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McClatchey Photo Analysis

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posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 03:23 PM
Here's my analysis of Val McClatchey's photo of the plume of smoke which was allegedly caused by the crash of Flight 93. This analysis set out to confirm Killtown's original analysis. I wanted to confirm this independently, and to make sure the measurements were accurate.

Here's Val McClatchey's photo as published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The next set of photos show an overhead view of the area from Google maps. I lined up the edges of the smoke cloud with the landmarks on the ground (the barns). I then extended the lines out towards the crash site:

Close up with maximum zoom:

Zoomed out 1 time:

Zoomed Out Again...

Zoomed out to include McClatchey House and Official Crash Site:

Notice that if the smoke plume was over the crash site, it would have to be about 2200 feet wide.

Also, this photo confirms that the center line of the McClatchey photo does not line up with the crash site:

After doing this analysis, I can only conclude that McClatchey faked the photo, or that the smoke plume that she photographed was much closer to her house than the crash site. There's no way a smoke plume from a plane crash would expand to 2200 feet wide in a matter of a few seconds, if at all.

(Also, fyi, I visited the locations to confirm the landmarks' positions relative to each other.)

Again, the credit for this initial find goes 100% to Killtown. I just wanted to confirm Killtown's research.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 03:34 PM
One more thing....

How could an explosion that created a 2000 ft. wide smoke plume...

...leave a crater that looks like this with no burn marks or debris on the ground???


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