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Vengeance is mine...say it me...

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posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 03:02 PM
Let me know what you think. Please excuse any gramatical errors. I have always been bad at that.

Dylan Rockewaller hung his head down low trying to fane defeat. Sweat rolled down his brow, dropping like a leaky faucet into his eyes. Unable to move his handcuffed hands only intensified his hatred of the man in black. If he could only drag out this encounter until his special guard could arrive, he thought to himself. He had to drag this out. Defiantly he raised his head, ignoring the soreness in his neck.
“What do you think you will accomplish with this? There is no money in the house. Anything of value will get you arrested when you try and fence it”, he spat at his tormentor.

The man looked at him and managed to show a slight smile through his black mask. He leaned down and looked at Dylan, “I will take nothing from this house. I already have all of your money that I need”, he said before going back to his lab top. This led Dylan to believe that the man was trying to access one of his accounts through his check card. Better to let him think that this is my only one, I must act like he is stealing me blind. My men can always get it back when I get this guy on death row, he thought to himself.

“You will never get my money out of that bank…you need my pin, and I will die first”, he said hoping to drag further.
“Lets not pretend you are the one in charge here Lord Rockewaller. Let’s not pretend that there isn’t anything I want to know about you that I already don’t. Do you really think that I don’t know where all your money is…well was”, he laughed at Dylan.

For the first time a spot of fear developed in Dylan and he responded before he could think, “You can’t be serious, I’m so diversified even I don’t know where all my money is…#”, he said before he could control himself. “Fine, you got that out of me, but you will never find it all, no one knows where it all is”, he tried to fortify himself.

The man in black reared back laughed so hard that it would have disturbed any normal person. “I know some one who does...Actually I know a couple who do. You see I did something that even the IRS wouldn’t. I found your accountants and tortured it out of them. In the end they were feeding me so much info I had to call in help”. He walked up slowly, deliberately to Dylan. “For your crimes against the people of the United States, and the rest of the world, you have been sentenced to the life of one of the serf’s you play like chess pieces Lord Rockewaller”.

Fear encased Dylan as he tried to absorb what the man was saying. “What crimes are you talking about, and why do you keep calling me Lord Rockewaller”, he asked the man. “Did you really think that you could do all that you have done and no one would eventually find out?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about? All I do employ hundred of thousands world wide. Yes I’ve made money doing so, is that your crime? Should I be poor, that’s not how capitalism works, you communist”, he responded in kind.

The man looked down at Dylan like a professor scolding a child. “Don’t act so coy, we know all your secrets”. Dylan tried to look wounded as he responded, “All right I’ll play along, what have I don’t that was sooo bad?” The man in black pulled a yellow tablet from the table near him. “My group and I hold you, your family and your elite group of friends responsible for both attacks on the twin towers, the wars in Iraq, and the one in Afghanistan. The easy push of toleration new laws, the assassinations of JFK, and many inventors and their inventions who’s only crime was trying to make a better world, and the woman right movement”
Darkness filled Dylan like a man on judgment day who knows he’s screwed. “I suppose you have in there that I killed Jesus too”, he responded sarcastically. “It would not surprise me to find that Judas was on your bloodline”, the man responded. “I would like to know how the woman rights movement was a bad thing. Our do you subscribe to the club them over the head and drag them to the cave theory. I will proudly stand by this. Yes the Rockewaller foundation did support the woman’s movement”, Dylan responded with a devilish grin.

Anger crossed the masked face as he looked down as the man he had tied to a wheel chair. “You didn’t do it to free them…You did it to enslave them. You did it so they would all have to pay taxes. You did it so most of them would be too busy working to stay home and take care of their children. You did it so you could get a hold of their children’s minds earlier and imprint the values you wanted them to have, not their parents. Then you handcuffed the few parents who tried to discipline their children with jail and taking them away. It didn’t matter to you that the ones you gave them too were so incompetent that they shouldn’t even be driving. You did it for the most evil reason of all. You did it for control, you sorry piece of crap”, the man in black slapped Dylan across the face at the end for greater impact.

Fighting for some control Dylan responded, “Fine if that’s what you believe, what proof do you have for all those other crimes. Or is it just more theories from your twisted little mind”. The man in black picked up the tablet again, this time going back a few pages before he responded. “We have traced the money that funded the first terrorist cell that only partially blew up the towers to your Meridian group. We have traced the C-4 used to blow up the towers after your planes failed to bring them down to your Arizona construction. We also know that your scpenerergy services pulled security for a week before the attack. We know that your Omega services were supposed to be replacing old cable wires in the towers that week too. We also have traced the money that the terrorist on the planes used for months before the attack to your Meridian group again. Well if it aint broke don’t fix right”, he paused to gather some breath before starting up again.

“We have the files that the government has kept so well hidden that the company your father owned…one JRLG Enterprises paid for and later executed the men on the grassy knoll. Funny I always though it was the CIA. I could continue but the rest of the details will come out soon enough, and its time for us to go”, the man in black said as he walked behind Dylan. Fear flowed through the man as he waited to die. “Wait you can’t just kill me…please I’ll give you all my money…please don’t kill me”. The man in black reached down and unlocked the breaks on the wheelchair and pushed Dylan towards the front of the mansion. As he pushed he whispered in Dylan’s ear, “Who said anything about killing you…..that would be far too an easy way out for you. You’ve been sentenced to life as a serf…..remember?”

They made their way to the front door, the roll only paused long enough for the man to stop and open the front door. The man stopped outside the house in the middle of the giant circular driveway. He reached down and locked the wheels again so Dylan could not move anywhere. He reached down and whispered into Dylan’s ears, “We have sold all of your shares in all of your corporations. Any stocks that you our, your family used to own along with all of your accounts, as well as your families have been rerouted to our special fund. You will be happy to know that all those you have employed, all the family’s of those you’ve hurt have been compensated. From the families hurt by 9/11 to the families of the inventors you had killed. The rest after expenses we shared with the people of the Earth. Oh……do you smell smoke”, the man stopped to ask as he pulled away.

Dylan smelled on instinct, “No why do you ask….”. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a remote. He pushed the button and the giant mansion exploded into flames. “How about now”, he asked slyly. Dylan started to cry as he thought of the history of his maternal home burning away. Before he could respond the man spoke again, “Just so you know all the homes you and you family own are currently burning to the ground. It’s too bad you are trespassing, but it sure was nice of you to donate all the rights to all the land your family owns to different charities who actually need it. I heard one is going to build over a thousand homes for those displaced by Katrina”.

The man in black started to walk away, and stopped before returning to whisper a final good bye. “Just a little advise, when the cops come I would tell anyone you are Dylan Rockewaller. Say you are just a part of the staff that was being held. I already released the info about you to the world, and they lost a lot of brothers in blue in 911”. With that the man turned and walked away. Dylan thought he heard sirens approaching as he watched the only home he had ever know burn to the ground.

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 08:42 PM
feel free to rip it apart, But I would really like some constructive criticism, Please. Let me know what you think.

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