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Early Sci-Fi/UFO movies that seem to have some intresting theories as well as fantasy.

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posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 03:34 AM
Well Im not sure this belongs here so sorry if Im mistaken but as of the past few years Ive been collecting classic Sci-Fi movies specifically UFO and Space adventures Ive grown to love from watching Sat. afternoon movies as a kid.
Some obviously are far fetched fantasy but some have an erie sence of being ahead of their time and have ideas that we are just recently coming to understand as possible. The one's that really stand out are both mid 50's films.
Forbidden Planet and Earth vs.The Flying Saucers.
Now on Forbidden Planet what caught me recently was the use of terms hyper light speed and the scene where the crew had to be in a protective beam in order for the ship to drop from Hyper light to sub light or the crew would be bounced all over. Well we have found that this may really be necessary in reality to keep us from becoming interior paint if we ever do travel at those speeds and need to slow down(inertia). Also the use of forcefields/ fencing which I believe the govt has been working on for awhile. and of course lasers(blasters). And the discovery of an ancient advancend race that died hundreds of centuries earlier(were not alone theory) The actual use of flying saucers as a vehicle for interstellar travel by humans is neat also but probably more fantasy than fact. If you havent allready check it out its quite a great piece of work.
Secondly in Earth vs. The Flying Saucers there seem to be quite a few ahead of their time ideas as well. The lauching of satellite probes on rockets. Alien saucers that have power systems which create or amplify gravity for space and time travel(wild concept and very relative) and the development of weapons that use electricty to counter the gravitional field created by said saucers. Not to mention the use of space suits by the aliens which enhance their physical capabilities.
Now I know mostly its fantasy but there were some pretty revelotionary concepts used in both these movies and for being both produced in the early to mid 50's seems quite a feat. Maybe its just life imitating art but im just intriqued by the far thinking of the writers of these works.

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