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Ludicrous Diversion - 7/7 London Bombings

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posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 07:38 AM
Our good friends at the July 7th truth movement have sent me a copy of a documentary by the Ludicrous diversion. You may remember that we ATS conducted an interview with the guys at July 7th and they answered questions regarding July 7th and their movement. (Link is below)

July 7th Truth Movement have also carried out an interview with Ludicrous Diversion aswell and were kind enough to give me the details for me to share with you guys at ATS. Now here is the documentary..

Google Video Link

Below is transcripts of the interview that was carried out with Ludicrous Diversion. To read the full interview, please visit the link at the bottom to take you to the full thing

Hi LD, thanks for agreeing to the interview. Anyone with an interest in the events of 7th July 2005, and their aftermath, will be only too familiar with the expression 'ludicrous diversion' as it was the description used by British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, when denying a full and independent public inquiry into the biggest loss of life in London since the Luftwaffe bombings of the Second World War. You were obviously taken with the phrase, but what motivated you to make the documentary?

Our motivation for making Ludicrous Diversion is very much what you might assume from watching the film.

We think there are major and profound problems with the official story of the London Bombings on 7/7. As we state in Ludicrous Diversion there are contradictions, discrepancies and downright errors in the narrative – a scandalously ill-presented document. Not only have these not been addressed by the media, government and police, but many of them have stemmed directly from those three entities.

We believe that there should be a full, independent, public investigation into the London bombings. Note – we do not say inquiry. As we attempted to point out in Ludicrous Diversion, an inquiry will achieve exactly nothing – it would in fact be potentially damaging to the truth movement because some part of the British public would accept the inquiry as valid and consider the case closed. That is why we also believe there will probably be an inquiry announced at some point in the future, most likely sometime after Mr Blair has ceased to be the Prime Minister.

We were disturbed by the fact that the real evidence the public has actually been presented is not sufficient to conclude that the bombings occurred as described, or that the alleged bombers were necessarily responsible. If anyone thinks this assertion is ridiculous we implore them to do research of their own, both into the bombings and the so-called war on terrorism instigated by 911.

We are deeply disconcerted at the pace at which the UK is moving into a police state. We do not use that term lightly, but anyone who thinks it is too extreme a description is not reading the news. It would be hard to argue against the suggestion that as a country we are in fact already there, and all that we are now witnessing is the implementation of that state.

Without casting aspersions we were dissatisfied by much of the information being put out even by elements of the alternative media about the London Bombings – a percentage of it is clearly deliberate disinformation.

In your first email contact with J7, the opening line read, "Love your site and work. Great stuff", so we have to ask: How was the content of Ludicrous Diversion influenced by the work of the J7 Truth Campaign?

The content was directly influenced by the J7 Truth Campaign and in fact the film’s creation was initially prompted by the work of the few independent, exclusively internet-based researchers, including Bridget Dunne herself. Almost nothing we presented in the film was discovered or unearthed by us – we only pulled together a few (a very few) of the issues regarding 7/7 and decided to present them in a form that might appeal to the unconverted who otherwise would be blithely accepting of the official story. We were saddened to see how few people had even bothered to sign the online petition calling for an inquiry. And we strongly believe - and this is a crucial point – that even if the J7 Truth Campaign is wrong and misguided in every single statement it makes and questions it asks (which we do not by any stretch of the imagination think it is) it is still entitled to call for - and receive -answers to those questions. That is, if we still live in a free society.

Why have you decided to release Ludicrous Diversion anonymously and, with hindsight, do you think this has helped or hindered the film?

We are a group from many different professions and walks of life with none of us seeking financial reward or recognition from the project. The decision to remain anonymous was not taken to help the project in any way, although incidentally it has resulted in healthy debate – and more discussions could be seen to be a help!

(interview continued via link)

Also, final part, the Home Office report that is mention in the documentary. July 7th Truth Movement have uploaded the report to their servers for us to read.

Thank you again to the July 7th Truth Movement for yet again for their work with us at ATS/

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posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 03:39 PM
new article;

Capitalising on Terror: Who is really destroying our freedoms?

terror alert highThe threat of terrorist attacks cannot fail to be embedded into the consciousness of almost all who reside in this country. The UK has been under the shadow of terrorism for many decades from one 'enemy' or another. Even as the emergency response was still under way on the 7th of July 2005, politicians and public figures were praising the defiant spirit of the British public in the face of atrocity.

However, it is fair to say that the psychological effects of such events vary across the general population. With the constant “When, not if” type warnings ringing in the ears of the British public, almost relentless news coverage of 'terror raids' and 'foiled plots', it is virtually impossible not to feel that we should be fearing for our safety. But how do we know we're being given an accurate picture of exactly what the threat is and from where it's coming? How do we know that if we live in a major city, every time we step out of doors or use the public transport system we will not be met with 'death and destruction on an unprecedented scale'?

Alternatively, how likely is it that we will? In today's Britain, people are now charged – and in some cases jailed - for even thinking about terrorism and details of suspected terrorists' plans can be revealed to the media even though it is also admitted that the intelligence that led to the raids "could be wrong" . The J7 campaign is extremely concerned that the measures put in place that are supposedly designed to protect the public could actually present a bigger threat to our safety and freedom than terrorism itself, and constructing more of a climate of fear than the terrorists ever could.

broken link:

ATS interview located here

ATS Interviews J7thtruth Campaign

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posted on Mar, 4 2007 @ 08:32 AM
Here are some more clips and sites worth watching. All demonstrating that this corrupt British Government were involved in the London Bombings with the purpose of blaming it on Al Qaeda so it would boost support at home for their bogus War on Terror and would aid the government in passing through legislation that would further take away the basic rights and free speech of the british people

Former MI5 agent David Shayler talk about London Bombings

Alex Jones discusses London Bombings

7/7 Release

London Bombings:Creating the Enemy

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 05:14 AM

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