over my body. I had Viking helmet, it was an egg shaped helmet with stripe over it,w here it protects my nose. I had black clothes behind it. My body were very massive, very large in size and I was all musclar. I had black hair with light beard.

I went through many battles in Europe, but I wished I could remember the exact lands I went through, but I am certain that... When time comes soon, i will definely remember name of lands, poeple, how they looked like because I am constanlty on journey of discovering more pieces of my past life memories. However, when I went through battles in Europe, each time I defeated worthy foe, I would come over to fallen warrior and taek a piece of their armor out, thus attaching them on my armor to honor them.

After going through europe to middle east, where the land became very dry, being cooked by sizizling hot sun's light. I were travelling through middle east with my sister and, prehap army. But right now, I could not exactly remember what happened to army I were leading but I might have bought some of my army with me to middle east for some of reason? Although, you see my sister had a lover who I strongly disapproved. I would never approve any man to fall in love with sister, and that was unique about me. I had no feeling for any one, except my sister. Anyway, you see when I noticed that she had a man who fell in love with her, so I brutally threaten this man that, if he ever go near to my sister, I would kill h im anytime. My sister could almost never talk with me nor being among me.

Conitune to next post...

Chaoic out...

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 08:44 PM
During a night, lover of my sister would quietly sneak out of my camp with my sister and escaped from me, so they would seek for a new kind of life without me involved. When I found out that my sister were missing with a man, I was beyond furious. I even vowed to myself that, at once I find a lover of my sister, I would definely kill this man without mercy! I spend restless days hunting them down, I was skilled at hunting.

That is what led us into a land of China, and I will tell you how my journey ended up in the land of China. But before I say anything about this, the Earth is a filled wiith mysterious where there are many truths that yet needed to be discovered. For example, we used to think that Spain were the first one who ever came to North America in the first place, until we found out that Viking were the first one who ever came to North America from Europe, about 600 years before Spain. However, please allow me to contiune how my life were changed in the land of China.

You see, I was hunting toward further east, over the land of desert into a foreign land of pure green, that would surpise me for the first time. What I can truly remember is, seeing a land of green, sometime it was little foggy. My horse and I would keep going through forrest, and one day, I was near to lake. The air were so fresh and wet, the land were no longer dry, as dry as the desert. But that is when I finally found my sister with her lover, I was in fury mood. But before I was approaching this man, my sister were too frigthen to move, and this man, shaken and yet stood and stared at me with his sword. That is when a monk, from one of temple, whom would wander around land, would 'bump' into a place between me and this man who I truly despited for taking my sister away from me. But for a short time, he was trying to see what were going on, and he realized that this man who I were approaching with my sword. And oh yes, let me tellu about a sword I had back there. It was very long, as if it looked like 2 handed sword and blade was long, thick but yet very sharp. The handler were long also. When a monk have realized that this man, a lover of my sister were trying to fight with me for my sister, but yet he was no match for me. Monk stepped in and decided to protect this man and my sister. This monk, he wore earth-tone reddish brown robe, he was bald and had somehwere tan skin. (I also had a tan skin, but my skin was darken after going through sizzly hot sun when going through middle east.)

That is when I felt very furious, and he was dancing through the air, performing his art of fighitng against me. But each time, no matter how hard he struke me witih his hand and feet, it only make me more angry.. thus fueling my ability to go into berserk mode. I was able to go into berserk very quickly with fury emotions. The battle was very short, after grabbing monk's neck. This monk were struggilng while I picked him, firmly I held his neck so tight that he had a very diffcult time breathing. When comparing my body size to him, I was 'giant' like to him, but what prevented me from snapping his neck with my single hand is that he got my curious. He showed no fear, and that suprised me. Unlike so many warriors I faced in europe/middle east, they were very terrored of me, some showed aggressive face to me. But unlike them, this monk reminds calm, peaceful... I was only hair-line from snapping his neck, but i decided to let him go, while studying him. He was grasping for breath when slamming on ground, trying to loose his throat when I firmly squeezed his neck with single hand. But even though he was grasping for breath, he stared at me with great curious. He have never seen a viking warrior before and he gave me a very curious looking. During that time, my sister and her lover were standing still, frighten and yet confused/awed by the way this monk danced with art of fights against me.

Contiuning to next post.

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 09:03 PM

Originally posted by Chaoic_Black_Dragon
That is what led us into a land of China, and I will tell you how my journey ended up in the land of China. But before I say anything about this, the Earth is a filled wiith mysterious where there are many truths that yet needed to be discovered.

CBG. I want to spend some time reading through your post before I reply.
It's an excellent narrative and I want to give you a considered opinion.

Check out this link, there are many that I could point too, but this one gets straight to the point.

Takla Maken Mummies

The Vikings did reach China !

Thanks for all your input CBG. I'll be back soon.

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 09:04 PM
A monk, who I defeated so shortly when engaging into battle while he was protecting my sister's lover. I still had an eye on him, but still, I had great curious about him. He was leading me, after few miles walks into temple. When I entered temple, children would run to their parent when seeing a man of chaos, with bitter face. Warrios/guadian of temple would surround me with their weapons, being hostile with cautions when they were bewilded when seeing Viking for the first time. To me, they were almost like children in size, but this monk were too stubborned to keep thing out of chaos in their temple. Fortunately, thing calmed down, but poeple were avioding me, because of the way I looked, bitter eye, very large sword with armour, and with my massive body size, its like if they were seeing a bear.

After staying in temple, I was stil intruged by their building, children training with weapons, how their biuding looked like. This monk who I defeated in fight, once asked me to show him how I fight in viking way. But the communication was not possible, since I dont speak chinese, and they dont even know viking's language. It was done through body langauge. This monk found my viking sword of fighitng very interested, and he was trying to show me how to fight in their art of sword fighitng but I refused it. I felt insulted and thought that monk were telling that my sword fighting wasn't good enough, and I felt as if it were enough for me already. But there was a time when this monk introduced one of best sword fighter person,a nd that person was very beauitful female warrior.

Again, I refused to fight with her becuase I thought girl couldn't fight. In europe, it is rare that female have fought with swords, and she felt offensed by this. She decide to dare me that she could defeat me in sword fighting, when she began sword fighting, she were too fast for me. Overwhelming fast, even than any chinese warriors I faced, and defeated by my own sword. She gave me deep cut on my right cheek, thus surpising me. My eye were looking at her hand moving so fast, she even could almost fly into air, because she was so fast. Awed by her speed, I became very curious and yet interested into her. Because of that, I accepted the training of sword fighitng. It was very confusing time for me, because I have killed countless number of people in europe, but it was very different in one of China's temple.

After practicing sword with her and monks, I would constanlty keep an eye on her, and I would at least, try to talk with her. But our silent... body language would communicate for us. But I could remember her telling me (much later) that when she saw me, she was suprised to see a very different man and she found me very intruging. She even wanted to challenage me when monk introduced her to me. After a while of being friend with her, our bond grew so strong without us realizing it. We fell into love, and I got confused even greater that it even frigthen me because I dont even had a room for my own compassion when i was young, except for my sister.

After staying in temple with her, my heart of pure dark, evil were changed into guardian heart, and you know there was a saying.. "you conquere with a sword, but you are conquered by a kiss' and that is what happened to me in that temple with warrior woman. She even admired my great strength, my handsome looking, and when I would often look at children playing in the temple. I told her that, when I was young, I would always had to fight, get beated, having to fight for food to survive unlike her temple. I, for the first time, began to show respect to people in temple.

Contiuning to next page...

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 09:18 PM
But the training is what got me so busy and I enjoyed it. The kind of training I have done was the very diffcult, because you see. I dont only get taught a sword fighting by them, but hand and foot fighting, jumping on wall into next objects, and that even includes jumping from tree to next tree' branch, but it was almost impossible for me. It took me a very, very long time to accomplish jumping from tree branches to next branch, where I was taught how to balance.

When deciding to right my wrong doing, I left china's temple for forgotten reasons of mine (I will find out why I left temple for reasons for a very long time, before returning back to temple), it was a long time before I would return to temple. But before leaving temple, I could remember words that my wife asked me to promise her something before leaving temple. She asked me to promise her that, I would not ever fall into dark path like I did, she was very sadden when I left temple for personal reason.

By time I return to temple, She had a child, with bloodline of both Viking and Chinese. I was very happy about our child. When our child grew up, this person became a pure warrior, with incredible strength of viking and great speed from her mother. This son was very powerful peaceful warrior. I may not remember my full name, but I remembered my name was 'lost tree' and it was to be spoken in asian. The reason why I was called as 'lost tree' is because I was most powerful warrior among them, but with no home. Warrior without home, that is how I got name 'lost tree'. I vowed to guard poeple of temple and I spend my life guarding temple, while sharing my cutlures of viking with chinese family. When my children breed their own children, the viking-chinese familiy tree grew into very powerful family tree from there. I had 2 children, thank to my chinese warrior wife in my viking past life, and I think that one child left China to far west, and one stayed in China. When time tells, I shall someday remember what did both of these children do when they were adult.

And how did I die, I grew old age, my sword grew very heavy on me but I dont exactly remember howI died. My life ended in beaiutful land of China, in temple with my beauitful warrior wife and monk brother who changed my life entirely when I was bloodlusty, very powerful viking from northwestern europe. That is where my great legend ended there, these temple people were my families also, being accepted by them when I showed them my gentle side of me. They even entrusted me guarding them. I wish I would know how they honored my death and what have happened to my sword. I sometime wonder if my first family generation of viking-chinese actually kept my large sword and pass it through generations of viking-chinese families?

And to Seeker PI, I am truly shocked! I was very sadden for a long time, when I dont see any record that viking has gone to china, and I thought that the chance of Viking's hisotry in china being found would never happen. But instead, it HAPPENED! I am too happy to hear that, and I am gonig to start researching from there, and I am certain that it will even help me revealing more of my viking past life memory pieces!

To those who read my viking past life experience, I hope that all of you truly enjoy it, and if you wish to discuss about this life, feel free to do so!

Chaoic out...

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posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 10:43 PM
An epic post for an epic journey.

I hope your a speed typer. I'am not, and I know how long that would have taken me to do. Bravo!

What caught my eye straight away was the premise that as a Viking you travelled to China. The Taklamaken mummies (see link on previous post) are a fascinating archeological find, and their origins have been debated for sometime. So I think your recollections have some historical basis to them.

I have some questions.

You have such a complete rememberance that I wonder if you see the memories in your mind in static images or is it like watching a movie for you?

When do the recollections come to you, when you sleep, or when your awake?

And lastly do you see it from a first person view point or do you see at as an observer ?

I'll post again later CBG when i've got a little more time. In the meantime consider the questions.

First rate post sir.

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 11:07 PM
Seeker, I dont have a full rememberance of my past life of 'lost tree' viking life yet, but I will when time comes. My experience of going through these past life memories came in different way.

For example, say when I realized that I always feel so close related to viking and black horse. When I was seeing a animatrix called "The program", where they had samuari looking guy in black armor being chased by warrior woman with spear. That is when I get a little strange feeling about man on horse being chased by female warrior. And when I watched movie called "Crouching Tiger, hidden Dragon" (spelling?), where female were fighting so gracefully, as well as monk-looking fighter, it gave me some strange 'home..ish feeling'. So that is where I put it together, and I maged a powerful warrior on black horse with woman warrior on another horse running through forrest, it gave me deep striking emotion ourbrust feeling as if I have done it before. I was like why the hell I felt this? That is when I began to think alot about Viking since they felt as if I was them before. I began to think alot about it for a while And what also helped me is that, you see I have been doing alot deep meditation training of my own for 4 years. When I decided to meditate and in calmful way, I began to think alot about black horse (because I always felt as if black horse meant something precious ot me), that is when I began to hear sounds of horse hooves hitting ground, pure brutal/aggressie emotion came out and I was seeing myself riding horse through forrest, seeing alot of forrest. That is where my mind would get overran by past life flashback. I was like whoa! That was that?! But I sometime have almost simliar experience when I was little boy.

However, That is where the most interesting part came came out. I also had seen a very vivid flashback where I was seeing myself fighting with a monk who were defending my sister's lover, I could see his face almost, so clear as if I were to remember it as if it were yeseturday.

And Seeker, I will tell you one of most interesting part that have ever happened to me in this life. Just recenlty, I met a person who suddenly became a very, very good friend of mine. He is very dear 'brother' to me. I can not tell his name here without his permission, but however, just recently I met this stranger who I never know. But that the same time, when we bumped into each other, we suddenly felt like we were brother before, we gave each other a very strange looking. And I was asking him "have I known u before? I definely dont know u but I do felt like it.. " and he was saying the same thing. We met in our unversity, and I once asked him if he ever believed in past life. He told me that he definely believed in it because he had many vivid expeirences of remembering his past life expeirences, and he once told me that he was once a monk from temple. He said to me that he somewhere remembered that he once met a very powerful, fearsome man who were not from land of China. He could remember seeing him being bloodlusty at first time he met him, and that he became a brother to him later on. I was shocked when he said this, and I asked him if he, by any of chance, remembered what man looked like. He was descibing a man that looked like viking, long sword, egg shaped helmet, massive tall, breaded man. I told him a short stories of viking life where I began to remember part of it slowly. He was also surpised because he and I described the fighting part, and that is when he realized that I was this man who he once fought and became a brother of his.

To be contiuned..

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posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 11:10 PM
That is when we began to share our past life of my 'lost tree' viking life, and that is when I got alot more clues that revealed my past life memories into me. Sometime I had a dream of it, sometime I got flashbacks of it (LIke.. one time when he and I did few fighting, and some of his moves were somewhere almost like these old fighting style he once mastered in our past life). Sometime, it just came out to me when I thought more and more about specific scenes that I felt most familiar with.

its like tracing back into your past life, and you began to remember it more.. Sometime I lack of words to describe how exactly it felt. But can you imagine meeting someone in this life, that you once were a very dear to, from your past life? One of most vivid moment in my life is that, I got to meet my very dear friend who I once knew in my past life, whom were one of person who changed my life greatly in my viking life, besides my ancient warrior wife from China's temple from my past life.

However, to answer your question, of how it felt like when seeing your past life memories... Sometime, it felt like you were doing it... For example, when I see myself fighting china monk, I was being in my viking's body being in combat with him. Sometime, it was also like looking at movie, for example... Seeing my body running on black horse through forrest, being chased by my warrior wife who would dare to catch me through forrest but emotionally, i felt these old feeling I used to experience a old emotions from that past life. And one more thing, when my dear friend and I share our past life, more we shape it, more intensively we felt strong connected to each other because of our old 'brotherhood' we used to have in that past life. I hope it answers your question.

Chaoic out...

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posted on Mar, 29 2007 @ 04:05 PM
I can't pin down the exact time or which side I was on. I do remember my sense of duty, and a I felt that I had obligations to my crew to make the right decisions.

posted on Mar, 30 2007 @ 12:39 AM
CBD: Thanks for your answers.

How can I give you any further insight into the reality you currently find yourself in.

The short answer is I can't.

But I can tell you this.

It is my firm conviction that people from all different walks of life, age groups,and ethnic backgrounds are coming together for a purpose unknown to them.
We'll call it a Gathering if you will. All around the world people are reaching out trying to find others who are like themeselves, you see examples of it on a site such as this.

Humanity seems to know it's on the edge of something the likes of which have never been seen before. Christianity is looking toward the 2nd coming. Islam looks toward the return of the Mahdi, while ufologists look toward the White House lawn. NWO theorists look toward world wide global domination by an unseen hand and Buddhism has seen it all before so nothing will be a suprise to its followers.

My point is there appears to be an overwhelming sense that something is just around the corner, and if that propositions holds just a few drops of water, I can easily see that those we have known before would want to make contact again at this pivotal point in our evolution.

I envy your connection to your newfound/old friend. You are in many ways very lucky to have such a tangible link to the memories that you carry.

Thanks for shareing in such an open way, may your reconnected friendship last an eternity.


posted on Mar, 30 2007 @ 01:01 AM

Originally posted by Wildbob77
I can't pin down the exact time or which side I was on. I do remember my sense of duty, and a I felt that I had obligations to my crew to make the right decisions.

Got to be a Brit then, stiff upper lip and all that, not that I'am biased or anything.

Thanks for the reply.

posted on Apr, 1 2007 @ 12:11 PM
What a great thread! This is my first post but this thread really caught my attention and I wanted to share an experience of my own.

I have dreamed several times about being a German officer during WWII. I'd often dream of running from other Germans, but I was in a military uniform. I'd be running with other people, but I'm the only one in a uniform.

A couple of months ago, out of the blue, my ex-girlfriend sent me an email regarding a dream she'd had.

She said that she dreamed she was a young Jewish writer who had fallen for a German officer before WWII started. After the war started she had to hide her relationship with that officer for fear of his safety. Then she told me that I was that officer in her dream. She said it was more than a dream to her, that it felt real to her, and when I read that message, it felt "real" for lack of a better word, to me as well, almost as if I really knew and felt what she was describing. It brought back the dreams for the first time in years, but they felt more real than dreamlike.

Kinda makes me wonder about something I heard once, that "souls" stick together through lives for some reason. That if you feel like you know someone you've never met before it's because you knew them in a past life.

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