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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 09:01 AM
I seriously doubt it, but is this stuff real? It is the energy used in Dragonball Z. I havent watched the show in like 234234 years, but i remember all of the energy blasts and stuff. Is it real? JUst maybe to an extent?

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 09:17 AM
Are you talking about Chi? That's used by Japanese confucians, I believe. Not very much into it, but my guess is they wouldn't have continued with it all these years if it was bs. Just a very uneducated opinion from me.

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 09:25 AM
well, i actually went and read up on DBZ just to find out their energy source so i could find out if people hav ehad experiences with it, and it said Ki, so idk . . .:/

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 09:29 AM
Most likely the same, with different spelling. I do know that plenty of chi means plenty of respect.
But it was my bad, not Japanese but Chinese culture. Check out Wiki:

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 10:42 AM
check out my thread with the qigong master a few threads down.
japanese spell it ki. chinese spell it qi, pronounced as chi i believe. whatever. there basically the same thing.
ive never read anything on creating goku sized energy blast, but there have been masters of tai chi who who been said to be able to levitate. master of internal arts who have said to have had qi so strong that people have seen electricity sparking from around them. masters moving things with their "qi", ect.... the list goes on
there has not been anything new as of recently when it comes to finding out what qi truly is. but look at it like this. what the masters do with their qi, other people claim to do with their minds. there one in the same thing. the key point is the connection the mind has to the physical body to allow it to perform magical feats, and the connection the mind has to reality that allows us to sometimes intentionally manipulate reality as we see fit, ie...telekenisis, levitation, teleportation, manifesting physical objects from out of no where, be magnetic, see without using your eyes, ect.....

check out the book THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE BY MICHAEL TALBOT, for some info on the theories behind paranormal phenomenon. then from there you should have a good base to continue your research on the topics and be able to weed out the propaganda and dogma.
alot of internal martial arts like qi gong, tai chi, ect.. are filled with dogma, as are alot of religious belief systems, and spiritual systems. they all have something to offer, but i believe personally, that the more freedom i have, the better.
you will pretty much run into the same stuff over and over again when reading internal martial arts books. i wouldnt recommend it if your searching for knowledge and power. new age books have some decent info, most the same stuff over and over again, but some decent info. just gotta minus out some of the dogma, unless that is how you choose to live your life. which is cool.
read that book above, and it will put you on your way to understanding what you are looking. its only like 6.00 and any bookstore can order it for you, if they dont have it in stock, and it doesnt take that long to get.

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 10:50 AM
heres a link with a video of an asian magnetic family, and a few articles on other people. ive read and seen about this a while ago. nice to come across again though. bout to do some re-reading.
. dont know if this might help you, but here you go. its interesting to say the least. just scroll down through the other stories on the page. its at the bottom.

Mark Pilkington gave a good overview in the Guardian:

Since 1987, one year after the Chernobyl disaster, 76-year-old Russian factory worker Leonid Tenkaev, his wife Galina, their daughter Tanya and grandson Kolya have all been able to make metal objects stick to their bodies. Leonid can hold individual objects weighing up to 23kg on his chest.

Doctors in Russia and Japan appear to have been convinced that the Tenkaevs' abilities are genuine. "There is absolutely no doubt that the objects stick as if their bodies were magnetic," an impressed Dr Atusi Kono told reporters in 1991.

Remarkably, the Tenkaevs are not alone. In 1990, the Superfields conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, attracted 300 such "human magnets" after a young woman, Marinela Brankova, demonstrated her powers on television by supporting a 7kg weight from her vertical palms.


The adhesive force seems predominantly to affect the upper body - the chest, arms and hands. Practitioners say it can be fortified through practice and increased concentration: some people, while supporting several objects at once, can release specific items to order. One Bulgarian woman, Victoria Petrova, entertained delegates by making objects move about her body in time to music.

Some human magnets also claim other abilities, such as x-ray vision similar to that claimed recently by the young Russian, Natalia Demkina. Curiously, there does seem to be a preponderance of - or perhaps interest in - such powers in Russia, Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries, leading some researchers to connect it to radiation leakages. However, reports of human magnets from at least the mid-19th century would suggest that its origins lie elsewhere.

And an earlier report from Thailand:

Farmer Tan Kok Thai has found instant fame in Tanjung Rambutan with a body that can attract rocks, metal, plastic and rubber items, pieces of wood and even bananas.


Tan first realised that he could attract metal last year when a coin dropped out of a shirt pocket while he was taking off the garment and stuck to his chest, but he gave little thought to it.

However, inspired by a Chinese documentary last month showing a man in Taiwan sticking coins to his body, he tried to imitate the feat.

“Soon I discovered that I could also attract other items like handphones, calculators, plastic and glass bottles, books, biscuits, planks, bananas and torchlights,” he said in an interview.

The long list of items he has successfully experimented with includes remote controls, an air conditioner, electric irons, knives, canned food and tubes of toothpaste.

Tan said he started to stick stones on his body some 10 days ago and, after much practise, he could now keep a piece of rock weighing 38.5kg stuck to his chest.


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) lecturer Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood said Tan’s ability was probably associated with suction properties in his skin. However, he said, tests had to be carried out to confirm this.

Nasrul Humaimi and Prof Dr Mohamed Amin from UTM’s electrical engineering faculty in Johor had done research on people with special abilities.

Their study covered Liew Thow Lin, 74, popularly known as the “Magnetic Man” because could make metal stick to his body.

Liew from Gunung Rapat in Ipoh could lift 30kg of weights attached to a metal plate placed against his abdomen.

During a carnival at Hospital Bahagia, Tanjung Rambutan, in September 2001, he had also pulled a Kancil car over 20m using an iron chain hooked to an iron plate stuck to his midriff.

The interesting thing we can see from this is that it is not magnetism as we know it because we have more than just metal being effected. In fact the history of magnetic people has included a range of claims.

Lulu Hearst, the "magnetic girl", was a case in point. She became famous at the end of the nineteenth century for her ability to influence objects at a distance and demonstrate changes of her weight and great feats of strength. She later revealed that this was a combination of simple tricks and the cunning use of leverage. You can read more in "The Feats of the Magnetic Girl Explained" and more recently Joe Nickell's Wonder-Workers: How They Perform the Impossible. However, this doesn't really bring us any closer to the wider range of otehr magnetic people with different abilities.

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 03:59 PM

Originally posted by David_Reale
Most likely the same, with different spelling. I do know that plenty of chi means plenty of respect.
But it was my bad, not Japanese but Chinese culture. Check out Wiki:

Yes Chi is used by chinese i think and Ki by japan but both cultures do not the others ideals when it comes to there ideas about energy.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 05:12 AM

Originally posted by sdy4444
I seriously doubt it, but is this stuff real? It is the energy used in Dragonball Z. I havent watched the show in like 234234 years, but i remember all of the energy blasts and stuff. Is it real? JUst maybe to an extent?

cool, I posted in your other thread, is it real, something about dragonball Z, seems like it fascinates you too.

it must be real

hey, there's a great video about a ki gong master on the internet here, someone posted a while a go. it uses energy to move objects and such, to break glasses.

the fact that energy exists is true, to use and control it is a step further, could be true.. not to say it is!

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 05:15 AM
here is the link to that thread I mentioned up above.

Definetly check the video in the first and fourth post sdy4444!! You'll be amazed. Must be true, it could be.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 12:53 PM
Chi/Qi/Ki all relate to the same "universal life force" that is prevalent through many Asian religions and martial arts. It is especially prevalent in Qui Gong.

However, I think it's safe to say that the moves shown in DBZ are physically impossible, since you would be expending more energy than your body actually has, and you would either pass out or die. However, some people claim to be able to "psychically tap into and harness other power sources" like the sun, but I don't quite buy that.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 02:26 PM

However, I think it's safe to say that the moves shown in DBZ are physically impossible, since you would be expending more energy than your body actually has, and you would either pass out or die. However, some people claim to be able to "psychically tap into and harness other power sources" like the sun, but I don't quite buy that

what is the physical? what is truly physically impossible? we dont know. we assume, because its more comfortable to stay in our little box, then realize who we truly are, and what we truly are capable of. no point in bringing up any theories, there is always a counter theory, but the true theories that seem to hold true to are world of parts and physics, and to the world of the "unexplainable", are never brought to the front. but whatever. believe and live how you want
dont concern yourself with this energy business sdy4444. its limiting in the grand scheme of things.
i dont buy the fact that people tap into the sun for power. its more of just a mental ritual which intiates a process that was always capable of being controlled by our own will power. there are details to get into to back what im saying, but that would involve alot of typing. just trust that i have been reading into what your interested in, for about 9 years now. from when i was like 15 and first came across a site claiming you could have powers like goku on dbz, and i was hooked. it was a long journey. sometimes i was on and progressing everyday towards achieving my goal, sometimes i got caught up with being young and partying, and here i am now, pretty much aware of everything i need to be aware of on this level of thinking, in order to take myself to the next level of awareness. life gets in the way, but you gotta just work through it, and stay strong.
if you have any questions, just u2u me, or post in here

[edit on 27-2-2007 by jimmy1200]

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 08:18 AM
In your studying, what exactly did u find? did you find that power could be found from within yourself do do more than just move toothpicks? Or did u find that the power is limited and can only make small psiballs and stuff (and move toothpicks)?

And you said that you were achieving your goal . . . What do u mean by that? and how far did u get? Coolest/craziest thing u did?

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 11:50 AM

In your studying, what exactly did u find? did you find that power could be found from within yourself do do more than just move toothpicks? Or did u find that the power is limited and can only make small psiballs and stuff (and move toothpicks)?

uh, didnt understand that second question. grammar mistake ftw! anyways. where to start. uh. hmmmmmmmm
ill just run through my history a bit, and you can get info from that, because it allows me to touch on your question, and give a little background and stuff.
when i first started off, the general consensus was that "magical" things were possible, but dont think to big. so i always questioned why. at first i accepted it, for even being able to move a pencil with your thoughts was enough for me at the moment. but while on forums and the like and seeing peoples arguments against the unlimited potential of the mind. i started to question the validity of these limitations. i eventually threw it to the wayside and just kept practicing without concern of limits. it took me to go through a moment in life where i was just young and bummin it out and in a bit of despair, to realize the truth. this came as i started to study philosophy,and read into other religious, mental, and spritual practices. i then realized that these limitations were not universal but self imposed, and ill give you a simple why. very simple. for most things in life are very simple, but simple is not always easy. anways
human beings have a natural tendency to limit themselves. so it would only be natural, that even when talking about paranormal phenomenon,just like everything else in life, we will limit ourselves. the world around you appears limiting, and it reinforces this belief. when you fall and you hurt yourself and you dont levitate before your knee hits the ground, you reinforce this belief, but just because you dont levitate before you hit your head after falling off your bike,doesnt mean its not possible. just because you can only seem to move a pencil with your mind, doesnt mean that you cant move a car. these are self imposed limitations. im sure doing a psychological test on the amazing people around the world who have these supernatural abilities, would prove that they themselves, even with their remarkable abilities, are limiting their abilities, and probably are limiting themselves in life in general. its the way you were raised, and more than less likely, you wont start wanting to practice making psi balls, until your teens, and by then you are consciously and subconsciously trained in the habit of limiting yourself. thats why its hard to yield good, and or consistent results at times.
now why do we limit ourselves is the question. there are many answers. maybe its just to keep us grounded, so if we fall, we dont fall from to high up, metaphorically speaking. your parents reinforce this belief all the time. think about what i said for a bit, and you will come to the answer. better for you to think and search yourself, then for me to just type it all out for you, because you wont understand, until YOU understand.
maybe there is some grand conspiracy to limit human beings because we would cause to much trouble as gods. look at what we do to ourselves now as the weak meat sacks we appear to be. imagine what we would do to each other if most people were able to throw cars with their minds.
the why, to my question on limits, is not understood by even me. i dont know why exactly, but i do know that im limited and thats enough for me to not want to be. now the reason why others may have limited their beliefs, is either because of ignorance, or manipulation. kharma is no universal law, its something used to keep "bad" people in check. i believe those who evolved to find out how godly they were, created a system like kharma to regulate those from doing immoral things, because they understood that belief makes things real. just like the commandments. its a way to control. to b cont..

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 12:23 PM
im back. i personally believe that most of the dogma in religion and spiritual practices is for the sake of manipulating, by limiting. i believe that there were those who understood the simple truth and formula to becoming god, that they created all the extra nonsense to manipulate through limitations, and all those below them not knowing any better, just followed.
hypothetically speaking, if a man who could fly, heal his body, cure disease, and manipulate fire, said, "to get power like mine, you have to meditate everyday, and only eat fruits, and have sex once a month", most people would do it. why? because we're weak, and we feel like, who am i to question this man when i myself dont possess his power, if he says thats how you do it and thats how hes doing it, and he has that power, then im going to do it like him. you can apply that example to so much in life. thats how humans are,and i believe a select few limited peoples potential, to manipulate them. now why they did that may be for a decent reason, maybe not. like i said before, look what we do to each other now, imagine if we were gods.
all the other stuff like rituals and what not, is blatantly obvious. rituals form a connection, and are powerful, and are the simplest means to using your godly power. there is no right or wrong ritual, just rituals. you can make your own if you want. dont believe that those who have created rituals before you, are in any way more special then you. you can do it, i did it. its simple. ill connect you to a link to guide you to understanding this power of belief, and what not, a bit more. later for that. i think i got side tracked. anyways.........
when it comes to this "energy" stuff. i dont really have to much to say on it. its one of those good, bad things. its limiting, but entertaining. i have some theories, but i dont generally concern myself with this energy business, its just all part of the "holographic illusion". energy is free and abundant and infinite. within yourself you posses an infinite potential of "energy". you have to understand the all is one, one is all theory, to understand that a bit more. dont concern yourself with "energy work", or developing your energy levels to do certain things. thats cartoon stuff. making levels of anything is limiting also. its another way of how we keep ourselves in the box. it may be hard for you to suspend disbelief in what im saying about energy, and limitations, but thats up to you. its not my problem. just think about why your doing it, and you will probably change your point of view.
energy exist, but i look at it more as a thing for me to manipulate and have fun with. look at the world as your playground. there is a reason science still doesnt know what energy is. we just know its here, and we can manipulate it to an extent. the nature of it is still mystical. mainly because its not real. you will never prove anything in this world 100%. talking about absolute proof. no options, no doubt,no nothing. why, because as solid as the world you live in appears to be, its just as malleable as your dreams. hard to accept, but true. you wonder, how can that be true, if i exist, and so do billions of others who possess the same potential as i do. we can all just manipulate the world as we see fit? yup. we all do everyday, but we dont do it like we do our dreams, we do it on a more "lowly" level. you are yourself, and everything in existance. remember that. anyways. when it comes to energy, i dont concern myself to much with it. i just practice without such limiting concerns. you can do as you please, just not my cup of tea. to complicated and limiting for me.
sorry if you feel i havent answered your question, but its pretty simple. there is no hard to understand formula, no complex rituals, no 500 page theory and steps to how to do the amazing. its all very simple. to be continued.....

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 12:46 PM
it may be hard to accept, but thats the way we were all raised. if its not complex and hard if not almost impossible to understand, then its probably wrong. the world itself is simple, but yet complex. a little of both, the nature of it, but when it comes to wanting to achieve the amazing feats you have read about, its all very simple. now there are more theories behind how you manipulate "energy", how you can create "energy", and so on and so forth. you can manipulate objects, there very "molecular" structure, and so much more. the theory behind it is quite simple in itself, based mostly on what i have typed here, minus some details, but i dont feel like typing all that. your better to read that book i mentioned, and the site i will post at the end. to understand more of how you should go about what your seeking.

And you said that you were achieving your goal . . . What do u mean by that? and how far did u get? Coolest/craziest thing u did

well to be honest. hmmm. my goal was to be able to manipulate my physical body and my reality in general as i see fit,through just thought, to just create a funner, happier life to experience. a life where i dont live in fear. imagine if you could regenerate like wolverine, and have the ability to fly and have super human strength like superman, intuition and reflexes like spiderman, you would never fear walking down a dark street at night again. you would not fear exploring places that seem dangerous. you could snow board down the most dangerous mountains. swim through the oceans without fear of being attacked, ect... the list goes on forever. there are so many scenerios i could apply having super powers too, that it could have its own thread. its like skateboarding or something. its technical to an extent, but once you get past that, its all about letting go and not being fearful of going big. if you could regenerate your body like wolverine, going big wouldnt be an issue, you could probably take skateboarding where its never been before, because you no longer live in fear of hurting yourself and possibly permanently being out of commision. understand what im saying?
my search started off trivial, then i was confused, then i understood, and now here i am. it took a while to get here. i didnt have someone like myself on forums speaking the truth like this. i had to search and search, and question everything. well, my truth isnt absolute, its my personal truth,but i believe it to not be as limiting as other truths out there. thats my greatest goal. to not live in fear and be able to enjoy life to a degree unheard of. screw worrying about buying a ticket to vegas and not being able to pay rent. ill just fly there. get what im saying? freedom is so great!

the coolest things ive done? hmmmm. most of my cool things started in the beginning, and then from there it was more about understanding, and not doing anything special, but anyways.
when i first started off and i was practicing qi gong, and tai chi. i was able to blow out a row of about 10 candles with just a palm thrust. im not talking about cocking back and thrusting forward as much as i can to generate wind. im talking about pulling my hand back like 5 inches, then thrusting forward and blowing candles out with ease. me and my friend used to do it all the time. i was a bit better, but we both used to train alot. i practice hard qi gong, and i was able to punch a brick and my friends cement floor in the basement, with full force and i would feel no pain whatsover,and i never hurt myself. little story behind that. one sec. to be continued.......

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 01:12 PM
back again. anyways. i was about 16 at the time, and i was practicin qi gong and tai chi. i was just buying books, studying and practicing all the time. i dont even know how well my form and stuff was when i did it. i just did it
, and i believed. i remember when i fell on my bike and i had a nice hair line fracture in my elbow. that sucked. so they put a soft cast on it for a week, but i was healed in like 2 days max. i could feel it, but whatever, i kept it on. i was relentlessly beating at a brick with thousands of hits a day with my right hand. that was how i saw people practice hard qi gong, and how i thoughtit was done when i read up on it. i didnt use any of that oil or ointment they used. i just meditated and beat on a brick. i remember getting it taken off in a week, and he was testing me to see if i was okay, and was quite shocked at how completely renewed my arm was. i was small. 115 to 120 pounds, about 5'9 maybe. then he revealed that i had internal bleeding at the time that i first came in, and was sorta in awe that i was completely alright and felt no discomfort. the meditating i was doing appeared to be working. not to long after that, i literally get rammed by a car going about 30+ miles an hour,while i was on my bike, and got up and just walked away. my friend said i flipped over the roof, and landed on the trunk, and he thought i was dead. i blacked out and didnt remember any of it. i was just pissed that he screwed up my freaking front tire! bastard
. oh well, i wasnt paying attention. it was hard to see him. traffic was full and at a stop, but i forgot that there was a lane that turned right onto another road, and i just blindly rode into the lane with my bike. whatever. i picked it up, said sorry, and walked to the 7 eleven to get snacks. thats where we were going in the first place. i remember the guy looking really freaked out when i said sorry and just moved my bike. he did just hit me. lol
anyways. i remember having my first moment of stillness. where you are aware, but the world around you ceases to exist. its weird. you dont sense anthing, but you are aware in this void. its weird.
lets see. i used to do alot of candle training back in the day. i vividly remember trying to put a candle out without using any thrust at all. i guess placing my hand near it was some mental ritual i created for intiating the "power". i had nothing happening forever. i was basically trying to will the flame out. then i sighed, and decided to quit for the day, but before i stopped, i tried one more time, and boom, willed the candle flame out. i was so excited. i called my boy up and #,and was rantin in the phone. there was a feeling right before i did it too. like just letting go. i just felt relaxed, and just did it. no thinking, no worrying, no nothing, just did it. that was a cool moment.
i also used to get sick at the same exact time every year, for exactly one week, and then i started practicing qi gong, and telling myself everytime i started to get sick, that i would not get sick, and continued to work out and meditate through it. eventually i stopped getting sick, and havent been sick for 7 years now. even if a cold tries to act like it wants to take over, its gone by the next morning. i put a nice boost on my immune system by just believing and not giving in.
the rest of the stuff was just general stuff i developed, like my intuition and what not. had some nice obe moments last year when i was really getting into the stuff. thats a long story. dont feel like typing, contrary to all this stuff ive already typed. there are more experiences ive had in general, but thats it for now. i really just recently got back into my old school stuff. i did it for a while, then did my young partying thing, then got into my whole trying to understand thing, then more life stuff, and here i am now. i got me a much better understanding of the world, life, and how to achieve my goals.

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 01:19 PM
last post. but anyways. now that i have myself pretty well versed in alot of stuff. i can go on about achieving my goals full steam. i had to live life, and search alot, to get where i am now. the books ive read, the girlfriends ive had, the everything, all contributed to my knowledge now.
well, thats it. you can ask me some more questions if you want. i did my best to tone it down, and look what i came up with. thats why i will mostly try to direct you to links, and or books, and stuff, from now on.

link i was talking about before, below.

if you have any problems with that link, you can get to it from here

you just have to click on HOW TO CONTINUE at the bottom of the page, and it will take you to another page that ask you why you wish to continue, your name, and email, and it will let you through to the first link. dont ask me why they do it. they dont email you to let you through. it just automatically takes you to the link. so just write some stuff about you wanting to proceed to grow further and blah blah, and type in a email address and a name, and boom. so much good info there. just read everything and soak it all in, and then come back here and tell me about it, or not. whatever. just read it

remember, take what you want. your personal truth is your personal truth. you dont have to follow the truth of others.

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posted on Mar, 3 2007 @ 05:37 PM
Ki/Chi or Qi is a way to develope inner power and strenght.
It was invented by the chinese people for many years ago.
Kung Fu masters use it do get more strenght.
for an example when they are breaking boards and stuff.
It is not like you see in dragon ballz.
But it also developing energi but not that powerful as you can see
on cartoons and comics...(ps: I did not read any of the other posts.)

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 11:21 AM

Ki/Chi or Qi is a way to develope inner power and strenght.
It was invented by the chinese people for many years ago.
Kung Fu masters use it do get more strenght.
for an example when they are breaking boards and stuff.
It is not like you see in dragon ballz.
But it also developing energi but not that powerful as you can see
on cartoons and comics...(ps: I did not read any of the other posts

disregard post. ill correct you later, but in the time being, disregard the above post and actually do some googling on qi. a quick wikipedia can even help. dont post if you dont read replies. i felt the need to reply, because someone might actually take that as some kind of truth. what you typed was simple, and misinforming.

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