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Information regarding symbols of protection

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posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 07:24 PM
I currently own a property in London which I feel is inherently evil. I realise the content of this statement and the general nature I am expressing sounds somewhat sensational but I have come to believe that over the past 4 years things have become progressively worse.

I have never been able to actually live in the property because of it's 'evil' nature. There have been countless incidents and problems but whilst I rationally try and explain away the continued problematic goings-on, I now find myself returning back to my original feelings and perception that this property is evil.

I have gone through the historical lineage of the property and there has been one person in particular who was involved in the occult and astrology who may have left an undesirable influence within when they left. This person is fairly well known and whilst I will not divulge their details I have a continued presence that I feel every time I go into the property.

Two families that have lived within the property have 'gone mad' with changes in their personality resulting in one incident where the wife and mother of one family ran naked into a hallway, attacking the door of the other family with a large knife and a dumbell. Police were called and she was arrested only for the husband of the other family who was attacked, to go mad and end up in an asylum under sedation for several weeks. He eventually recovered and was released but the incident was quite unnerving.

I myself would like to live in the property and whilst I am not afraid of the actual place, I do feel a constant hatred towards me within my place, which has now become more of a feeling of wanting to possess me. It sounds quite unbelievable and rather fantastical but I am more pragmatic than most people and yet I now come to the conclusion that there is a definite presence within the building.

I would hope if possible, there could be some advice that could be given to me which could possibly help in any way. I myself in the past 4 years have been on an emotional rollercoaster of destruction which it seems started around the time of purchase. The property itself was empty for two years before I bought it and this now totals 6 years of it being uninhabited.

I have had several people come into the property who can 'feel spirits' with one of them virtually gasping for breath and being forced to leave. I always have a feeling that I am being watched or followed. I am not unknown to bad feelings in the past but I have always discounted them on so many occasions believing that the living can harm you more than any of the dead.

However, now I am not so sure? There have been situations whereby many people have come in and taken advantage of this situation for financial gain. I have become injured on several occasions with in one incident my right side of my head was sliced open exposing my skull. I required hospital treatment for several days to recover. I have been involved in many accidents and have had an increasing frustrating time at work and in my private life.

The property is not in a fit state to sell it as this would have been the obvious choice to rid myself of these problems. The property though it seems is content in remaining empty and devoid of any physical residents. I do feel that there has been some worship of an evil nature and there is in one room a strong overwhelming presence that at times even I cannot bear to be in.

If anyone could help me in any way with some constructive comments I would be grateful, as I no longer know the best course of action I can take in order to redeem myself and this property in a productive and condusive way.

Thank you.

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 09:00 PM
Here are a few things that I would recommend:

Visit an orthodox church and ask a father to perform an extensive house blessing, tell him about the house's background. Also ask him for a personal blessing.

When you visit the father ask him where to purchase church incense, charcoal and some crucifixes for the house and when they are purchased ask him to bless the crucifixes.

Play a CD of Gregorian chants which includes a full service, the Lord's Prayer and the Benediction especially. Put it on repeat and let it play 24/7 in the house.

Burn church incense whenever you are there. Make sure and use a safe container and use the incense type charcoal to burn the incense and literally flood the house with it. It will be noxious to the negative entities and it is also a natural antiseptic and will get rid of any lingering odors that tend to come with time in older buildings.

Give these a try, it worked for a friend of my son's. He had moved into an apartment whose previous tenant had committed suicide and was causing problems similar to what you described. He stayed the night at our house when it was totally out of control there, he was beginning to think suicidal thoughts for no reason. I loaded him down with CDs, incense and charcoal and he visited a father who helped him. The apartment was normal within a few days. Hope it works for you too.


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posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 09:54 PM
It basically depends on what belief system you have.

If you're Christian, have a minister of your faith give you counseling. Oftentimes, leaving Bibles around will have a soothing atmosphere. For Catholics, crucifixes and statues of saints will do.

For Wiccans, a simple salt-and-water cleansing plus pentacles on doors and windows (drawn in salt water) will keep stuff out and cleanse the place. And put up cheerful and bright lighting and pictures.

For Vaguely Agnostic, you might try adjusting the Feng Shui of the place. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars redecorating, but it'll be worth it.

If you're Buddhist, talk to the temple. There's a number of ceremonies that can be done.

They only have the power to scare you. If they can scare you, you get into a susceptible state. If you decide you're stronger than they are then you can chase them off easily.

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