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What I love about the rest of the NON US Countries of the World.

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 09:01 AM

posted by magicmushroom

6) Your mainstream media dose not accurately report what is going on in the world and what it does report is biased towards the US. 9) No one has attacked America and to say you are untouchable again smacks of gross ignorance; one does not have to fight wars to bring a country to it knees. 11) Sometime before Pearl Harbor the US sold its soul to the devil. 12) America's Foreign policy is about carpet bagging for the already rich and powerful. Money made from war goes in their pockets and the average American gets nothing other than the loss of loved ones. 13) America is in so much debt now that if the loans were called in the country would be bankrupt. 15) The American people are allowing a jackass to tear up their constitution, introduce draconian legislation which can remove their rights and freedom. 16) The American people have allowed their Government to wage wars of aggression on those who do not pose a threat. 20) A young nation and its people that showed so much promise is going down the pan and nobody seems to be concerned. [Edited by Don W]

6) This was always the case, except for the brief period from the early 20th century and continuing with CBS until its demise as a journalistic institution which I date to the succession of Dan Rather. He was the first 7 figure “journalist” and that event marked the end of the brief period epitomized by Britain’s Alastair Cooke who came here and died here. Such pay scales makes their persona more important than their talent. You cannot risk a 7 figure news-reader to a sniper’s bullet!

9) No one has wanted to attack America, until the Reagan era. Reagan was a sea change in America’s world outlook. All for the worse.

11) I’m not really sure what you have in mind here. December 7, 1941. Please elaborate.

12) That is just as Karl Marx described it. Capitalism is exploitation and death to the less well endowed. Social Darwinism, no insult to Charles Darwin intended, but the R&Fs love it! Protestantism (in America) has fostered that attitude, as if the rich are the blessed of God. Now it looks as if the Catholic Church is going the way of the world, seeking after what was described in the New Treatment as “filthy lucre!”

13) A banker’s nightmare? When your debtor owes so much you cannot afford to foreclose! Although I oppose the Republicans mad dash to incur debt since 2001, America once owed 100% of its GDP! In 1945. But, the top tax bracket rate was 91%, there was a 20% excess profits tax on business and the estate tax was 50% and American corporations actually paid taxes on income! Federal debt today is a Republican scheme made in Hell to transfer debt from today’s R&Fs to tomorrow’s poor and poorer. P and P-er. R&Fs. The Rich and Famous.

15) and 16) This reminds me of Germany, 1933-1945. A time when good people did bad things. This proves it can happen anywhere, given the right circumstances. The Nine Eleven Event was co-opted to advance a very dangerous political agenda. Say hello Neo Cons, and Bush43, the Chief Neo Con. Now you know what the Skull and Bones Club at Yale is about.

20) Isaiah said it best, “A nation whose leaders have no vision will perish.”

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 12:40 PM
Patriotism does show your worth. How many have died so you and I have the right to argue right the second about it. I have never advocated blind patriotism. Patriotism is too the country, not its leaders. You and I only have to the right to disagree with the leaders because of those of the past. I have a problem with people who show their disstain by burning the flag, or spitting on soldiers, blowing up buildings in protest. I find it really irritating that they only time some of these same people love the US is when they are using loop holes to bypass laws, or need help because they are in trouble in another country.

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 12:58 PM
YAWN @ Royal76's insecure, ultranationalist, deluded, highly ignorant, condescending, whining BS

Trying to salvage a little pride? Not feeling too secure? Diddums. I thank any deity prepared to listen that not all Americans are so bloody ignorant and self righteous.


posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 01:00 PM
I don't agree with everything in the OP, just most of it.

Excellent statement on the rest of the planet.


posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 01:06 PM

Originally posted by Royal76
other countries will always blame the US for everything bad that happens to them. The bottom line is Jealousy.

Hit that one on the head. We have our screw-ups, yes, but we are too free for the rest of the planet's taste.

BTW, thank you Canada. We don't generally lump you in with the ungrateful b'tards elsewhere on this dirt marble. You're a nice, fuzzy peach in a barrel of rotten apples.

posted on Apr, 27 2007 @ 05:31 PM
Well royal that certainly was an interesting post...has it aleviated your anger somewhat? Your obviously angered by the rest of the worlds position at america, and your certainly right that many people did die in several wars defending your freedom but frankly does that give you the right to spit on the friendships and alliances that they spilt blood to make and defend.

But you do have right to free speach and an opinion and I respect that...I'l simply say that you reap what you sow and if you do not tar every one with the same brush they will do the same to you...

posted on Apr, 27 2007 @ 08:25 PM
Let me just say this:

As a NON-American country; as a CANADIAN, I do appreciate America for many reasons.

Canadians, are a reletively new country (139 years), and have traversed to settle into the global North American map for centuries. We as a people have not only integrated the 'Queen of England' in our birth of a nation, and later sovereined ourselves to become a 'peace-keeping' nation. - aside from 'the crown'; have exacted within our own realm to create, "not which is plausible to the commonwealth, but that, to which every human being can enjoy and sustain for generations to come". ~TheDuckster~

We have developed so much to the extent, that people are more than just 'friendly with Canadians', to the point of having RESPECT for our country.

Even though Canadians are not well-known for Military POWER STRONGHOLDS... I am very proud to be Canadian for the fact that we "don't wave a certain power/military flag... towards the world".

"To wave ones's tail in defiance towards the rest, one should expect others to pee on ones turf."

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posted on Apr, 30 2007 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by Royal76
1. That you ALL or so good at spreading the Love when you need our help.

I´d say that you will find A LOT of american soldiers stationed abroad might disagree with you on that. In fact, all those hopeless buzzcut figures I see on the weekends in town do deserve a little bit of compassion - its not like the Military would seriously prepare them for living across the pond. One exception to this rule however are the blacks, they have some success among those women that cherish black men.

And if you are speaking of the time following a war: Humans are opportunists, and thats why opportunistic males will try to make a living by trade, gambling or other vices, the women will prositute themselves. Just because that half bar of chocolate is WORTH it for them. They don´t care wether that chocolate donor is American British, French, German etc. he just needs to be an opportunity.

Your statement actually belittling the human sacrifices of civilians in wartimes.

2. That I know when you are in a tough situation you will ask us for help

Just like you´d do, and already did. The fact that America has been relatively safe EXCLUSIVELY due to its geographic position, and thus had less dire threats to face in history, should not be misused as any sort of inherent virtue of your people.

3. That when you just had a natural disaster, you don't have to call US we always call you

Works the same way around, buddy. The difference is that YOU guys have the nerve to decline that help (again a Katrina story), and we all know how that went. And just because that 2004 Tsunami for example happened elsewhere gives you the right to boast how good YOU (and you also have the nerve to include your own meager personality here) are because you came to help those irrelevant, tragedy strucken "NON-US COUNTRIES"? You are disgusting!

Every catastrophe brings nations closer together. I´ll always fondly remember how some of the poorest african nations offered help and donated money to Germany after it was struck by a huge flooding in 2001.

You see, the honest helper doesnt want something in return, even if its only "respect". Yet thats what exactly you are calling for here.

4. That when are having money problems, you know to beg us to cancel your debts to us

Please name one example of a respectable nation indebted to the US that demanded a full and immediate payment from the USA.

5. That when we have EVER needed help, you sure and nobody came

The world came to Katrina. The world came to 9/11. The "coalition of the willing" came to immediately supply the most dire assett to the US: legitimacy. German soldiers took over guard duty at your bases when you sent your guys to Iraq. French intelligence helped the CIA with actually correct information for a change. The world came to Afghanistan, a war that was fought because YOU were attacked.

And these are only a few examples of the recent years only.

6. That you always know when we screw up, because we tell you

...which is the way domestic journalism works. To my (not universal) knowledge there has never been a big scandal anywhere (with freedom of speech) that has not been reported and investigated by the domestic media first.

Your notion that your newspapers "were the best" is insofar unfounded as your posts here and elsewhere show that you might just not have exactly much experience with news sources outside of your little cozy bubble.

7. That You guys have always seemed like family to us . Even if you act like the jealous brother who lacks the class to act like a human being.

... or when you act like the offended arch-catholic priest whenever you dont understand why europeans dont need arms and condone bare breasts. You see, its that wonderful two-way road of moral differences.

It wouldnt be a real family if everyone would get along well, such things only happen at Scientology

8. That you are so quick to judge us while you spout at the top of you lungs how great the leaders of your country are. No matter what sesspool you call home.

And you aren´t? Your post here alone might act as a direct example to the contrary. And not that it is actually important: I have never heard ANYONE, and I mean this literally, glorifying the present leaders of his (democratic) country like Americans do. Might be simply because most nations do not have an elect-king like the US President, and spread the power wider.

9. That the moment our backs are turned you would put a shiv if you could ...

AAAAND do we have just a SLIGHT bit of evidence to that, darling? I´d like to quote a formidable sentence here, yet again:

Originally posted by UK Wizard
I raise my drink to those in America who view other country's as country's and not as potential future foes, ...

The habit that SOME Americans have this irrational fear of not being loved enough doesnt make the rest of the world more dangerous, it just makes you look like fools.

That doesnt say that the world is not a dangerous and unfair place in itself, and that there are no interest conflicts even between "friends". Nevertheless, the USA did its fair share of backstabbing, too. So its just a BIT hypocritical to call out others for that misdeed.

10. That if the shoe was on the other foot, you would let the world burn

Pure hypothesis.

The only problem I have with everybody else is their military. I've never seen a finer class of people than the ones who serve our military. Why can't you say the same.

Maybe because it is a valid opinion that a soldier itself doesnt become the pinnacle of society just by being a soldier? That a military is just another element of a nation, not better (or worse) than any other? There are several nations that more or less disbanded their military. Do they seem unhappy? Are they worth less (in your eyes obviously).

posted on May, 1 2007 @ 04:23 AM
Intuition (and the OP's manner and poor grasp of English/US language) suggests that the OP is *not* based in the US at all !

I suspect the OP penned his barely comprehensible rant in order to attract animosity towards the US.

And he succeeded, as often as not.

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