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The Demonic Theory of UFOs

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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 05:29 PM
I have this theory that ufo's are really demonic entities who live in the earths core. They use their demonic powers to create oddly shaped lights in the sky to distract mankind from God. Allowing rumors to build that man was not created by GOD but seeded on the earth by aliens who now have secret bases located in the oceans.
This is all just part of their demonic plan to turn mankind away from God and distract us long enough to complete their plan to destroy us. Right now they use the ozone layer to help them in our destruction. Whenever someone has been abducted, they have been captured by demons who do ghastly things to them as demons are jealous of the living. People report being probed, but that is only the demons attempting to locate human souls to feed on.
Soon the demons plan to destroy mankind will come into a world view. A natural disaster or meteor strike will cause mankind to ban together...when this happens the demons will bring forth one of their mightiest, and use him to mislead mankind to believe that he is a messiah, or prophet or super human with powers that can save mankind from destruction. But its only a trick because destruction is what the demons truely want. they want the earth and they want human souls and they will continue to cause humans to believe in aliens and ufo's because it takes their minds away from God and his plan.
Alot of people are now being misled to believe that there is a bible code which predicts everything that has ever or will ever happen to mankind. They say they have found everything from Hitler to the World trade center revealed in the Bible. Dont buy into this. God said anyone who adds to or takes away from the Bible is doomed to suffer all of the plagues written within the bibles pages. Demons want you to believe this code is real. They want you to disbelieve in God.They want you to think the bible was written by aliens on futuristic computers or that it was all done by time traveling aliens who want to give us a guidebook to follow.
God is pretty straight forward and has no need to hide anything in the bible. The demons however are allowing these rumors and ideas to be passed among men to cause mankind to believe aliens created us, rather then God. The Demons hate god and want to hurt him. And the only way they can is to turn mankind away from him. If people believe they were created by aliens, they wont believe in God. And the Demons move one more step closer to completeing their plans to destroy us.
Faith is the only thing which can protect mankind from this spiritual attack against us. Have faith and use your eyes and ears and open your hearts to what is truth. If I wanted you to believe that God didnt exist, would I try to show you how easy it is to prove he doesnt? or would i offer you something else that is much more easy to comprehend as a human living in a material world. Aliens, UFO's and Codes hidden in the bible to lead man from the spiritual to the scientific and material. Its all in front of us, we just have to believe Gods word. God did create us..and Id much rather believe in a spiritual being who promises eternal life and love than to believe that there is nothing beyond the dark veil of death. Are we all just some other life forms little science experiment? No. I dont believe that we are. I believe there is much more to us as human beings. And that we are all destined to be with the one true creator, in a fabulously wonderful new world called heaven. To fight these demons, you dont need any lasers or photon torpedos. Just a little faith.
For more information, questions, comments or insights please feel free to contact me at
meanwhile, keep the faith.


posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 11:29 AM
And when we refer to the "ancient knowledge" we begin to see truth.

When we read the Book of Job... we see the first publication about an abductee... and we don't even realize. it...

The Rules of Engagement are listed in the beginning pages of Job. When the active and agile minds of ATS try and evaluate... we assume they are here to DESTROY US.

But in the Bible God told Satan you may not kill him... WE are the TOOL of Satan and his little gray and brown monkeys. They come in the night... mess with our DNA... "dumbing us down" ... that we FULLY turn our backs on Christ.

This theory is VERY hard for people to grasp. It takes a LONG and DEVOTED TIME to read it all... to comprehend it... along the way, more than likely, finding God... it's VERY strange.

The veil of deception Satan has laid upon God's Creation is just as the deception of CIA... of Mossad... of KGB, et al...

It is paperthin. If you flank it... you can see it...

And even THAT is going to be considered a masked statement to those that have not yet taken a look into the vast expanse of that sulfur ridden deception...


Just my 2.


posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 03:34 PM
I have a whole lot of problems with the OP. First off the Bible was written by man thus it is fallible. Divinely inspired? Absolutely but it was still written by man. The Bible Code is in no way adding or subtracting from the Bible, I do not see any KJV 5th edition coming out.

Your demon story is the traditional Tribulation story simply with demons being at the center of the Earth. I believe in Demons, but how can you claim to know the intentions of something that is so distant from human consciousness we could not contemplate it. And why would something that exists outside of our realm of existence need to reside at the center of the earth? Yes Demons are the embodiment of evil, but how can "they" hurt God? God if He is infallible and omniscient as you (and I) obviously believe He is, knows what is to come and thus He knows the fate of mankind.

Regarding Aliens (and I am still up in the air on my belief in their existence,) is it possible that there is another species that worships my God? I'd like to think so. How in anyway does the existence of other sentient beings, sans Earth, detract from my beliefs?

If we are going there, is it possible that the existence of UFO's could perhaps be an angelic presence and not a demonic one? A lot of the stories in the bible would be viewed as a UFO in today's popular mindset. Think Star of David for instance...

(For future reference, PLEASE separate your paragraphs, I nearly went cross-eyed trying to read your posts.)

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 04:00 PM
How about all demons/angels in the bible were really ExtraTerrestrial beings

Are you ready for that?

posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 09:14 AM
I have this theory that GodzHor2 is actually possessed by demonic entities. He actively tries to trick humanity into turning their back to the one true God, Satan and submit us to the evil grasp of Jehovah. He wants us to believe that UFO sightings are actually the workings of Satan and that it is a trick to turn people from worshipping Jehovah. However, the truth is that Jehovah, God of the Bible, is in fact creating these visual anomalies in the skies and blaming it on Satan. It serves as a disinformation campaign in order to keep his powerful grasp on the sheep of man.

See, it’s just an integrate conspiracy theory, where Jehovah tries to trick humanity into worshipping him as God instead of the true God, Satan, our heavenly father.

That’s just my theory. Meanwhile, disbelieve everything. Thanks!

posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 12:22 AM
of a stretch for me, but it was well thought out. So I have no qualms here.
While I don't personally believe that they are the UFO's, I do believe they walk the Earth trying to temp and or turn us to their side.:shk:

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