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Fascist State UK- Leave Our Kids Alone

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posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 01:09 PM
A recent letter I read written by a concerned mother in UK

Leave My Kids Alone - Darren Pollard

After learning what is happening at schools accross the uk from the website, I wish to inform you that Welsh House Farm Rd School in Quinton, Birmingham, has biometric fingerprinting technology.

I have personally seen this equipment (Biometric Fingerprint scanner) inside the school, which was, along with a barcode book scanner, plugged into the computer that is used to log library books.

I spoke right away with the head teacher, Mrs Cowen, who said that they had no intention of taking our childrens fingerprints. I pointed out the fact that there is a Biometric Fingerprint scanner sitting on a desk right outside her office.

"We dont use that. We wouldn't take childrens fingerprints without parents permission."

I have made it quite clear that my children are not aloud to be fingerprinted, eyescanned or microchipped.

I left her office and promtly informed other parents, pointing out the fingerprint scanning device so as to inform them of the situation.

Many parents are rightly incensed at this intrusion on the lives, privacy and liberty of their innocent children and so am I.

I decided a course of action was needed.

I petitioned 10 Downing Street 'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stop schools taking childrens finger prints without parental permission.'

I sought legal advice from Human Rights solicitors regarding my childrens privacy and biometric technology at the school, and have been told that if there are laws legislating the use of fingerprint scanning, then legally they would have to be granted the legal permission from parents, and only then if a childs fingerprints are taken without parental consent, can action to taken against the schools.

I also consulted on the legal issues of health and safety and sharing infomation in a public place, peacefully, and I have been told by Human Rights solicitors, that I have every legal right to do so.

I made a billboard.

I made a couple of graphics and printed some of the articles from

Yesterday afternoon, 29th Jan 06, I stood ouside my children's school with this info I had gathered and spoke to some of the parents. I was very suprised as to the lack of infomation many parents have regarding biometric technology.

Just before I was about to go home with my noticeboard and kids in tow, along came the police.

Two Community Policemen, who I have spoken to on many occaisions regarding projects for the kids in the Quinton area, as I have worked as a mentor with excluded and margialised teenagers over the years.

They were polite and I explained the situation with the school. As most of the parents had picked up their children, and after they had taken a photograph of me and my notice board, I was allowed to go (I had my 8 month old son with me, in his pushchair of course).

The next morning I was back outside the school advising parents as to what was going on.

Many parents are not very happy with the idea of the school fingerprinting their children. Many of these parents do not understand the finer details and implications of biometric technology and are really uninformed on this subject.

Many parents were also very pleased that I had brought this to their attention, apart from one parent who I had never seen before. She claims that I was scaring her child. Again I had my 8 month old son with me. There were wittnesses present who saw this woman (provocateer?) try to create an issue with me.

I wasn't there to argue, but to inform.

The police arrived again. Different officers this time and threatened to take the camera away from my partner if she didn't stop filmimg whilst they spoke to me. They were very insistant that there was to be no filming!

After explaining the situation to the officers they made it clear that every time I have my notice board with me outside the school, the head teacher, Mrs Cowen, would call the police on me.

I got the impression that these officers were not going to leave me alone unless I went away with my notice board, which I did after some grilling from the officer who did most of the talking and veild threats of arrest (scaring children was hinted at).

What I was doing outside my childrens school was peacefull, legal and the right thing to do.

As for all the excuses being peddled to get people to submit to this: It's just for kids who havent yet learned to write their names; 'It's to monitor immigrants because they move around the country.' one parent was told.

I don't but into this one bit.

I know this is all leading up to get us microchipped in the next few years and so do the powers that be. I know they are trying to sneak these biometrics into our lives because they know we wont stand for it if we really knew what was planned further down the road.

Jack Straw has said that parents have obviously accepted it, this isn't the case. I have have not accepted and will never accept the treatment of children as criminals.

I believe biometric technologies being used against our children is criminal and we should stand up to these bullies in our schools, the companies that peddle this technology and the snide polititions who back them by staying silent about the whole thing.

A couple of days later I sat with my 8 year old son to read his school book with him.

The book was called Bomb Scare!

The story was about a boy who saw a bomb scare on television, then went to the park with his friends and saw a package sitting on a park bench with wires sticking out (sounds familier).

Basically this story is mind manipulation propaganda in order to indoctrinate children into becoming paranoid and suspicious of their world around them.

I wouldn't let my son finish the book and took it back to the school the next day. I politely explained my thoughts to the teacher and said the book wasn't appropriate and was intended to plant seeds of fear into his mind.


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