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consciousness shift and PTB laying ground work

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 09:33 AM
i am going to float a thought out there without any direct facts that the entire story is indeed happening. just puzzle pieces that really are looking for a way to be put together. trying to see if it they can fit

given the world we live in , with the govt's in place ( and let me preface by saying i think human beings probably need to be ruled as we are often not as intelligent as we think we are ; (judged by our behaviors and actions and ease to become apathetic and gullible) and yet human beings seem to be upset when they realize the gov't is full of liars and b.s artists because the basic fact is power corrupts those with even the best intentions, and yet us humans (i beleive) have needed to be ruled, other wise our basic human nature would probably revert us back to some kind of anarchy or violence n my opinion. ok now with that out of the way

say there really is something to the evolution of consciousness that is supposed to culiminate over the next 5 years per many "new age gurus".

ok if u are wiling to believe that matter is merely energy condensed into vibrations and that based on certain occurences in our galaxy our going to be influencing the vibrations going thru our little corner of the galaxy ( at least) ( this idea also can get the creative mind going in many directions)

and that the increase in these vibrational rates is going to change what we are capable of "perceiving" as well as our thinking processes as well, which seems like it has been deemed moving into a vibration rate coinciding with the "4'th dimensional frequency's" now if u allow me a little more latitude it has been postulated that this is a P R O C E S S it occurs gradually, and that in order for an individual's consciousness to healthily allow his body's vibrations to raise toward the 4'th dimension frequency's it will be easier to align your intetentions toward "giving" and "service to others" basically just trying to improve other's lives in a way that can be fun for you. and that those that are determind to be greedy and powerful at the expense of others better refine there ways because the emotions of greed and power are not as easily supported at these vibrational frequency's. on top of that as "ordinary" humans become more aware of things as there vibrational rate increases they are able to comprehend and see though some of the decetions and lies easier.

and thus those who choose to stay in power must have had this info. for a while (since they will research endlessly to maintain there power whatever it takes) and they surely have a plan put in place to acheive this.

and while they probably can only guess as to what effects people becoming more aware and reaching higher levels of consciousness can have on there power structure and there increasing levels of transparency of the b.s they spout, they would undoublty have plans in place to do what it takes to keep there power

now i beleive they can't interfere with a person's free will but they can do so indirectly. think of "Maslow's hierarcy of needs. when our safety or ability to maintain our lives though food or water restriction becomes a concern we will WILLINGLY often do what it takes to survive. what does this include, giving away rights , becoming violent, killing others who knows but our basic human instincts and nature will probably come to light.

now i'm not sure what will happen or if and what things will be carried forth to bring about these issues, i wonder what all the civilian detainment camps are and how they are often set up in conjunction with railroads systems for Mass shipment of humans, i also wonder if there will be an agenda to get us to beleive are water supply is restricted severly and that it is our own fault, (not sure if the global warming folks will have a hand in this but history often shows that money and power often are the intentions behind getting masses to beleive certain things)

maybe as our vibratonal rate increases more people will become more caring of others and they will either spill the beans if they are in the know or they will work inside these organizations to sabotage them for the betterment of man's future because we are possibly entering an era when the vibrational rates of our consciousness will over ride our human nature an inbuilt vices (greed, and all the ways it makes us bend our morals) so that humans may actually be able to live WITHOUT The need for being governed by such oppressive powers that make us actuallly behave in a peaceful civilized way, maybe it will become more natural for us to be wiling to think of our helping our common man and seeing him as a friend instead of competiton. THIS IS WHAT i wish for when i go to sleep

i'm hoping that anyone wether they are on our planet or wether there is some more intelligent life in the universe ( maybe that has passed thru some galactic alignment ahead of us and made it though and raised there vibrations in a peaceful way) can help us in regard to our free will, i willingly ask for all the help and i hope more can be willing to ask for the same, at some time during the day, to yourself. u dont need to be religous to pray (some people beleive that we as individuals are much more powerful than we know) mass consciousness can produce surpsing effects. because we are all creators we create our lives though our belief systems and the energy it produces

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 10:00 AM
Altough I agree with you about humanity changing and moving into the next age of conciousness, I have to disagree 100% on the fact you think we need to be ruled. If you think humans aren't intelligent enough to not be ruled, then why are there humans in charge of "ruling" us. We are all destined to be free, and freedom is the only thing that we should be guarenteed on this planet.

Its probably true that the nWo and PTB want to stop this from happening and thats why they have plans for a One World Government, but even they cannot stop the innevitable.

To have a mindset that we are to dumb to experience freedom and have to be controlled like cattle boggles my mind. The very essence of what your saying about the coming age is about humanity being as one. The only reason some people seem bad (or like you said "need to be ruled") is the fact that they are being oppressed by the same PTB that you speak of. Think about those you say need to be ruled, is it the millions detained in prisons on illegal charges around the world? NO. The only ones who can't live free are the very same ones who will not achieve the next level of conciousness. Those who cannot give up their greed or desire for power.


posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 10:30 AM
thanks for your response and i agree with your post

but my answer lies in the inherent flaws of our human nature and while this is not an excuse to act lawlessly, it may be why the PTB feel the way they do, it is a reason to have certain things kept private from the masses in a capatalistic society.

in regards to being free that is difficult because yes we are to be free, but in the society and the model of materialism we live in it would be difficult for all of us to be free and not be tempted by all the vices of greed

the problems are how do u pull the plug on a society like this and suppose for a few moments that the energy effecting our planet has only recently become high enough for people to ascend and that we did the best we could as human's given our nature in the society's that we desired to inhabit. (even though there have been considerable dark periods (hitler comes to mind) men are capable of truly awful things when they have hatred for themselves in there hearts and they are given power

now may be the period we have needed given our inherent flaws to move forward and ascend, but as you said those who have enjoyed the spoils of greed the most, will be the one's with the most difficulty ascending (karma?)

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