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Are humans evolving for alien contact ?

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 08:13 AM
I dont get this "we are becoming more enlightened" mentality.

I think it is quite the opposite when it comes to the human race.

We destroy more now than we have ever done.
The world is in the grip of terror, with war and rumors of more war.
Greed is king.
Money is everything.
Sex sells and sells and sells ....
Child abuse is at an all time high.
Slave labor is at an all time high.
Drug use is at an all time high.
Morally we are at an all time low.


Yes we are evolving into a more sinful and corrupt people.
We scoff at religious principles, the same principles that many countries where founded on and blessed for.
We destroy our environment and hold no regard for native life, animal or human.

Personally I think the "Aliens" will only be able to make contact when we are so blinded by our own desires, our greed and rejection of morality that no one will see them for what they really are.

And quite frankly that is the exact design of their purpose. To offer us morally corrupt, greedy self seeking humans an easy way out. Their technology will save us from ourselves. Their wisdom will enlighten us. Their presence will give us hope we are not alone.
How perfect for us ....

Most people will buy this lie, but there are a few who wont.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 08:41 AM

Originally posted by helium3

Originally posted by Dulcimer

No offense to you but I'm sick of hearing the old "aliens are so smart we couldn't even get along with them" thing.

I think you missed the point it on that one, its not " we couldn't even get along with them" more they(the aliens) or even me for that matter would have grave concerns with letting humans into a galactic federation. Do i really need to make a list compelling you of the 101 worst atrocities humans have commited ?. Honestly what could we offer aliens, 3000 years of lies ?.

Helium, about why these aliens ain’t making contact is simple. We’re at the bottom of the food chain just as evolved as aphids are to us. So would we waste time in interacting with aphids?

Until we grow out of our psyche of war, destruction, fear, insecurity, the quest for power, religious conflicts and bigotry, we will remain where we are. At the bottom. To be shunned and left alone until we graduate to a higher consciousness. And only then I feel, will we be ready for contact.

And that won’t happen any time soon. We’ve a long way to go. Probably a thousand years into the future! And that’s being optimistic.


posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 09:02 AM
I'm including this rather lengthy response to the OP of this thread hoping that it might stimulate some further debate on the topic.

Posted by anon_97330

I consider citing my authority on the matter of alien space craft to be a moot cause. I may or may not have had experiences with alien encounters, and frankly, I haven't the means to prove or disprove those experiences. The purpose of this article is to inform you of the nature of the unexplained-"flying objects".

Witness accounts have been recorded in various fashions by human beings for at least three thousand years. I can confidently inform you that multiple extra-solar parties have been monitoring the state of Earth for more than 2.8 billion years. The first species to monitor our status 2.8 billion years ago, when our solar system was only 1.8 billion years young, monitored all of our solar system's planets without discrimination. They simply sought life on other worlds in an effort to prove that sentient life could exist on other worlds as they had. Their theory was basically that sentient development on a planet harbouring life was eventually inevitable. Eventually they discovered a form of "proto cell" on molten Earth, and on 37 of the other 200+ planetoids which chaotically orbited our star.
Unfortunately, their own star, which was at least four times the mass of our own star, enjoyed a short life of only five billion years before suffering a violent end due to its slightly excessive mass.
1.5 billion years later, three other forms of sentient life developed within fifty light-years of our own star. Two of these developed space travelling technology; one utilized life supporting craft. The other enjoyed space exploration via automated mechanisms. The third species died out only four thousand of our years after it was determined the species developed sentience. Their demise was ironically caused by experimental technologies intended for advanced interstellar travel.

Only one of the two space faring species survived to current time. It is unknown how the other died out, but research conducted by an unknown (to this author) extra-solar party indicated that their form of DNA simply failed to evolve newer combinations to adapt to advanced-stage reproduction. Basically, the population was quite literally inbred before its end. Since the time of their demise until current time, a burst of four-hundred-thirty-two sentient species evolved within our fifty light-year radius, and the count becomes inaccurate within only one of our centuries. Thirty-seven of those species have existed long enough to develop some form of space travel. Fourteen of those species developed "post-linear" travel, a method I will discuss later. Seven of these species currently monitor Earth, not counting the first surviving space faring species.

Two of the eight species monitoring Earth utilize live sentient beings within Earth monitoring space craft, the other utilizing "post-linear" communication methods in various forms to remotely control monitoring mechanisms. The favoured method of remotely controlled mechanisms derived simply of necessity; only the most advanced of species are capable of surviving terrestrial microbes, a capability which is still considered by even the oldest of species as a "high risk activity".

Seven of the eight monitoring technologies are original; They originated through development of their own technologies. One of the eight species developed their space faring technologies through third party means, a means we know on Earth as trade. This means almost prompted the end to their species due to the lack of moral development versus their new founded technological means. It is also interesting to note that this is also the only species (not including the human race) which have developed inorganic automated computing technologies. The level of advancement of this technology or its nature is unknown. The oldest species utilizes a form of metallic life which exhibits not sentient characteristics, but rather an evolved capability to conduct complex, if not rapid calculations. This metallic life-form is integrated with the alloys of this species' space craft. This life form is not capable of performing calculations at a rate which is standard on Earth. The sentient species, however, is capable of cognitive calculations at a level which is far beyond the capacity of Earth's most advanced computing technologies. The brain of the human species has also been observed to perform this very level of calculation, but it has yet to develop this characteristic as a cognitive function, with very few exceptions.

All of the extra-solar, Earth monitoring technologies share a single unique form of "propulsion". This propulsion is made possible by the focusing of a gravitational field into a predetermined radius (determined by necessity) by means of "simulating" mass. This is not to be mistaken as the creation of a black-hole, which has a focused gravity to a single point. The simulated mass creates a sort of gravity lens, the very phenomenon scientists recently discovered as being created by a series of stars' gravity wells. This phenomenon enables Earth scientists to observe stars previously unobservable with such scrutiny.

This "non-physical" gravity lens is literally focused to a certain radius, until a favoured gravitational pressure is reached. After reaching this predetermined gravitational pressure, a physical craft baring counter gravitational measures within can cross the super-dense lens. The effect is very much like being sling-shot to a destination, except

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 09:07 AM
I think we suffer from group-think... Taken as a collective we do seem greedy, selfish, morally bankrupt and imbued with other "evils" (mostly remnants from swinging thru trees and throwing poo).

Individually however I think we're not too bad. Of course there are some unenlightened, barely conscious people who need more "training". Maybe that's why "they" abduct individuals and are never seen escorting stadiums of people onto the mothership?....... Mob-mentality.

As for 2012?... aliens, nuke holocost, tech singularity, whacked with rock from space, ascension to a higher dimension, nothing?.... Guess we only have 5 years to find out.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 09:26 AM

Originally posted by gps777

Originally posted by helium3

Yeah im sure with all the evils in the world today, gay people all toping the aliens list.

Who said anything about topping their list

At least they wouldn't mind the anal probing

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 09:28 AM
Very interesting I posted this in a very similar thread and think it lends some relevance to this one as well.
"I know its blasphemy too most other Christians(I am one btw) but honestly todays term Advancent Alien in much simpler human times would have been deemed whole heartedly as God. Think about it. They both express far beyond human understanding and capabilities. What makes things different today is that we have many years of knowledge and standards of conceptions that allow us to better understand(well some of us). Say you traveled back in time somehow in a private aircraft with your laptop,lighter cell phone and other of todays advances to say 800 bc.
You would most likely be termed and feared as a God or Angel by primative man and more so with todays UFO type phonomena. Its knowledge and understanding that seperates us today from us back then. However I do believe that a far Superior intellect did shape what we now know as our Earth and human civilization and helps to guide us or watch over us. Fear and ignorance is our worst enemy the way I see it. But old habits are very hard too break and yes the bulk of us arent ready for a new more powefull species no matter how friendly they may be.
Aliens most likely know we cant even handle changes in our daily lives let alone our whole way of thinking. Yet they seem to be reaching out at times too a few for some reason and with more frequency."

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 09:52 AM
a lack of balance between materialism and spiritualism is the cause for our problems combined with basic human nature

our we evolving for alien contact well NO. alien is a misleading term
if there are other species in the galaxy (extra terrestrials) they will see US as being the aliens. it is all a matter of perspective

most today are ignorant by deception, don't underestimate this please because everywhere u look and on tv and the radio you are bombarded with deception half the people spewing it think they are doing the right, thing telling the truth whatever, everone has been maketed and manipulated to death.

the only thing i can hope for is that there is some sort of "evolution/transformation of consciousness" that is taking place in our little corner of the galaxy in the next few years

which i beleive would actually make a bit of sense. this knoweldge was somehow determined/known by the older civilizations knoweldge of astronomy and how certain frequency or energy's will be effecting us (earth) at the times in the future consistent with these astological setups's that effect our consciousness and allow us to vibrate at higher levels of consciousness that may be considered times of "heaven on earth" or 1000 years of peace or what ever these civilizations postulized at there times on earth. i think it is the second coming of christ consciousness which is basically, the energy here on earth will be quite divine, and that we will be restored are true powers of creators of our worlds, but with more support of all those living around us, the only thing is suriving the calamaties that ensue over the next few years to get the power elite privy to giving up there power that they are addicted to, it will not be pretty.

i strongly beleive there are underlying truths to the bible and other religious pieces but that to see thru the man made manipulation that rulers polluted such books with in order to control there populations is nearly impossible and for those that can't even step out of there relgious beleifs to think critically about these scenario's this is exactly what those that polluted these book had hoped for with there fear based tactics.

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 10:10 AM
Evolution is a slow process so I can't see there being a dramatic change in time for a 2012 transition.

I don't think there can be one specific point where we would be ready. It will always be a risk. Thing I would ask is why would they not wish to meet us. assuming of course their are aliens to meet us? To hear some testimonies with claims of encounters I do wonder.

And what of the types of encounter? We have people claiming to be abducted and then experimented on. There are people who claim that they contact a wide variety of aliens through their subconscious, by meditating, being drunk or engaging in chemical boosted experiences.

The intolerance of our species get me sometimes. We have the ability to communicate over vast distances but still can't get someone in the same room to understand. We always seem to pick violence instead of talking. Is it really easier to fight than talk?

The biggoted bias view seems to be something all the humans suffer from, no matter what race, belief, height, weight or disability. It amuses me how
people go on about how they would love to have an encounter with ET. Be best mates, go down the pub. But I'll bet these people can't even get on with their neighbours. Why do people assume making friends with ET will be easier and a better experience than making friends with a species on your own planet?

As for spiritual awareness. Go over to the paranormal forum and see how spiritual that lot are. They are selfishly interested in their own spiritual path / growth. There seems to be so many different versions of the same experience over there, and they are all right. There is so much dipsy doodle twaddle over there that if this is enightened then I can see ET giving us a miss. They have as many issues as all the rest of the evil hunter gather, war mongering humans have.

Are we evolving? I think all species are. Humans have been able to circumvent evolution at times. Local conditions that may have killed us off we have been able to deal with, by means of ingenuity, planning and technology, rather than wait for too slow evolution. This does make me wonder if we are effecting our eventual evolutionary outcome by interfering with science and technology.

As for alien contact I think I prefer the mystery of whether or not they are there at all. I have often found in life that I feel better wanting or wishing for something because when I get whatever it is I am disappointed. I put it on a pedastal. Its like chasing after a beautiful girl for years or wanting a particular motorcycle. Then you get them and neither start in the morning, are expensive to run...and both are lousy rides

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 10:25 AM
Your own bigotry is a perfect example of what you just said, as to why YOU are not evolving.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 10:43 AM

Originally posted by TheMayor
Your own bigotry is a perfect example of what you just said, as to why YOU are not evolving.

Yep I am a Human it is what we are friend, Welcome to the club


posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 12:39 PM
This topic was a good episode of the Outer Limits.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 12:39 PM
I have not read any other report quite like that. It certainly does feel good to read that we are being "observed" but not interfered with.

I'm delighted to hear that "they" the ones observing us are nice enough to repair a device that belonged to a race long since dead just for the sake of keeping their message alive and drawing crop circles.

If any of that was true at all.

I liked the detailed description of the propulsion systems and the account of failures on our part to replicate the craft. We shall see.

Something I noted and wanted to ask the rest of the community was about some exact dates of nuclear testing in the united states and the date of when the mass UFO sighting was over Washington. Does what they said about sending a fleet of probes hold water based on the timing of events?

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 12:39 PM
Quite a long thread so I haven´t been reading all of it.

It´s my thought that our human culture and societies are evolving to it´s own destruction.If anything, we have been involuting spiritually and this is shown in the values of our current global views, Culture and in the Societies.Materialistic values rules our world and the opposit is applied for spiritual and true human values.

As I consider aliens to be evolved spiritually,we are in fact alienating ourselves from them more and more.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 12:41 PM

Originally posted by helium3
The cycle of evolution will culminate during winter solstice December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar.

The Mayan Long Count calendar (or the mayan culture) suggests nothing about the cycle of evolution culminating at this time on 2012. It is simply the ending of the 5,125 year long calendar. After that it starts back at zero.

I think we have only begun to evolve, if you compare the time-scale of humanity to the time-scale of reality.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 01:10 PM

Now the most simple reason for this is we as humans are just to spiritually and mentally UNDERDEVELOPED.

I disagree. There are a lot of simpler reasons why aliens wouldn't contact Earth's general population, which I'll list.

1) There's no reason to make contact with Earth. We're not significant enough to pose a threat, or to make a good ally. They avoid us for the same reasons most humans don't travel to Antartica: there's nothing of interest to most humans there, and nothing of interest to most aliens here.

2) They have formed an alliance with our governments which prohibits them from making themselves widely known.

3) They don't exist, or havn't found us yet.

It's preposterous to assume that any alien race would share the same moral hang-ups that humanity faces, and it always shocks me when people talk of alien races "having evolved past" the moral and ethical problems which plaque our race. Humans have an ideal moral stand-point that we collectively hope humanity reaches one day, and we arrogantly place that ideal on any technologically advanced alien race. Interstellar travel, and high-technology does not impart strict moral and ethical guidelines. Humanity could develope interstellar travel and we'd still be plagued by all the things which plague us now.

For example, an alien race might have no issue with destroying an infant with even the slightest genetic imperfection; eugenics on a level far beyond even Hitler's wildest dreams.

Or, what of a race which developed without any need for emotion, morality, or ethics, where strictly speaking, the strong survive, and the weak are preyed upon. They would have no problem with Earth's "moral struggles" over race, religion, or creed. Whoever prevailed was the more competant and the more deserving.

Placing human ideologies upon another entirely different race is futile. To assume that an alien people would have what we would consider "A highly evolved moral center" is merely wishful thinking. They could espouse any number of ideologies.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 02:59 PM
i totally agree that its useless to try to assign human attributes, ideals, moralities, motivations, or even logic to a group we have NO knowledge of.

they may not make contact out of basic xenophobia for all we know. or they may think of earth as a really cool zoo. who knows.

does remind me of a tv show i saw once (can anyone tell me what it was? i forget)

UFO shows up over the UN. a representative goes to the UN and says "we created you thousands of years ago. you have failed miserably. your medicine is primative. you fight with primative weapons and think the atomic bomb is the end all be all. you have 24 hrs to prove you are worthy or we will destroy you all"

so they feverishly spend the night making peace treaties all across the globe and when the alien reappears they proudly declare that all wars have stopped and we are ready to live in peace, at which time the alien laughs and proclaims taht 'you were bred to be warriors in our armies" and blows up the planet.

we just dont know.

personally, i think we're the galactic novelty. but im willing to bet that regardless of planet of origin, species are going to run the gamut of what people on earth are like. human nature so to speak. same problems, same ideals, cooler toys.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 07:05 PM

Originally posted by gps777

Originally posted by helium3
"If there are Alien beings how come they don't make mass contact with humans" ?. Now the most simple reason for this is we as humans are just to spiritually and mentally UNDERDEVELOPED. For example we cannot even accept gay people.

Who knows,maybe because we have so many gay people is a sign of our underdevelopment to them?

So back to my point are we evolving as humans into beings that will at some point be assimilated into a galaxy teaming with 1000's of other lifeforms ?. Will this evolutionary change begin at 2012 ?.

Are we evolving as humans? as a race I think we are getting worse not better,but as far as evolving I cant see it,though more and more people nowadays shave their bodily hair (take Britney for example) if we all did it,maybe the ET`s would be fooled into thinking we have evolved like them?.

If I were an ET, I sure would keep my distance from the human race,we are too messed up as a whole.

Short of wiping out most of the human race, any true contact to which your hoping for,will not likely happen in the distant future let alone 2012 if it maturity they are waiting for.
Thats playing with the idea they are even visiting us to begin with.I think other life forms would exist,given just how enormous the universe is.

But dps that isn't quite fair to say that is it? Mind you not all humans are bad, ignourant, or just plain satanesque. So why would aliens destroy everyone when there's still a few good hearted ones left, maybe even willing to change or try something different, or they even have an extremely open mind. Which is why all those psy articles, plain alien articles, or channels that say that. Why would you kill all pigs, when at least a few you can eat or do something else with, ya know.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 10:50 PM
Is it that people on this thread that disagree with our evolution are disillusioned because of our knowledge? Have these atrocities just began, or is it the info age that has brought the whole world into our living rooms? We advance technologically, but digress spiritually. We progress intellectually, and use our brains to make better bombs. It's actually a good debate, a head-scratcher at least. I first postulated that we are evolving and gave examples, but others have given some good reasons why we are de-volving (where is Devo when we need them?)
I am interested in hearing more debate on this topic, thanks to all who have or will post!

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 07:45 AM

Originally posted by Hollowmoon
is this mayan calender you read accurate or is it a fake? And if we do evolved what exactly will evolve about us?

If u really want to know more about the mayan calendar, then go to these links:

Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calander 2

Mayan Calander 3

I even got some images about it.

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posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 04:38 AM

Wow that was a very interesting read, that you posted by Anon.

I think that our trade, economics and technology + greed will destroy us like it did one of the species, if it continues without being guilded by moral values. If we survive and still carry on this way, the universe will suffer.

Our greed will cause great suffering. Religions, governments greed for power will keep humankind in slavery until the end , peventing /perverting /disallowing the truth.

however, I do not believe that most of the space faring races are benign like not all humans are peace loving, friendly, honest.

It could be possible that the aliens are not totally level with us, like human governments /politicans / religions not being truthful.

Who are our friends and who are not.

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