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Excellent analysis of 911 Pentagon Crash-Short Video.

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posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 07:35 AM
I stumbled across this on this good site with a lot of info/media on there.

Someone took the time to make this short video, and its well presented in my opinion.

Near the end, they show how the supposed plane punched through several walls, layers within the pentagon, and the exit point is one big circular hole, would a plane survive that far into the building, and still be able to punch a hole like this.

I captured a few images to show my point.

The onion layers of the pentagon.

The Point where it hit.

The path and length of penetration.

And exit point.

And hole left at exit point, don't the skeptics say the plane was vaporized?

Not my research, but very interesting, what do you think?

And the video.


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posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 05:20 AM
Short answer: I'm not sure if that's Pentagon strike - if so see
my review of it.
As for three rings with six walls to pierce and nine feet of steel reinforced concrete, this is an error anyone who's looked at the Pentagon's const. will easily find. I explain it here.
Thank you for shopping at K-Mart.

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