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First Lucid Dream?

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posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 10:55 PM
Hi, all. I usually post over in ATS, but this experience is something which fits here perfectly.

All my life I've been a vivid dreamer, and I've always remembered them. I've always dreamt in color, and always in "surround sound." I've had some incredible dreams, dreams that have brought comfort and fear; dreams that have encouraged and dissuaded me...all sorts of dreams. And I've had prophetic dreams, as well. Someday I'll post about my 9/11 dream that occurred a full 180 days (literally 180) before that horrendous day. And yes, I *did* post it on a site when I had the dream, but I can't seem to find it now. Most recently I dreamed of a 7.5 earthquake in a french speaking country, and we'll see if that happens (the reason I knew it was a french speaking country was because in my dream all the news casts about it were in french...). I've had several dreams in which I was sleeping, and woke from a dream in my dream...which apparently is rather odd and unusual. And I've also had falling dreams where I hit...and apparently that's unusual, too.

I digress.

I think that today I had my first lucid dream. I've only been "mildly" interested in my dreams because I like my dreams (for the most part) and haven't really wanted to change them or alter them. So I've only done some very light research into these sorts of dreams. I don't know if they're "real" or not; I've not taken the time to research and find the anecdotal studies I'm sure are there.

Anyway... I've been under a ton of pressure; I've been studying for the first round of exams, and have, of course, shorted sleep because of needing to read something one more time. So today, because I was off with no studying to do for the first time in weeks, I indulged myself in a nap.

In the dream that occurred, I was cleaning my house. Tidying up the kitchen, washing dishes, running laundry. Mundane, everyday things that needed to be done. (This isn't surprising; I have neglected my house as well as sleep for the last few weeks, and it's something I need to get done.)

What is interesting is that in my dream, I was in my real kitchen, doing my real dishes. I was standing at the sink, soapy hands and all, and looked over to the right, where 20 pounds of flour should've been sitting, but wasn't. It's absence made me stop washing dishes, go over to the spot, and look. And in my dream, I thought - "It's o.k., because this is a dream. That's why the flour isn't here." I then went back to the sink, and proceeded to wash dishes.

I continued cleaning, and, while at the stove, I looked into the bath/hallway. My mother was there, as was this gorgeous Irish Wolfhound. "I don't have a dog, and my Mother lives in Jersey!" I thought, and then, immediately following that thought, was "oh yeah, I'm dreaming. It's all right; and that dog is gorgeous!!"

The dream continued on, and on. And then in the dream I said to myself, "well, I should get up; there's housework to do, and this is just a dream." And I promptly woke up.

I laid there, rather bemused. I looked around, half-expecting to see a gorgeous Irish Wolfhound sitting in the bedroom, but no; there were only my cats to be found. And I was mildly disappointed that the dishes hadn't got done, either. LOL.

I'm rambling.

I just thought I'd share this with you all, and see what you all thought. The only thing I can think of is that this might've been a lucid dream, and leave it to me to be able to lucid dream about getting the dishes done and not something amazing like star travel or something.

I'd appreciate any input, and thanks in advance!


posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 05:12 AM
I've had a few lucid dreams, but I don't recolect them, not every last detail anyways. But I wantes to touch base on the falling dreams. Whenever I have falling dreams, I always seem to hit also.. Everytime I hear someone mention a dream like this, they always say they wake up the instant before they hit. I always hit, clouds of dust, or debres fly into the air. I actually posted a dream of mine in the Chit Chat forum.. If you want to check that out... But, what did you hear of this being uncommon? I'm just curious, is there a solid reason why one hits? Or why one has such dream in the first placE? I heard it may be because a limb or any other part of the body may be suspended, or hanging off of the bed. Not sure, i've always thought this was interesting..

I've also had dreams where it actually happens shorty after, or even months later.. I've thought alot about why dreams like that occur.. It's alot than what i'm about to make it, but yea.. It's just a thought.. I think that it could be possible that, in one life we are meant to learn a lesson.. And if we don't learn that lesson, we repeat that exact same life over again.. Therefore, we have certain memorys that are encoded into our new lives. It's only a thought, and there's alot more that actuallt go with it.. But yea..

Pretty funny what you said about the dished man..


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