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Are the US, playing Australian politics?

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 08:41 AM
So Cheneys coming down under... boy id love to be in Canberra, or Melbourne and take part in the streetside protests...

Im really interested in seeing EXACTLY what will come out of this 'meeting' in regards to David Hicks.

Mr Hicks, is the golden goose for Howards re-election.

Should Cheney come out, and state simply

'' Australia's continued assistance in the global war on terror, has allowed such 'close' allies to assist in David's prosecution. With Mr howards continued efforts, we can thankfully say we have agreed David can be tried and sent home IMMEDIATELY! ''

While I dont think australians are 'dumb' enough to fall for it, being Rudds only in front by 10%, he only needs 11% of the population, to beleive that Howard was responsbile for bringing hicks home, and Rudd will be finished.

Have we not pushed the Americans hard enough to give Hicks to us, just so we could ensure if 'both' parties agreed to 'help' each other out at the 'right' time.... we do as each other asked?

We're sending in 70 more troops, and agreeing NOT TO PULL OUT when so many are.... in exchange for political assistance in releasing hicks?

I mean what is hicks? he aint a king pin, he's f all....

A very large game of political poker is about to unravel in the coming weeks.

cheney, and Iran.

Are we going to follow them into Iran also?

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 02:51 AM
Howard's goose is cooked i think

Dick Cheyney is about as trustworthy as someone on your doorstep trying to sell you volcano insurance, and most Australians know that. He just reeks of backstabbing... look at his face... does he ever look like someone you'd invite into your home?

I really think nothing will come of the visit and things we go back to being their un-democratic selves...

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 04:40 AM
I find it wierd that it was recently announced after 3 years of negotiation about this new US Intelligence base to be built outside of Perth, Howard refusing to remove our troops from Iraq, and increasing the number, Cheneys visit here etc etc etc.

What I am scared off is that I think that Cheney is coming here to personally brief Howard and Rudd on when they are going to start the Iran war, (which I reckon will be during the new moon in March, total cover of darkness), how they are going to go about it, any real or fabricated evidence they are going to use, how they will take care of China and Russia spitting the dummy over the Iran attack, and how in the end, the USA is going to guarantee Australias security for the coming wars and the future.

That is why he is briefing both ministers, for even thou they may be on opposing sides of the political spectrum, in regards to the NWO agenda, they both are slaves, and Cheney is going to be the messenger who is going to tell them what to do how to do it, and why they must obey.

It stinks, I agree, but what can the commoner really do about it?

We are going to see an escalated war, and we will feel the repurcussions of it, but in the end we are still going to sit back and wonder WHY? and wasn it all worth it?


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