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odd survey

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posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 03:46 PM
i am a junior in high school and a survey about charecter was given. something seemed fishy, the questions were to generalized it was hard to answer. such as do people respect each other, well how do we know we're one person. she explained il was to get a grant for something and we were picked to be a test subject in other words for 09. the information was given to ''leaders'' and would not be seen by anyone else. i asked does this have to do anything with no child left behind, she stopped and thought and tip toed around it. right after that a friend asked what does this grant do for us as students. she did the same thing and tip toed around it. i had the feeling she hated me and my friend for catching onto her little plan. she left rather quickly. which was even odder..

posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 11:48 PM
That's kinda weird. Who was giving the survey? Was it mandatory?
Of course, maybe she wasn't mad at you...she could have been having a bad day or something.

posted on Mar, 26 2007 @ 12:31 AM
Sounds like OBE brainwashing questions designed to find out about you and how you think. If they don't like the answers, they will work on you until you change.

Here, this will give you more insight:

Who controls our children?

No matter how many say OBE is dead, it always surfaces again from the dead under a new name. Sometimes the outcomes and questions will be tweaked, but it is very sinister and creepy nontheless. If this was mandatory, this could be on your record for a good long time.

we were picked to be a test subject in other words for 09

This should scare the living you know what out of you. Test subject without your concent? You realize that your answers to those questions will determine how to handle you while you are a test subject? They will try to change you, your thoughts, and possibly behaviour until they obtain the response (outcome) they want if possible?

This seems more like a test to see how well you respond to people trying to change you. How long it will take to change your attitudes and thoughts. What it will take to change you. Peer presure, small group dynamics, repetition of some type, questions that have only "one" corrct answer (outcome) eventhough technically there are several. Of course, unless you are on your toes, you might not precieve anything is wrong. You should be scared.

With her not answering you directly, this really sounds like you are dealing with a change agent. She will not admit it, and truely believe she is doing nothing wrong. She was already programed to think that, but will deny any programing. She will not even know she has been programed. If she is asked a question that would be harmful to her cause, she will always skirt or divert the issue.

Call me parinoid, but if you can tell her that you are not going to be a test subject period. I don't care if they offer you a full paid scholarship to the college of your choice.

If you have no choice, your best line of defense is to have your beliefs already concrete in your mind and unshakable. Do not give into peer pressure. Keep asking the direct questions that are not directly answered. Write it down, incase they go on such a long tangent that they hope everyone including you will forget about it. Stay calm, and let them get angry at you. Never agree to a secert vote, because they will change the votes to what they want even if the majority in the group voted agaist it. Watch out for small group settings and group dynamics, especially to where the entire group has to agree to something.

It is always good to be able to work with others and in a group setting as long as everyone is pulling their own weight. Group discussions can be good also, as long as there are not certain ideas that are automatically put down and frowned upon. As long as they are not trying to change your own mind for you or your own belief system. Had that happen to me several times. Always infurated the person trying to get me to think differently.

Watch the google viedo I gave you the link above. When you encounter something that peaks your interest, write it down and do further research. She will talk about change agents, and some of their techniques.

A change agent is someone who intentionally or indirectly causes or accelerates social, cultural, or behavioral change.

Wikipedia Change Agent

You did the right thing by asking questions. The problem is that it seems like either you backed down, or she dismissed the subject and changed it. The only way to counter a change agent such as her, is to ask the questions, write them down, and keep after her until she gives you a direct answer. Until she does, believe nothing she says. If she does, she may only be giving partial information. From her response, it has almost everything to do with the no child left behind, and the grant does nothing to help you. More than likely it is a grant for the school. I wonder if it isn't a grant for you to put you through something you really don't want to go through with.

Always keep with your initial reactions. If something didn't feel right, then it is not right. Don't let her or anyone else tell you differently or that your paranoid. Keep safe. If you did have to answer the questions, I hope you answered them in the shortest possible way.

For example:
Do people respect each other? Sometimes
How do I know I'm one person? I'm me

I don't care if it gives you enough room for a 500 essay answer. The longer the answer, the more information they will get from you. That you don't want. Knowing me, if some questions just don't seem right such as the how do I know I'm one person, then I just wouldn't answer it.

That question could be looked at in different ways depending on what outcome the person giving the test wants. That would be funny, if this happens again, ask her or the person giving the test what outcomes they are looking for so you know how to answer.

That question could be fishing for selfesteem, religion bias, potential for multiple personalities, how you see yourself fit in socially, or something even odder.

I wonder if some of those questions were even fishing further into your personal and family life. I wouldn't be suprised.

Be careful, and do as much research as you can. I gave you a starting point.

Tell your parents about the questions, and how they made you feel uncomfortable and why. Tell them that you don't think they should be giving you those types of questions, and that you don't want to be a test subject. Even if they dismiss it, everytime something like this happens, tell them about it. What ever you do, keep them in the loop. They are a line of defense for you. Keep asking questions and searching for answers.

Deny Ignorance

posted on Mar, 26 2007 @ 12:40 AM
Was it an anonymous survey, or were they able to match you with your answers? What I mean is, did you have to write your name or an ID# anywhere on the survey?

If it was anonymous, I'd just have made up a bunch of random junk, whatever answers were funniest. If they could match the answers to you, I'd be a lot more careful. Probably I'd just give them my best guess of 'average'.

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