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The biggest problem facing Life on earth.

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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 05:44 PM
A GMO has been released, and although it appears to be accidental, it will in time prove to be nothing short of a disaster. Humans infected by it have been calling it morgellons, fiber disease, and most recently the state of Georgia has called it unidentified dermatosis syndrome and started a database on it. Then all of the sudden, Georgia deleted the website addressing it and nothing can be found any longer. I do still have copies of the original page from the state of Georgia should you wish to see it. I will post it in the very near future. Why would they erase this? As you will begin to understand, this is a huge problem and the reactions of the general public may become unpredictable in the face of this reality.

You would be correct in the assumption that a GMO is the cause of morgellons, and in the statement that it is affecting other species as well. The organism is a modified cyanobacterium, all research done to date point at R. Seeberi as the base organism with higher primate, a marine specie and insect gene input. In other words, this is a huge problem.

Cyano and algae, in more general terms; plankton, represents the biggest body, the biggest weight, the biggest decision maker related to life, because it represents the source code of all life that is present.

This type of information incorporated into this GMO, has begun to exponentially proliferate into the environment and create momentum in a body it feels most comfortable with, including water and soil; this includes freshwater supplies, lakes, rivers and the vast ocean.

You are also correct in thinking that "this is very bad". It is nothing short of a disaster.

They can't stop it, they can't keep science at pace with the speed nature integrates this type element in every life form that is around.

For more information concerning the research that has been done visit

And then demand an investigation as to why our federal health monitors continue to ignore their responsibility to inform the general public as to the existence of this organism.


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