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The skeptical side

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posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 10:46 AM
OK skeptics, here is a poll for you. How many of you do not believe, and why? What is your compelling evidence, because I know there is so much out there. I don't want to argue, I feel it is important to give voice to both sides. But it seems that so many of these threads have become argumentative, which is to say, boring.
Here is a chance for the skeptics to lay their chips on the table and help convince the other side, or not, but just to share their own info and insights. As a coin has two sides, so does this topic, and both are necessary.
Thanks for responding...

posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 11:42 AM
Hi there again....

As far as believing goes, in the conventional sense of the word, I do not "believe" in UFO's, aliens, etc., etc.

This is not a religion to me and my conclusions about any story and its evidence is based purely on facts, critical thinking, process of elimination and Occams Razor, NOT FAITH.

I think that there is enough evidence to show that there is "something" going on and what that "something" is has yet to have been sufficiently explained as to be proof on anything. The jury is most definately out on this stuff. I like to follow the 15-20% rule personally. Of all of the cases and incidents in my opinion it is somewhat likely that 15-20% of these are genuinely amazing and completely unexplainable and some of those are compelling enough to lean towards alien craft, black ops, or any of the many other fantastic explanations available. And I may be overestimating a bit here as well.

Humans make horrid witnesses, that is unless you are specifically trained to be an observer of some type in a professional manner.

Anyways thats the short, non-preachy version of my rant....good luck with this....

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