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If your gona be a supporter/believer

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posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 07:14 AM
I want some feedback on how to attract more people into the latest craze.. UFO-Know (move over Myspace and HD Pornography)

Reason is, you try show a mate those pics of the supposed moon bases and the reports where Generals claim to have seen vivid details/images and they don't care, they wont spare 20 seconds to gain a neutral interest.

Legitimate way to win:
1) (UFO Report) + (Barbecue) + (Beer) = drunken acceptance

Feel free to delete this thread, i actually wanted more input from the rest of you guys on ways to dramatically boost permanent supporters. I mean conferences have 30-40 people at attendance? What happened to the theater conferences with 300-400 there getting fired up and ready to write some carefully worded angry letters to our local politician's?

Isn't there some thread of organizational skills? Some way to say, "hey we got 100,000 blokes, answer us truthfully, we ain't taking clouds ducks or spontaneous mid air combustion as an excuse - We also have sponsors and Dan Akroyd and when we're on CNN in aliens costumes protesting, thats going to pull every trekkie, SW fan and eve-online nerd in the country to our support and then your f'ed"

Feedback please

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