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Winston Peters wades into the Iraq debate

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 04:21 AM

Asked about withdrawal of troops from Iraq, Mr Peters said: "I can not see how that would advantage that happening right now in February 2007.

"I think the circumstances would slide into total chaos, if that was to happen."

Asked about Mr Peters' comments, Prime Minister Helen Clark said the situation in Iraq was difficult and would not offer her opinion on what should happen.

"We are not there, we do not have troops there and I think it is gratuitous for me to give advice to those who do. Iraq faces a lot of difficulties even staying together as one nation in the time ahead, but we are not a player," Miss Clark said.


Peters is spot on in this case and he is proving to be a better Foreign Minister then many people thought he would. Clark official position is risk free and I wonder what she really thinks on a personal level. Surely the NZ government should take stance made by Peters.

Maybe Helen dosnt want it to be seen that a Minister outside of government is having to much influence on government policy.

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