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Coming Soon: ATS & The O'Hare UFO On TV

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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by SkepticOverlord
Our very own "Voice of ATS", Springer, ...

A truly benevolent statement, coming from, Mr. Overview, himself.

Of course, no slight to you, Mr. A !
Supreme coup !

Thanks again, for making 'Above and Beyond' seem commonplace here at ATS!

Could this be the 'foot in the door' that ATS has been waiting for, to get the TV Show back on track?

originally posted by Springer on 5-11-2006
The TV show is on hold due to the "less than honorable" dealings typical in "Hollywood". That's all we can really say about it now. The option period of the existing contract expires very soon and we will go forward with it anew once we have interest from a network production company.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 10:11 PM
Well Jbird, these people, their mods and spr mods in my opinion have shown total dedication to the health and well-eing of ATS, during my short time as a member.

I feel really good about that. I can also add they have shown respect to members refusing ignorance and being of a caring nature without being mean or boisterous (did I spell that right?).

Just a great group.


posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 10:12 PM
I just hope all of the editing doesn't turn this into another Peter Jennings special.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 10:16 PM

Originally posted by Jbird

Originally posted by fooffstarr
... Unless a lot of the fictional-being-portrayed-as-truth content is removed, or put in it's own forum...

If you and BoP, were insightful enough to separate the 'wheat from the chaff ', does it not follow, others will have similar skills?

Regardless of whether certain threads 'ring true' , can it not be entertaining or educational ( if nothing else, as a window on the state of ufology )?

Do we really want members, who only give a cursory skim of the site?

I would think, it's the visitors that tend to dig a little deeper, and make informed opinions, who would make the better addition to ATS.

I don't think it has anything to do with insight. A first impression is a powerful thing, and depending on the day and time / most active topic, the first impression on the Aliens and UFO forum is sometimes a bit off putting for visitors. When the first thing you are hit with is stories of alien buddies, reptilian politicians and hollow planets, it kind of turns you off even wanting to read any further.

Anyway, thats all i've got to say on the subject today. This isn't the time or place for the debate. This really is a bright day for ATS. This forum has really been at the forefront of the O'Hare incident and in that regard have proven themselves (ourselves) to be the most dedicated and far reaching fringe topic community on the internet.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 10:28 PM
Great news! Congrats!

So does this mean we will be able to see Springer's face, or will he be the narrator?

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 10:37 PM
Way to go Springer! ATS kicks ass

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 10:47 PM
Suuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhweeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt! This is the kind of exposure that ATS needed! Look out world here come!

Great Job Springer!

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 12:00 AM
Well, as everyone else has said, congrats are in order here. We just need to remember not to lose sight of what has made this community what it is; the free thought and boundless topics that never cease to end. That's the core of this place, and what has made it rise above every other conspiracy site on the web. That, and the higher than average intellect, of course.

*Prepares Borg ship for assimilation duty*



posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 12:03 AM
Gentlemen, raise yer all who cuaght fire on this one jr.springer,eyewitness rampagent fiverz !Stay Tuned! no pun intended.....
There is some hope after call....Cheers!

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 12:31 AM
I'm apprehensive about all this. 3 or 4 nights ago, I saw the Discovery Channel take on Freemasonry. Almost the whole show centered on a variety of issues associated with their nefarious and secrective activities. Then in about the last 10 minutes, the narrator just blurted out pro-Mason talking points, amounting to nothing but opinion, which would have been fine, except they were presented as absolute refutations of everything that was previously discussed. I was shocked! It was as if the Masons had sponsored the program. It was one of the most biased, unsupported summations I'd ever seen in a program like this. I mean, I don't even know if anything said about Masonry is true, but Discovery's methodology would make any open-minded person cringe.

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 01:09 AM
Wow. This is cool. Congratulations, Springer! This could lead to bigger and better things for you and yours. Maybe you could eventually become one of those the frequent ufo experts that appear on t.v. every so often. I can see it now... "Coming up next on Fox.... UFO's. What the Government doesn't want you to know! starring Stanton Friedman and Springer".

I hope you can dig up some more info on this case besides what we already have. Let's face it, we're a little short on skeptic-convincing evidence at this point.

Do us proud!

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 01:35 AM

congrats , but....
this is going to be way tooo big....
ATS-o.k. , MUFON-o.k. , discovery-Mmmm....
ATS meets MythBusters ???

i dont know....


posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 04:40 AM
This could be an excellent opportunity to encourage more witnesses to come forward.

I must admit that I, too, have some concerns regarding just how the producers might "spin" the focus of the story After Springer's contribution is made; we shall have to wait and see what terrors lurk in the post-production phase of the project.

Personally, I would counsel a "Concerned Citizen" approach; focusing on the potential danger posed by "unauthorized aircraft" having "possibly unchallenged access to restricted commercial airspace in a post-9/11 world".

I would NEVER use the term "UFO" to describe the object observered that day, nor would I be persuaded to even speculate as to the possible origin of said object. I'd leave all speculation to the actual witnesses!

Their testimony will be far more compelling; even if their conclusions are far easier to "officially" deny.

Give voice to only the facts, let the facts speak for themselves.

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 04:48 AM
Is someone going to get the video and imbed it on ATS? I unfortunatly havent turned on my tv for months now so I droped my cable subscription. I hope that I can see this, what a great thing for ATS and the UFO community.
Go guys , mark my words I think that ATS can get as big as Yahoo, Google, and MySpace in short order, especialy with great PR like this.

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 04:49 AM
The Man With The Plan

Originally posted by SkepticOverlord
This is exciting news for ATS, and vindication for all of Springer's hard work behind the scenes. Stay tuned... this is going to get good.

It's way too easy to take what Springer does for granted, but without him, ATS would be in a world of hurt.

Keeping ATS in the black so we can keep the site running and setting up deals like this one are vital to supporting the ATS mission of Denying Ignorance.

Now, thanks to his tireless work (this is just one of many things he does around here), more people are going to hear about a very important story that might otherwise fall down the memory hole.

Way to go, Mark!

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 04:55 AM

Originally posted by whatukno
Go guys , mark my words I think that ATS can get as big as Yahoo, Google, and MySpace in short order, especialy with great PR like this.

Haha, dont exagerrate..And I hope it will not be that big as google or what. Then it means, it will be highly controlled.

Anyway, I have a suggestion for Tv show. In the first news on O'Hare sighting there was a little note that a witness had a religious experience during the sighting. Then I never saw anything about it. It may be helpful to search for this witness too, not to claim some religious thing, but I guess he or she is a good witness...

[edit on 14-2-2007 by manastin]

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 04:59 AM

Originally posted by manastin
Haha, dont exagerrate..And I hope it will not be that big as google or what. Then it means, it will be highly controlled.

Ok well I hope it becomes as profitable as those three then. hows that?

ATS is a wonderful place. I am glad to see that it's getting some good press out there for the cause.

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 05:36 AM

Tomorrow when I get up I am going to send you a U2U, please let me know you received it.
I just want to let you know a few things about the mindset of what your walking into, and will be happy to send you my personal information, as long as its held confidential.

I would like to tell you the story of “the media, the incident, the “last words of the pilot”, and the goober

You must be very careful as many ramp personnel are media hounds, they rightfully feel underappreciated for what they do, and love to get their 15 seconds of camera time.

Congats on the rest…

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 06:03 AM

This could definately become something big for ATS as a community, or even as individuals on a lesser scale.

To address the concerns of Springer being railroaded or dis'info'fected, I don't think with all the work and effort he has put forth, that he would allow this to happen.

At any rate, I think it will bring more attention to the site as well as more contributions to the board.

As mentioned earlier, could be another stepping stone to get the ATSTV back up and running, and make it a sought after production.

Fresh new documentaries are much needed.

Congrats again

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 06:09 AM

Originally posted by Grailkeeper
To address the concerns of Springer being railroaded or dis'info'fected, I don't think with all the work and effort he has put forth, that he would allow this to happen.

What concerns me is that he will not get much choice in the matter.
You see, media organizations are there to incite sensationalism, the truth be darned.
If it’s not sensational then they have better things to do with their airtime.

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