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What U KNO for ATS President

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posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 12:39 PM
I am What U KNO your Reform party candidate for President of the United States of America. I am glad to be your candidate for this election.

When this country was founded over 200 years ago it was founded on the principals of liberty and justice. A civil war, two world wars and a myriad of armed conflicts latter we have slowly seen these principals deteriorate from us. No longer are the doors to congress open for all. No longer are our representatives that are elected by the people to represent the interests of the people willing to listen to the people. We have lost sight of the American dream. We have lost site of what it truly means to live in a democratic republic, a true land of the free.

I say we no longer stand for this injustice and tyranny it is time for us to take back what was stolen from us. It is time for us to reform our government and ourselves to what we know to be right and true in this great nation of ours. The path to freedom is a long and perilous journey, fraught with dangers on all sides. But we the Above Top Secret members should not fear that journey. We can and must be the beacon of truth to the average citizen. A shining light to expose the corruption and evils of this current governmental body that has fought tooth and nail to rip from us the very freedoms that we have forgotten belong to us.

We stand here now on the precipice of a chasm looking down into it one may see the future of this nation if it continues on its present course. Are we to become lemmings and hurl ourselves into the crevasse? Blindly following our leaders to a certain doom never to recover? Or will we pause just for a moment to look at the way to the light, the promised land of freedom and opportunity that lay just a short distance away?

This is why I What U KNO am the clear choice for this websites esteemed office. My platform is a simple one. To take back from this government the rights that truly belongs to the people and the choices that were so wrongly stripped from us. To expose the wrongs and injustice snuck by us on a daily basis. To be your voice to those whose goal is to enslave you and to lead you from freedom to tyranny that currently hold office. This country needs to reform it needs a break from the status quo, it needs and deserves to be the beacon of freedom and democracy that it once proudly stood for. I What U KNO am the candidate for the job. I will be your voice your faithful elected servant, as I will be your voice to those in power, and it will be you the ATS voter that truly holds the power once again.

This November, elect me What U KNO as this websites President of the United States and you will not only have that voice, that power. You will know that you have sent a clear and loud message to those in power that this online community will no longer stand idly by watching as this government pillages the constitution and loots our freedoms. You will no longer stand by and watch as we send our young men and women away to a war for no reason but political gains. We will no longer take the official story as fact. We the Above Top Secret community have the power the resources and the determination to expose these lies. Shed light on this corruption and demand from our government to be OUR government once again.

I stand before you humbled by the sheer might and power that this online community wields. I am proud to be a member of this website, for I have seen through your threads and posts the awesome potential that this community holds. We the Above Top Secret community need not fear the alphabet agencies. For we as the people of this and other great lands know that those agencies truly work for us. It is high time that we as an online community send the united wake up call to those in power to remind them of that fact.

With the awesome power that is freedom brings the equally awesome responsibility to be ever vigilant to protect those rights. We have become distracted by the media and the sensationalism of our current lifestyle. In order to reform our government we must reform ourselves. We the Above Top Secret community needs to be the shining light that exposes the truth to the masses. We the Above Top Secret community have the responsibility to inform the walking cattle that are among us of the lies and corruption that is so prevalent in our government today. We have the duty to our own individual communities to share the truth and to educate the masses to what needs to be aired.

I hear it on the streets everyday the need and desire for this government to reform and to give back the freedoms that it wrongly stole from us. Nearly every American person sees that their government has gone from the beacon of freedom to a tyrannical oppressive regime that shows no signs of getting better. They all have the same complaints but not one of them thinks they by themselves can bring about that change. This is the ideology that first needs to be reformed. This government is for the people and by the people. But it has become a government for the few and by the few, one nation not under god but one nation under the dollar. This is where we as the American people most desperately need to reform.

American’s see that they no longer have a choice in the matter. We are force fed candidates that are not true representatives of our opinion. They in turn force laws on us that we cannot agree with. We sit by and watch as lies lead us to war. This is what needs to be reformed in our government. We need not only for this to reform but to reform ourselves to no longer stand by watching TV when our brothers and sisters sons and daughters die in a war that few agree with and lies brought us into.

I believe that if our founding fathers saw the condition we as the American people have let our country get into today they would be appalled and ashamed to call them selves Americans. We should be equally ashamed of ourselves to allow these injustices to continue on any longer. We have disgraced our founding fathers; we have disgraced the memory of those who died to give us the rights that we so frivolously discarded. We have brought shame upon the name of liberty. No is the time to erase that shame that disgrace and that dishonor from our shared heritage. So that we living now can proudly say to our children and grandchildren, “We give this world to you”.

Are you currently proud of the world you live in? Is this the world we want to give to our children? I say no, and I for one will not idly sit and let this shameful world continue to slide into the abyss that it is going into. I for one will stand up and shout to those in Washington “Enough! This will not be!” Those of you that are with me vote your conscience this September in this election and vote for me What U KNO as that voice.

We in this generation should no longer stand for the way things have been going. We have the right and the responsibility to enact the changes we see fit. We are the ones that will ultimately be held accountable down the road when things go right or wrong. I for one cannot abide by the way this government thinks it can run itself. These are our representatives; in your opinion are they true representatives of you?

The phrase "taxation without representation" was coined by Reverend Jonathan Mayhew in a sermon in Boston in 1750. By 1765 the term "no taxation without representation" was in use in Boston, but no one is sure who first used it. Boston politician James Otis was most famously associated with the term, "taxation without representation is tyranny." Now we have seen that this same phrase once again applies. This time I say unto you that we are not being represented by our government and thus should not be taxed by them. Who does have the representation today? It is big corporations and big lobby groups. If this truism should still hold true then these are the ones that need to bear the tax burden.

When I write to my congressmen I often times receive a form letter with an electronic signature that has little to do with what I have written about. I find this appalling to me and disgraceful to the office that my representative holds. These are the reforms that my candidacy is going to be geared towards. These are the changes that I want to implement. With your help the Above Top Secret community we can finally have that voice.

I have the passion and commitment to strive for the truth the determination to aggressively demand the reasonable accountability of our government’s actions, and the follow-through to see that the job gets done right.

At the time I wrote this the Iraq war has cost this nation $369,223,581,481.00 that amounts to each American paying $1,230.75. For an illegal war that has no end in sight. Don’t you believe that this money should be refunded to us immediately? I know that I did not want the war in Iraq. We all know now that this war was started under false pretenses and outright lies by this administration. Should we stand by and let our government spend money on a war based on these lies? Were your tax dollars well spent on something that you in your heart know was a just cause? I say no!

Now our government without our consent is trying to decide whether or not to invade Iran. Is Iran a threat to our sovereignty? Again I say no! Because Iran wants to build nuclear weapons our government feels that it has the right to threaten the Iranian government with an attack. As an American is this not a clear reason to reign in the powers of this government and give them a unified wake up call to not try and dictate what the world does within their own countries?

When you vote this November your vote for What U KNO for Above Top Secret President of the United States of America will be the vote for change in this country. I would like to thank you all the ATS community for your support in my bid to be your voice. I would also like to thank the Staff and Administration.

posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 12:48 PM
This is my main question for All ATS candidates and real-life candidates.

Do you want victory in Iraq?

It's a simple question that only requires a Yes or No answer.

A response would be appreciated!

posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 01:00 PM
What U KNO,

You sure do have a lot to say, but I would like to ask you a few questions about the problems you find in our American system today.

1. What "rights" are you planning to restore and how will you go about it?
2. What "lies" are you speaking about and how will you prove they are lies?
3. You say we, the people, must reform. What are the reforms you are speaking about?
4. You speak about the war. What is your plan to stop it?

Thank you for your attention

posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 01:01 PM

Originally posted by RRconservative

Do you want victory in Iraq?


posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 01:17 PM
You must use the candidate declaration form to become a candidate.

(thread closed... soon to be deleted.)

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