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Do we need a war?

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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 06:59 PM
I have seen many posts about war with Iran and you are eather firmly for it or firmly against it. I am sure that those that are against the war are willing to admit that , yes there are times for war but this just isnt one of those times.
Those that are for the war seem to think that a Iran with nukes is something that can't happen plain and simple.
This seems to break things down to , do you think the threat of MAD would stop a nuclear Iran in the future as MAD kept Russia and the US from going to war during the cold war?
I can see why many seem to think that MAD wouldn't mean much to Iran , suicide bombers , a religious belief based on the need for a catastrophic war to free there saviour from a well, to name but only a free reasons.
I dont think that there is any country out there that would like to see Iran have nukes but figure that they wouldnt be first on any hit list va Iran and should Iran deside to attack the US or Israel they wouldnt have to much to mop up when they did deside to jump on board. Any way they play there hand they win , they get to pick a side opposite the US and use there voise as a bargaining chip for oil rights and to sell some military equipment & if there is ever a nuclear strike in some form from Iran they get to see US interests hit and they have all the time in the world to jump on board. For some countries out there they feal they can wait , or so they think , to see if MAD would keep a nuclear Iran at bay and others feal that they cant wait.
Do you think MAD would in its self would be enough to keep a nuclear Iran at bay?


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