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What's going on here? Police Murder Foreign Politicians, Arrested, then Found Dead in Jail.

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 02:58 PM
On February 20 three El Salvadorean politicians were killed in Guatemala City:

BBC Story

Police have found the bodies of three Salvadorean politicians and their driver in a bullet-riddled and burnt-out car outside Guatemala City.
The three men were members of the governing Arena party of El Salvador, and were deputies to the Central American Parliament.

One of them was the son of the party's late founder, Roberto D'Aubuisson.

D'Aubuisson was accused of being behind the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero in 1980.

The four killings followed a controversial request by the Salvadorean Congress to honour Roberto D'Aubuisson, who died of cancer in 1990.

Two days later (February 22), four Guatamala policeman were arrested for the murders:

BBC Story
Four Guatemalan policemen have been arrested in connection with the murders of three Salvadorean politicians and their driver near Guatemala City.
The arrests follow a request by El Salvador and Guatemala for the FBI to help with the inquiry into the attack.

The men's bodies were found late on Monday in their burnt and bullet-riddled vehicle.

Forensic experts said at least two of the victims had been alive when they were set on fire.

And today the four police are found dead in jail with a full scale riot underway:

BBC Story

Four Guatemalan policemen arrested in connection with the murders of three politicians from El Salvador have been killed in jail, police say.
They were shot dead inside the maximum security Boqueron prison, east of Guatemala City.

A riot is reported at the jail, with several officers taken hostage.

Four cops involved in political killings and they end up dead in jail just days later. I guess they won't be talking.

The official story refers to drug gangs and organised crime, but the political nature of the killings and the fact that the politicians killed were linked to political murders in the 80's leads me to think there is some kind of intel/government cover-up going on, or at least much more than what is being reported.

Do we have any members from the region (or others) who can shed some light on these events?

[edit on 2/26/2007 by Gools]

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