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Russian UFOs program (History International Channel)

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 11:57 PM
Has anyone seen this show before ? It's on right now. Pretty good video and pictures. There was a strange bluish looking triangle UFO filmed by a Russian fighter pilot.

They talked about an incident that happened at an ICBM silo in Ukraine in 1982. They interviewed a military officer that witnessed a huge UFO in the sky. He described it as "perfectly geometric". Right when this UFO appeared, one of the missiles in the silo started up on its launch sequence!

It wasn't a simple matter of an electrical fault. The missile had to receive the correct launch code before it could get to that point. But the command and control center for the missiles never received any orders! 15 seconds after the missile got itself ready to launch, the sequence aborted and the UFO disappeared. The operators were completely baffled and %)@% bricks thinking the missile was going to fly.

Institute 22 came out and dismantled the entire launch control panel and could find no faults.

Get this: the official explanation was the UFO was really mistaken flares from a nearby military exercise. The missile anomaly was just a coincidence.

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