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My theory about disclosure being disinfo.

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posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 03:49 PM
Hello, so I have come to a conclusive thought about the new world order. What is it? Why does man have to have a one world order? We have come to this destiny over the many wars that have lead up to this. We discuss this even in our sleep to ourselves when we think at night. For the New World Order could come within weeks, and the New World Order could come in days, either no matter how you look at the facts, the New World Order is bound to happen, but they need to get some stuff out of the way before they get it all out.

What is this you ask what stuff? They need to create coverups to get the populace so ignorant of real things going around and create false credence to many of the events that actually happen to lead a large amount of people to believe that these professionals really know what they are saying and that the lot of facts that they put out is true, and that the government is credible even when it isn't.

They have coveruped a few things during this generation of people. Disclosure has been a popular subject as of late so many people, would thus like the government to release important documents that regard aliens and UFOs as it is the will of the people. However, the government responds by releasing false documents, letting people see false things, and giving them false credence by telling them exactly what to say so they tell the story from the story from the government's point of view so they get their point across.

Disclosure is one of the coverups. False pictures are being put on the net but they also have these videos of saucers flying around in the sky but when in reality they are just created because of the light and because of the angle of where they are situated. These facts are being falsified. The real things of what we need to know are being let out by small groups like us like what we are doing but they are blowing things completely out of proportion, they are saying comments that could never be true, even in any undeniable sense of the word, that is untrue, and unfactual, to hide the real conspiracies, behind the MJ-12, starwars, and the air force and the elite teams that help bring peace on Earth between us and Extraterrestrials. Saying that they don't exist is one common form of denial, and they do this by making fun of the conspiraciy theorist.

The War on Terror is a scam! The entire thing is just stupid, I mean, they had us go to war by making one group that didn't do anything that just celebrated the attacks then praised them that really didn't do anything and they made us go to war with them and making them angry. Although I agree that we cannot let them be as strong and as prosperous as they once were we cannot let other groups stay strong nor can we let other groups harbor terrorists but without a doubt I am convinced that the white house is performing this black ops to perfection and that they are using scare tactics to get us scared into thinking that there are enemies. They are also completely fabricating Osama Bin Laden, but people can't seem to not believe the internet, they cannot seem to not see how not everything on the internet is real, so they are believing fake tapes like these and it's just stupid. Also, these radical muslims should take their religion back from the people that hijacked it. I would like to see more Muslims say that since they are in the middle of it condemn the people who put bombs around them and do "acts considered heroic" by people who want to blow all of us up.

They make the media dumb by saying that we are winning the Iraq war or that we are not losing the Iraq war but the fact is that we cannot come up with an honest resolution that will help win the Iraq war. What can be said is that if we leave Iraq the exact same thing will happen to Iraq 3 to 4 years after we left Vietnam. Over one million people died and they called them "boat people" and that didn't go like we expected it to at all, the people who resisted the north Vietnamese were considered traiterous, and they were considered enemies of the current puppet government of the people that claimed to be "great liberators."

What I am saying is that we cannot leave our posts. If we leave our post for one second the New World Order's agenda shall come into full circle. They are waiting for the moment that we are unguarded to strike, and they are using the will of the jihaidists to attack us with suicide bombing by claiming that we are evil and infidels and saying we are Nazis and that we are doing really crminal acts when they are the one killing people, attacking us, and making suicide bombing attacks, while at the same time, they are not letting us have a chance to show what we have to offer, and in return for what we do for them they hate us.

Again, they feel like the new world order will happen soon, but what if it's just to set up the false Messiah on the temple in Jerusulem? Osama is their prophet, now people are just waiting to see whether they can fake the anti-christ's arrival, and the arrival of a fake Messiah. They're just using religion to further their goals. They have done nothing right. In all reality, all they have done is cause trouble.

The war on terror is a coverup because all of the news in it is false. Only selective news is being published because they would laugh at them if they published the real news. This is because they are pushing the real agenda of the global elites by doing so, they call them zionists, we call them elites, there is not much difference.

People are discredeting us and making conspiracy theorists infamous by saying all we are are jihadists, or either that, or we are just from Arab decent.

People are also ruining our credence by making shows like X-files, and they are making all those documentaries about project blue book on the discovery channel. They say that they are doing disclosure, I say that it's just a pile of nonsense, and that they are hiding the real truth, by making the masses arrogant and they are doing the exact opposite of what we are doing, they are moving in the wrong direction, and they are becoming less intelligent by giving out disinfo and false information.

I believe it's going to be too late for Borack Obama to save us all from the real fate, by then bush will probably resign and make Chaney president.

That's what I think.

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 12:46 AM
I'm not so sure I agree about disclosure being a coverup. There is a coverup of certain technology that the black military has.

But I disagree with you in part because so many people from the military, officers, enlisted men have come forward. People who were there, with the clearences from area 51. skunkwords and what not.

Col. Phillip J. Corso especially is my biggest hero in this topic.

I wouldn't worry about the NWO so much. It seems like the powers that be have tried so hard to have it fullfilled but something is stopping them. Some unseen force. Something unexplainable.

How has it been 5 years and no hint of the terrorists frothing at the mouth to destroy our freedoms? It's ridiculously easy to get nuclear weapons off the black market and smuggle them into american cities. yet it hasn't happened. The terrorists have given up a million chances to do harm to the US. I suppose it's just not in their best interests.

I said in another post that the rampent gunownership and distrust of the current administration will be North America's most ironic saving grace.

All in all don't worry about this stuff. Just enjoy your life. Thats what I did when I said goodbye to this site a while ago. I actually went out and accomplished things I wanted to accomplish. before I was always thinking it was the end of the world so there wasn't a point to doing what I wanted. how wrong I was.

Sometimes I think the population can't handle the truth from a direct source. They need things like X-files or the movie Independence day to create a shift in conscious not overnight but over the course of years.

evolution is a slow process.

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posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 01:27 PM
Allright, you have brought up some valid points. I see why you say that since you left this site you do not think about the new world order and you don't think about the end of the world and when you were here all it was that you were afraid of the end of the world, etc. But that is completely irrelevent. I believe the texts here on the site of but I believe the government is involved in the cover up of disclosure.

Slowly but surely the truth will get out but it will be too late before it comes out. There are smart programs that let out the truth gradually like Coast to Coats AM that let out the truth because people are smart enough to realize that this guy is on their side and is interested in their own personal experience.

Disclosure is filled with disinfo. You need to have extraordinary proof with extraordinary claims; this is what I have learned from many members of ATS's signatures; they all say that you need to have extraordinary proof with your claims to prove that what you're talking about exists. They need to do the same with disclosure. Some of it may be true but they are lying a lot and they are not telling the truth a lot of the time since they are government agents and wouldn't give up top secret accessable documents even if it meant that they would be pointed at gunpoint, so they offer up false documents about reptillions, greys, life from other planets, and other species that the common theories point out to only fulfill their goals.

Well, a lot has been said, but the proof is in the pudding. A white house official can't keep his lid shut for more then two seconds. I agree with you in when you say that the terrorists have had many times to attack us but they haven't. But this is all a matter of deception, all they are really doing is regrouping to be as powerful as they once were, when the 2004 Presidential elections were being held I believe they were at their highest power.

These lies that are being told are astonishing. I cannot believe the lies put forth by sites that claim to have real mars photos but then they lie then they photoshop the video so that people believe it. They just need to after all, come up with a solution, make a resolution, then change the photo to match their needs so it will cause utter and complete mayhem with idiots that believe in that sort of thing.

I don't believe in the new world order in it happening right away. That's the disinfo. The real thing you need to worry about is what is going on behind the scenes. They are going to make George W Bush a dictator of the United States by implementing Martial law with another super top secret psy-ops tactic to send the United States into a state of emergency so they can suspend the constitution. They are doing this then when that happens the shadow government will become completely operational. Not many people thought this was real before but there is evidence of secret meetings and they are talking about a North American Union involving Mexico and Canada. Imagine one day when we are no longer a soverign nation but we are a nation bound to international law that has formed with the european Union to form a super union.

Also, nuclear terrorism is an idea that has not been thought of yet, i am sure that they want to do something like that but they don't want to take the consequences because their so called ego refuses to let them do that to the USA.

What else was I going to say? Every time that a UFO has spun over a country, all it is is the US or some other government sending their crafts as an excuse to test people and abduct them, that's the conspiracy. Is it a UFO phenomenon? Or is it just a government coverup...

Also, haven't you read the news? The New World Order is all ready in control.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 09:30 AM

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 11:01 AM
You are in it now.

Lies about ETs, show biz and media pushed on you day and night
to stop you from thinking about how the world needs oil and
not Helium.

Let start long ago when Germany had zeppelins and found another use
for the Helium.

Helium is given off from radioactive decay.

Tesla's last announced invention was a Radium producer,
Radium is a source of Helium.

Why does Macy want to be sure he has Helium on hand.

The puZZle solved as Lyne indicates these energy factors?

The NWO, started by Hitler and the Helium conspiracy.
Is it here, no one will tell.
I have no clue, thats the best I can figure.
Any one else hear about this theory.

CIA, DOE any one?

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