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It has been a long time!

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posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 11:01 AM
It has been almost 2 years from the time I last posted anything of my opionion's here on ATS. However due to the restriction at work, and all other element's of life, this has prevented me from viewing this site as a member. I have found those member's (not to mention name's now) that have a great deal of insight into our World! This is why I have come back. I looking forward's to your outlook on our life! Considering I'm just getting back into this forum, I will need to review my Interests that some have engage in, and start from there once again.
Take a seat, I will cover the Good, Bad, Ugly, to realize some truth in it all.
With that said, trust me, I will not hold back on my thought's based on my experence's as well as my current insight and conviction's. I trust, this will bring added value to ATS, and You!

Until then, Mile's of Smile's !!

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