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flu shots, pandemics = BS

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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 01:59 PM
What is with all the flu pendemic commercials on tv in candada these days?
Im so sick and tired of seeing people get all worked up over a flu, bird flu, etc...
The human body and mind has the means to fight any virus, sickness and ailment you have, but when you get terror television scaring people with flu BS your mind is tricked. fear is what creates these pandemics, weak minds can't fight a flu or a cold. A strong mind, and will to live will fight and cure cancer cells, HIV immune syndrome you name it, your energies can cure it.

Do something right now take your hand and just look at it, now your hand looks solid but its really not if you put it under a proper microscope you would see a massive amount of energy vibrating, everything is made up of the exact same thing whether its your hand the ocean or whether its a star everything is energy.
Let me help you understand this just a lil bit, there is the universe our galaxy our planet and then individuals then inside of this body are organ systems then there cells then molecules then atoms then energy so there allot of levels to talk about something on. You alone have enough power in your body to illuminate your city for at least a week.
Most people define themselves as fine eyed body but you are not fine eyed bodies, even under a microscope you are a energy field, what we know about energy is this you go to a quantum physicist and you say "what creates the world" and he or she will say " energy" and what is energy ? well describe energy " it can never be created or destroyed, it always was always has been that ever existed, it moves into form through form and out of form" then you ask a theologian "what created the universe?" and he or she will say God and when you ask them to describe God they will say "it can never be created or destroyed, it always was always has been that ever existed, it moves into form through form and out of form" you see it is the same description but different terminology. So if you think you’re this big meat suite running around think again you are a spiritual being you are an energy field operating in a larger energy field. we are all connected we just don’t see it everything is one energy field.

You see you are extensions of source energy you are here in these magnificent bodies but your body has distracted you from the most part of who you really are, you are source energy you are eternal beings you are god force you are that which you call god. We are the image and likeness of god we are the infinite feel of unfolding possibility. You were created in the image and likeness of the creative source you have god potential and power to create the world arond you as you choose.
What you resist, will persist day in day out, now if you live in fear of germs flu's sickness you would probably end up being sick all the time.

Now remeber this just my opinion though I know there are pendemics that wipe out nations but in this day an age my common sense tells me with all teh concetration camps being built in the USA and all the commerical media scares its just another way to install order from chaos...

[edit on 13-2-2007 by seridium]


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