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I am sorry ATS will you forgive me??

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posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 08:37 PM
Hello ATS community!

First of please allow me to apologize formally. I am sorry for the lack never introducing my self here in the new member section. I would like to tell a little about my self here. I personally find some of my experiences quite compelling.

First of all i am a ordinary working schmoe i am not rich or glamorous. But I do have some wonderful aspects to my life. My life has taken many twists and turns, many have been over unpaved roads. But on the other hand the roads were stellar at the same time!

Lets start with some of the oddness I endured for many years of my young life. My childhood home was not typical, as to this day I believe it to have been evil. Around the age of five i remember being asleep and woken to the sound. The sound as i call it was a voice always very low and powerful in tone. The first time it spoke came through the home intercom and said get out. Now i lost it screaming and running to my parents bedroom for safety. A few other times it was a chanting in some language. Soon after a few months things started happening. I can remember times playing in my room and hearing the sink or shower being turned on. Then the nightmares began, i had a group or reoccurring dreams.

1. Falling

I was playing in the the Dallas Trade center and then being chased through the hallways. I never knew what was chasing me but it was something that i didn't want chasing me. Anyway the dream was always the same with the same ending me being cornered and having to swing across a large expanse.I would never make it more than half way and the vine would break with me falling. I would always remain asleep until the initial impact then i was awake scared to death. This dream repeated 20-30 times over 4-5 years.

2. Being kicked

On a few occasions i remember being kicked in bed. One time in particular I was in a deep sleep and all of a sudden i had someone or thing kick me on the butt. This no ordinary kick but one equivalent to some one kicking a soccer ball. I had so much power behind it i was almost thrown out of bed. I was so freaked out i moved to the living room for the night. The living was was a sanctuary almost a safe harbor. The next day i awoke with a massive pain and bruise to my despair. I had to tell my mom she thought i was crazy she didnt believe even the bruise. I was still young so i am sure she thought i had fallen or wrecked my bike. I finally convinced her to let me move rooms.

3. Evil female

Ok so i got to move rooms and this relieved some of the torture for a while. The evil female or witch still not sure what role she played but it was all bad. My first encounter was with an episode of sleep paralysis, I was falling asleep and could feel numbness in my feet. The numbness quickly moved up my legs throughout my body. As this was progressively taking over my body i could feel a female presence floating above me. Laying in a bed unable to move anything except your eyes is a feeling i will never forget. But the feeling of this woman was even worse she seemed to radiate evil. I don't believe she ever touched me but i know she got close. The only way i escaped was very lucky, as i tried to call my dog but couldn't speak or make a sound. I started thinking about her rescuing me as she did by just coming into my room. From then on she would stay in my room with me as if she didnt the woman would surface. I have had many strange encounters with her. If you are interested please let me know and i will go into further depth.

I am going to have to make another post to continue with all of the different stories. But that is only if people are interested in whatever i have been through.

I am not asking anyone for anything just an ear to bend that is all as most people think my stories are just stories.


posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 08:42 PM
Welcome to ATS, man that house sounds like a trip!

I've never encounted a haunting personally

again welcome

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 11:55 PM
The ATS Freshman's Forum is a great place to discuss the complexities of the ATS universe and to get advice from rookies and veterans alike.

Asala has a new member thread here: Hey new members!! Come here if you need advice.

There are lots of handy tips available in the Handbook of ATS Links.

Here are some Important Website-Related Threads.

Configuring your MyATS page is the easiest way to put the ATS universe at your fingertips.

Be sure to check out Social Issues on AbovePolitics. I'm sure you will find the atmosphere to be friendly, enlightening, and rewarding.

Here's an excellent little, unobtrusive spell checker, in case you need one: IESpell 2.1.1 build 325

A convenient text editor also comes in handy when composing those epic posts: EditPad Lite.

Sooner or later you will find a use for TinyURL!™

Oh, and visit the Automotive Discussion forum.


posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 11:57 PM
ever tire of your automated robotic response that lacks any individuality whatsoever?

do you really think someone clicks all those links?

not to bag on you GP, just curious

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 02:54 AM
Welcome to ATS

Hope to see more of your posts.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 07:53 AM
Hello, and welcome to ATS.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 08:08 AM
Greetings fellow searcher

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 11:44 AM
Welcome, lakewoodrealtor!

Actually posting an introduction is not a prerequisite by any means, nor a requirement for membership.

In fact many many members jump right in on there first day here, without ever even posting an introduction.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 05:08 PM

I would first like to say Thanks to all of those who welcomed me!
Secondly i will be continuing my post later tonight if you are interested.

And thanks again for such a great community!


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