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Japanese Pyramid?

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posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 12:46 PM
Japan Pyramid, Mount A#akeyama

Japan Pyramid is the name given to Mount A#ake and it has been told for centuries that it is the tomb of Emperor Jinmu. Mysterious landscape full of huge number of stones lined up left the scholars puzzled but in 1934, Katsuisa Sakai recovered the
stone that used as a clock and smaller stones used for rituals and announced Mount A#ake to be the oldest pyramid in the world. He also claimed Kikyuzan (Mount Kikyu) which is located next to Mount A#ake was the palace used for worshipping.
All the stone ruins recovered were destroyed during World War 2 Mount Kikyu has huge stone displays that captivates many mystery fans.
Mount A#ake is surrounded by breathtaking nature and in spring, Yamazakura (type of cherry trees), hydrangeas in early summer, and gorgeous view of yellow and red leaves in autumn changes the impression throughout the year.
Japan Pyramid is about 25 minutes drive from Chuugoku Dou Shobara Inter Change.

Ι thought that Japan had pyramids underwater but it prooved me to be wrong... Pyramids are everywhere...

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