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Marfa Lights-What Are They?

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posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 01:31 PM
I ran a search and found nothing about the Marfa lights over the last year, so with no further ado:
The Marfa Lights
A quick picture of them here:

The Marfa lights, for those who don't know about them, are odd "dancing" balls/spots of light which are regularly seen outside Marfa, Tx.. So regularly, in fact, that there is a roadside viewing area from which to observe them.

To this day, no-one is really sure what they are. Some, of course, cry "UFO!", some say "ghost lights", while others put forward theories about "mirages" or "reflected headlights".

Headlights, I believe, can be ruled out due to the lights having been reported long before
headlights were around.

The Ghost lights of Marfa still shine as bright as ever, and are still as mysterious as they were when they were first seen by early settlers who drove their herds into the Marfa area in 1883. source link above

However, in the spirit of open-mindedness and denying ignorance, here's a bit on the headlight theory:

This study says "The [Marfa] Lights are in fact car headlights, reflected off white soils that cover the sloping surfaces of mesas and ridges along the northern flank of the Chinati Mountains.

I tried to find a video of the lights, but they're all pretty crappy (i.e. dots of light moving against a black background) I did find a video in which the videographer is in contact with a search plane equipped to record what they called "hyperspectral" data covering the frequency spectrum from UV to thermal IR. Still crappy, but sorta interesting:
Marfa Lights video pt.1
Marfa Lights video pt. 2

My partner at work grew up in Texas and has seen them several times. He filmed them with an old "super 8" camera back in the 70's, and says he still has the film somewhere. IF he can find it and IF it's worth looking at, I'll try to get it converted to digital and post it here. Don't hold your breath on that, though. He's moved and downsized several times since then, so it's kind of a long shot.

So does anyone here have any experience/theories/wild guesses as to what these mysterious lights could be?

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