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Cat Adopts Puppy !!

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posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 01:38 AM

Who says cats and dogs don't get along? Workers at the Meriden Humane Society are marveling at a short-haired mother cat who has willingly adopted a six-day-old Rottweiler puppy that was rejected by its mother.

The tiny pup, named Charlie by Humane Society volunteers, nurses alongside a jumble of black and gray kittens recently born to Satin, who was surrendered to the shelter by an owner unable to care for her.

Charlie's mother was found by the side of the road in Meriden a couple of months ago. She gave birth to two puppies, but one was stillborn. As sometimes happens with a stillborn in the litter, the mother dog refused to accept Charlie...continues

People today really need to take a look at this article and realize the potential for everyone to stop being foolish about the illusion that if you are from a certian nationality, that you are somehow different. In this article, there is no prejudice towards a little puppy who needed a family. It is amazing what people can learn from other forms of life here and they will say that this article is "cute", and it is, however, there is a much deeper lesson here. I do not understand why human beings still question weather or not there is other intelligent life on this planet ! Truth is, they are not only intelligent, but loving and spiritual creatures. I do alot of work with plants due to my love for the diversity of life and for nature in general, and even they are very intelligent. After a while, you get a feel for each plant's "personallity". It's just a feeling I get around each one. Some are stuborn while others are really energetic. So much to learn, and most cannot see the forest because of the trees in the way. I know, that's not how the saying goes, but it's how people on my planet say it.

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