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EU report on CIA activity in Europe

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posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 05:15 PM
The EU Parliament has condemned some of the EU member states position on CIA Operation's within the EU. It appears that against better judgment some EU members chose to ignore the illegal practices taking place within their borders.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Original news source

The report, which deplores the passivity of some Member States in the face of illegal CIA operations, as well as the lack of co-operation from the EU Council of Ministers, was approved by a majority of 382 against 256 with 74 abstentions.

The report notes that the renditions investigated by the committee “in the majority of cases involved incommunicado detention and torture” during interrogations, as was confirmed by the victims - or their lawyers - who gave testimony to the the Parliament's committee on CIA activities in Europe. According to the testimony of former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, the exchange of intelligence obtained under torture by third countries' secret services to the British services was a practice known and tolerated by the UK government

The report also recommends that all European countries should have "specific national laws to regulate and monitor the activities of third countries' secret services on their national territories"; moreover, it advises, over-flight clearances for military and/or police aircraft should be granted "only if accompanied by guarantees that human rights will be respected". In the meantime, a "ban or system of inspections" should be introduced "for all CIA-operated aircraft known or suspected to have been involved in extraordinary rendition".

It's about time the EU Parliament showed some backbone with it's role in Europe, I for one am disgusted that the practices the CIA conducted in EU member states were ignored. If Russia or China were to send secret services into the EU to kidnap EU citizens and possibly torture them and give them no right to a fair trial there would be a huge outcry and it would be classed as a severe Diplomatic incident. Just look at the recent outcry to the alleged murder of a former KGB operative on UK soil by the Kremlin.

The EU needs to start asserting it's independence, for too long has the USA relied on Europe's submissive nature. The USA and EU relationship seems more and more a "one way" relationship.

The relationship between the EU and the USA is becoming weaker and weaker with each passing year, EU citizens are becoming less and less favourable of the USA. EU citizens have a history of the most destructive wars in history and they are tired of it and the Bush admistrations apparent blood lust makes most Europeans sick, the last leader in the world who was intent on spreading his country's values on others by means of force was Adolf Hitler. I believe that the relationship with the USA is a destructive one for the EU!

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