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Tampa, Florida UFO sighting, reports?

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posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by Brock Landers

I also live in LOL and have seen the orange UFO. It does look like the headlight of a commercial airliner, at first.

My sighting was looking ENE from the Wilderness Lake area, about 45 degrees up from the horizon (est.) sometime between 6-7PM. I don't know how far away it was.

It's not uncommon in that area of the sky to see aircraft en route to the Tampa airport. However, on this night the light looked particularly brighter than an aircraft and more distinctly orange.

It appeared motionless, as an approaching aircraft appears when it is head-on. I watched it for a few minutes and then it started moving perpendicular to its path to the South, again I assumed it was going to the airport or the air base.

But then, as it was directly in front of me it vanished with a flash.

A little while later there seemed to be heavier than usual helicopter activity in the area where I saw the light, including the black copters that you described.

After awhile some strange things happened around my house -- I won't describe, you'll think I'm nuts and besides its nothing that I could substantiate.

Unfortunately, there are more and more Chinese Party lanterns being launched, in my area, creating false orange-ball sightings and confusing the issue.


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posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by defcon5

Ok, I think we need to have a Tampa Bay Area ATS Meetup sometime....geez, there are a lot of us here!

No need to hijack, so I started a thread for us in the Members forum on that topic.

Never did see what the OP mentioned though. I'm not too far from the Brandon/Valrico area....Plant City.
There are a LOT of air bases around here though, and we have blimps from time to time, especially around the summer, never 3 or more though. Also, some weather/atmosphere balloons are black a possibility.
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posted on Jan, 26 2014 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by Shadowyfoe

This is in response to the original writer at the Burger King, who viewed the 3 spheres in Valrico. I saw one sphere, super up close and huge and really low but for only a split second. I was driving east on Wheeler Rd from Highview, there is (or was) a horse and cow pasture off to the left from the way I was traveling, so this pasture is located on the north side of Wheeler Rd. Amidst the trees, floating? or flying? or hovering? over the right side of this pasture, I see a huge, light gray, classic saucer shaped craft. So low and close that I could easily see details on the ship although because it was just for a split second and so long ago I could not give any of those details. I can say this, I'm 52 yrs old now, I don't drink or do drugs, I'm not insane, and I don't ever think about ufos, it was not any thing that was even remotely close to something that would have been on my mind that day. But, as I was driving, out of the corner of my left eye, something big caught my eye. When I glanced back quickly, it was gone. I never heard any sound that I recall. I, of course questioned if it was real, what I just saw....but, like I said, I had no reason to "imagine" a just wasn't something I ever thought of or even think about today. I am watching a show on ufos and it got me recalling this experience I had and I decided to google it. The time frame you saw the crafts you saw sounds about right for my sighting as well. The craft was traveling towards south. Why it was so low...I mean low. If you can picture the oak trees that line Wheeler Rd right there, I saw the craft through openings between these trees. That's how low it was. And, then to just disappear???? Are they usually flying around invisible, maybe, and did one of them hit the "make them visible" button perhaps, accidentally, allowing me to see them for a second? I don't know anything about UFOs. But this was definitely one, and a classic mistake.

posted on Jan, 26 2014 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by Shadowyfoe

And to add to the information I just submitted. The time of day I saw the craft was bright daylight in the afternoon...say 2 to 4 pm time frame. This area, just in case you aren't familiar, is considered North Brandon/Seffner area. I know it's been years since you shared your story. Still hoping you see this and respond. Would love to hear from anyone else that has seen anything around 2004-2005 in the North Brandon/ Valrico area.

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posted on Nov, 1 2015 @ 05:01 AM
a reply to: Brock Landers

that i think is like a b52 Coast Guard Plane.. if you watch from a distance, they look like UFOs going up and down in the air


posted on Nov, 1 2015 @ 05:07 AM
also, i live in Bradenton, 5 mins south of the skyway bridge. Mcdill airforce base, which is the LEAD Air Force base in the country, the Headquarters, does do some experiments.. To be honest, if you life in Tampa bay, you are in the safest zone if it came to war..LOL..

You want to see some freaky crap, look for the book Tampa Triangle. Written by Air Force General. Talks about the ghosts STILL on the skyway, more plane crashes, more disappearances and more sightings and mysteries then the Bermuda Triangle . This book will have you nervous to travel at night thru the skyway bridge area.


posted on Nov, 1 2015 @ 05:39 AM
Guten Morgen- I moved to Flori-Duh to get closer to 'Them".. Now that I'm on the waterfront and living under the intersection of 'Ley Lines' those 'contacts' are often. It should be noted that I also go out in/on the water to 'commune'. The water, even this green; chemical laden, "soup" assists in the communique. 'They' use the water as a 'screen' to show You things..

I moved down here in 2004 after hearing from a few Dr.s that I had 18-36 months to "Live" At that time Both My folks were 'animated' so I didn't want to 'die' in front of family and friends so I moved 3,000 miles to Fl. from Ca. I was 272#; 2 cancers; HBP; PTSD; broken back/neck and who would've thunk but I had trouble sleeping at night. Must've been the 7 RX meds?

The dogs and I go out 'on the water' and all sorts of 'things' happen. Orbs; swirling noises; water spouts and then almost like a "Roll Call" of animals will present them 'Self'. I had to put a life vest/leash on My male Weimaraner as He would try and play with the Orbs. When was the last time You saw a Florida Banded Water snake "play" with dogs and then sit on the dock 'sunning' afterwards?

I guess it would explain further that I made this move after a "Consult" with a couple of at least 7'6" Guys with shimmering 'hair' up at Mt. Shasta in Ca. It 'may' surprise You that Mt. Shasta is also a hotbed of "Unexplained Phenomena"

I'm a medically retired LEO (Ca. State recognized "Expert" in testimony) but will NOT testify to facts not yet in evidence.

Look UP w/Your 'anahata' "OPEN"...

posted on Nov, 1 2015 @ 06:49 AM
Wrong thread.
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