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mayan calendar contradicts advanced atlantis?

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posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 01:14 PM
does the interpretation of the maya calendar contradict the theory of an advanced continent/civilization of lemuria or atlanis

or is this just some person/author's mis- interpretation/assumption of the calendar periods/ and the coinciding advancements in technology (based on official history) are marked as coinciding with levels of consciousness in his charts of the calendar

has a chart half way down that shows the cutoff period for one of the creation cycles/consciousness (beleive it is the 7'th) which supposedy coincides with the advent of industrialism
circa 1755

which would suppose that the advanced civilization of lemuria could not have been that advanced and also that the egyptians could not have been very advanced either since john calleman states

While the evolution of the Four lower levels of consciousness are all expressed as biological evolution the Five highest levels of consciousness carry the evolution of the cultural, technological and spiritual aspects of the human being

this seems to contradict the possibility that the wonders of the world like "the egyptian pyramids " or stone hendge would be man made and/or possibly hint at why we are not being told what the pyramids were actually being used for (not just tombs) my friend (but i digress)

and this also seems to contradict that the civiliations of atlantis or lemuria could have been that advanced technologically or spiritually /existed or if they indeed did that they were not human since lemuria was suppossed to exist from anytime 80,000 years ago thru 25,000 and atlantis 25000 to 8500 years ago

unless in fact i am missing something regarding the connection of the evolution of the nine creation cycles and there link to consciousness and evolution described by calleman and others or they are basing there interpretation off of (cooked/or unrealized advancement of older civilizations in the "official textbooks") to some how guard secret knowledge for the power's that be's security

and the end result would be secret knowledge combined with some misinformation

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