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Member Assistance Needed on Climate Research

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 08:51 PM
I am putting together a comprehensive thread regarding contrails and in my research I stumbled upon an FAA document. I am posting a link and snippet


This research project could influence aircraft operational procedures and aircraft/engine technology development that could exceed the $500 million per year threshold definition for highly influential scientific disseminations. The findings could also be controversial. A work product on contrails should be available to initiate the peer review process in FY 2009. The overall effort to reduce uncertainty in aviation’s contribution to climate change is a long-term effort, however, and other work products focusing on other emissions might be peer-reviewed in the future.

Does this paragraph seem a little shady or am I lookin to deep? It seems to me that they are openlly asking the group to take the financial impact of their assessments into consideration.

How would you explain this in hillbilly terms?

Document is in word format.

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