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global warming Sun earth Ozone

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posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 05:20 AM
well I though about something!
the sun must find fuel or something else for activities!
why if the Ozone was just impuritie particules from below, not billion of years old just regenerating itself every day!
those particules has been raised with the magnetic poles and cook by sun rays, help by the magnetic solar winds!
the ray itself cook the particules, changing their composition by activating them following the Bohr Theory of physics!
once arrive and changed on the Ozone, they are constently active, but slowed during night time, which make a shield, some of the Uv's pass through and some bounces!
let think that the bouncing of the Uv take or change the particules a step futher up til 100K, where the ray itself according to another law of Physic change the particules to be sent directly to the sun!
the ray itself is stealth wise, it abosorb light and absorb sound!
(why it can't be seen, but if you look at the photo of Dynamic Explorer satellitte you may seen something at the edge at 100K, the photo were taken in ultraviolet! well I am assuming at the edge of the planet you can see the particules at 100k, showen on ultraviolet vanishing!)

the other site is the Observatory de Paris I spare you the french language
if you type Dynamic explorer pictures on google you will find their spot and tell you that may open your eyes they speak about the other planet aurora's too!

the atomic law is as such an atom particule can create llight or absorb light!

theirfore the ray absorb light and absorb sound! once the particules from the earth or the other planets, arrive to good cooking time it combine itself in someway with that solar ray, and go back to the sun to fuel and activate it, or !

well other planet as well do the same!
we are not the only planet on this system which has an aurora Baurealis!
that show Magnetic activities, which in Particule accelerators is vital for the movement of a particule, isn't it?!

we are certainly the cause of clogging the Poles with eccess of impurities but then the sun too does activate those particules in the atmosphere!
with of course a deplition of O2 from us!

I Think!.............

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