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Are the 9-11 I-beams cut in sharp angles?

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posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 05:59 AM
Regardless of what a metal worker might say about the details of cutting steel beams, I have always had this problem with the "collapse" of the wtc buildings:

If a building falls at a speed close to free-fall, then very little energy is taken away from the collapse to tear the building apart.

If the building must be torn apart, then that energy has to be accounted for. The gravity collapse of the building might supply enough to tear itself apart, but then in doing so it would slow down the collapse rate.

Given that the buildings fell so quickly, something else seems to be required to explain the utter destruction of those buildings.

You can't have a huge steel and concrete structure fall down at free fall and tear itself apart at the same time. The supply of energy comes from the falling debris. So,

1) If the falling debris reaches the ground at free-fall speed, then none of its energy was used to tear the building apart. (Meaning that if the building WAS torn apart, that energy came from somewhere else)


2) If the building was torn apart by the falling debris, then the debris would spend a lot of its kinetic energy breaking the building up, thereby slowing its descent to the ground.

You can't have both. You can't have a building that tears itself apart completely AND reaches the ground very fast. If it does so, then the energy to disassemble the building came from something other than the kinetic energy of the fall.

Either the building collapses slowly and tears itself apart, or collapses quickly and was already in pieces.

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 03:46 PM
I dont know much about building demo , but looking at the picture of the beam with a partial cut from left to right ending somewhat in the center,the width of the cut threw the beam is way oversized for someone with exprience to do and the waste of time and resorces . ive cut steel up to 2 inches thick with a cut gap max of 1/2 an inch ,and had no problem with the two pieces of steel seperating.
when cutting you need to wash your cut back and forth not up and down ,if you do its minimal,maybe its just the picture but the width of the cut on that beam is at least 1 1/2 thick.

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 08:40 AM
It looks to me like the beam in question was fractured, then cut, rather sloppily I'll add, on one side only.

This would make sense as the firefighters would have wanted to make the area safe by cutting any partially broken beams, thereby eliminating the possibility of any more people getting hurt when they're putting out fires, etc. Making the area safe would be their first goal. I'd imagine....

The firemen wouldn't be hauling anything away other than as part of a rescue effort, not their job.....

posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 05:16 PM
reply to post by darkstartimes

yeh you'd want to make nice neat cuts for finish work or anything that requires decent tolerances, but for rapid cleanup work? who cares if they were sloppy in cutting.

so, 3 theories

Cutting charges? LSC's dont leave torch tip marks

Thermite? doesnt leave torch tip marks or make real clean horizontal cuts that ive EVER seen

Cutting torch: well...

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 06:02 PM
A while ago, I saw this pic on a website about mysteriously burnt cars on 9/11, and just remembered it when I saw this thread.

Pretty sure this is pre-cleanup, and is during the initial rescue stage. Could be wrong.

The beam definately looks like an angled cut was made to it, and does not seem to suggest at all that this was done after the towers fell.

I have seen several other angle-cut beam images since 9/11. Will try to find them and post.

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 07:56 PM
hell yeah im only 13 and i now that they were cut at a sharp angel. my dad works with metal and he saids and which i belived very strongly that it takes molting hell like heat to cut those 6 inch thick beams,also to learn about many more things about are goverment report to Alex Jones at

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 10:41 PM
I cannot believe that you people think that the whole thing was a controlled demolition. I was there helping try to dig people out and most of the debris was the damn metal frame which in turn had to be cut into smaller pieces to get them out of there. Don't talk until you were there digging out loved one's!!!!!!

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 07:12 AM
reply to post by Torque3k

I could be wrong but that looks like the rubble of WTC7 and that building was not as square and symmetrical as the towers. I don't think that beam is cut at all, there were many angled connections within that building.

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 02:12 PM
idiots! Do yu all just need something to complain about. You can pick apart that the sky is blue.

posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 11:15 AM
Heres one of the pictures I found of those I beams in which you speak of.

Now Im sure this is just another rehash of what you have already seen before. And here I sit on 9-12. 7 years after the event that changed all our lives, and policy world wide.

We have gotten no further folks, besides those with bullhorns that disrupt live news programs. What good does that really do? Besides making people angry, and picking at a huge scab!

When they will turn around and say.. These nuts think Bush blew up these buildings! When thats not what we are saying.

We have been dubbed truthers, nuts, wackos, and losers by the MSM.

To what end does this serve anymore? I dont know. But one thing I do know that these pics tell a tale of conspriacy!

9-11 is a conspiracy no matter how you look at it. Some say its a conspriacy from the government, while the government claims its a conspriacy by Osama Bin L.
Yet Osama has yet to be formally charged, due to lack of evidence.

This whole deal was not even looked into that deep! All these I beams and wreckage where shipped off to be melted down! No tests, no putting these under a mircoscope! Just gone, and sold off over seas!

This whole deal has reeked since the day those towers fell.

And I sit here at it again, tying to make sense.

I no longer am trying to tell anyone what happened on that day.
I am no longer wasting my emotional energy trying to open peoples eyes.

Im sick and tired of the zombies.

There will be a day someday where things boil over. And you know what we are trying to go about this in a civil way.

Back at one time when people wouldnt open their eyes and wake up. There where things called Wars. When real people who got tired of the maddness took action, and took matters into their own hands.

All these sheeps are treading in dangerous ground right now. Do they not understand that sooner or later you keep playing this card, and you are going to end up being the enemey?

And what happens to our foes? Well this leads to a very dark place, and my wording must be very careful.. Or else you dub me as a terroist.. Homegrown or not.. But if this cover up remains this way for many more years to come.. Blood will be spilled.. And those of you who stand with the traitors will fall with them. They will befall a fate that could have otherwise have not been the outcome.

Yet people will defend and go on and on about how our people could not do this to our own people.. Get out of town! Our leaders do not care about us!! They only wish to rule and control our very lives!!!

People will stand up and "do" something about all this. As most want to turn a blind eye! And slander and take away from the truth.
When the truth is a personal thing.. And lines are being drawn..

Do you see where I am going with this?

The Ibeams are one thing, that should scream hey! Look something is not right about this!! But again people will turn a blind eye.

I will creep within the shadows for another year or so. I will be the unseen factor that you didnt consider.

posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 11:16 AM
Just found this image via google, I have highlighted the area that looks as though one of the main support beams had been cut. This image was taken before the clean-up operation which I feel confirms the use of Thermate:

I have highlighted the area that looks like its been cut..

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 05:52 AM
reply to post by StarTraveller

That one has come up before and it's a bit too square and perfect to be the result of any sort of crude cutting process - note the lack of any signs of burning etc.

What it is is a snapped welded joint just like these ones

Looking closely you can see the welds that penetrate about 1/3 of the way into the joints. It appears they were only welded on the longer sides of columns.

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 11:02 AM
Ah fair comment Pilgrim. Thanks for varifying it, I had'nt seen them like that before. Thanks Buddy.

posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 09:16 PM
i think it is completely messed up how all that has happened and what is going to happen in the near future.. im a college student and i recently found myself and a few chiropractors watching the movies zeitgeist. I was completely astounded to find out what this movie had to say. im trying not to be bias here but this film was so deep i couldnt help but get so mad. if anyone wants to watch this movie just google it. Zeitgiest.

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 08:36 PM
reply to post by whiterabbit

sure white rabbit, you can see soda straw size dents over twenty feet away. that would look like a straight line from the distance shown!

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