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JFK all over again?

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posted on Dec, 20 2003 @ 11:13 PM

The trial of 15 suspects for the assassination of reformist Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjic begins on Monday amid a swirl of conspiracy theories that hark back to the murder of John F Kennedy in 1963.

But a witness and some media have disputed the findings of the official enquiry, saying two marksmen carried out the assassination instead of a lone sniper.

Anyone know much about this?

posted on Dec, 25 2003 @ 11:54 PM
You may be on to something with your JFK conspiracy and the assination of reformist Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjic, but I could find nothing to help with this linking.
What I did find was an article posted today though Kano:

"Suspected Serb Premier Assassin Confesses"

Reported by the AP, there well could be alot of important information missing between what you posted and what I have posted today.



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